Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/16/2013 – Quinton Aaron and Stacey Dash, from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

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Guest Quinton Aaron and Stacey Dash, from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Recorded 12-15-2013 – Release Date 12-16-2013

Production Number #1227

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Adam is opening the show from the bowels of the Reagan Presidential Library, it’s the first visit for both Adam and his guest Quinton Aaron, the star of “The Blind Side” making his ACS debut.

Adam is sharing how he got to walk through and tour Air Force One, Quinton was turned away and Adam says it’s just as you imaged it, with old accoutrements, he says it smells like 1972 and has type writers.

Adam is asking Quintin about his friend’s mustang, hilarious!


Adam is asking Quinton what he’s doing at the event, he’s supporting the troops much like Adam.

Matt Fondiler and I were able to arrange a free ticket for a veteran Superfan who couldn’t afford to go, he ended up dancing with Kevin Costner’s wife as we learned from twitter.

Adam is asking Quinton about the guy he portrayed in the film “The Blind Side” and how he got the role.


Adam is asking Quinton about his journey, his life in NYC and acting after his football days and how he then ended up full circle playing semi pro ball.

Adam is asking Quinton about his size in high school, Adam wants to know if the coach was trying to recruit him to play and how he ended up playing only during the 9th grade.

Adam is asking him about his interest level in sports, Adam is almost giving him the “Chris and Ray” you could’ve been a contender line of questions.


Adam is now asking him about his acting and how he first got involved in it, this is a very in depth one on one.

Adam is now having him connect the dots to the part of the story where his mom wrote a letter to the casting directors of “The Blind Side” and got him his audition.

Quinton is explaining how his “Mom’ager” first gave him the information on the role, Adam has a hilarious not 375 comment and Quinton explains he had to lose 75lbs in 8 weeks to get the job.


Adam has a funny Andre the Giant ’esque joke mocking his weight loss, Quinton is going in depth on his weight loss of 103lbs in 11 weeks and Adam is truly impressed.

Adam is asking Quinton what his weight “should be” and Adam just named checked Andre, holy shit!

Quinton says he doesn’t have a doctor and Adam has a killer one liner question in reply, wow this is comedy gold!


Quinton is saying he would love to get back to his high school weight and Adam has a funny comment about his prom dress, mocking the stereotype of that reply.

Adam is asking him about his solo prom venture, hilarious!

Adam is asking him about his past jobs outside of acting and football, he did 9 months at a Starbucks and Adam wants to know what the day in and day out was like there as a barista.


Quinton is telling Adam about a crazy customer who through nearly 200 degree coffee on him, Adam is wondering who would be ballsy enough to throw coffee at Quinton.

Adam is asking him about people’s reactions to him in person and if he’s had any offers for wrestling, Adam says he feels like he would be worshipped in Japan, killer!

Adam is now pitching they fire up Air Force One and move to Japan, Adam is giving a plug for Quinton’s ant bullying foundation.


Adam is asking if he was ever bullied as a kid, Quinton’s telling him about his elementary school days of being bullied, chased home and beat up by a girl.

Adam was also beat up by a girl and he’s asking Quinton what happened, Adam is joking about that beating being a feather in her cap now that Quinton is giant and famous.

Adam is sharing how scary his daughter is compared to his son and Quinton has a point about the lack of fear in women/girls.


Adam is sharing how nice the Library/museum is and some of the details of the place, hilarious jokes about building size for places containing full size jet aircraft.

Adam is making a point about Air Force One flying for 29 years and how surprised he wasn’t douched out with a new one every few years.

Adam has a hilarious joke about what type of car Quinton “sits on” and is asking him about his Suburban, Quinton is explaining he has entered a smart car but couldn’t close the door.


Adam is bringing up Wonder Woman and her invisible jet, Quinton is bringing up “I Spy” the remake and original.

Adam is asking him about the films production and going into a live read.

Adam is sharing an anecdote about an overweight girl who was bullied into changing her life, Adam is making some points about the types of bullying.


Adam likes pointing out problems but not crushing someone’s spirit or body, he likes the honesty part that can motivate change.

Quinton is saying he can’t condone what Adam’s saying as the head of a bullying charity, but he’s being fair and not, not agreeing.

Adam is sharing how he blames the parents for creating these little monsters, Quinton finally mentions his mother is no longer alive after hinting at it throughout the interview.


Quinton is explaining how his mom would stand up for him when he was young and sharing his mother’s achievements.

Adam has a funny reply about poet trading cards, wonderful!

Adam is contrasting his upbringing against Quinton’s and is trying to get him to admit he feels his mother built up life too much for him, hilarious Air Force One callback.


Adam is taking a break and giving a nice plug for Quinton with a somewhat somber note about Quinton’s mother finally being published before her death.

Adam and Quinton are joking about having a .gov website URL.


Adam is now welcoming Stacey Dash to the show for her ACS debut.

Adam is asking her about endorsing Mitt Romney and the controversy that resulted from her public honesty about choosing her own political beliefs.

Adam has a hilarious Don King comment and Stacey is agreeing with Adam that racism is racism and you should be able to choose things outside of these outdated concepts.


Adam likes her “move on” and comments about the battles of the past are now truly in the past, Adam is bringing up the post-election 2008 media efforts to “double down” on the race baiting.

Adam is now asking a hypothetical about Hilary Clinton becoming president and the 4 years of media bating for women’s issues and inequality that may not actually exist.

Stacey is not going along with it as she does not want a series of “feel good” presidential choices and instead would prefer a candidate more in line with her own politics.


Stacey is now saying that Adam is right and of course there will be a new media angle about hating women, Stacey has some great points.

Adam is bringing up the local mayoral race and how he voted for Kevin James and how people perceive him as “not counting” because of his politics.

Stacey says that people do view her as “not black” because of her politics, Adam is asking her how she arrived at her current political state of mind.


Stacey is sharing how she voted for Obama, Adam is bringing up his take on hope and change instead of hard work.

Adam is asking Stacey about her journey and trying to get her to clarify “dad’s gone” she agrees he’s being a dick and Adam appreciates her being semi-cavalier about her deceased father.

Stacey is telling Adam about her own children, a 23yr old and 10yr old, Adam is trying to do the math and realizes her age now.


Adam is joking about what it must be like to have a hot mom, telling her she doesn’t look like a mom.

Adam is getting to her journey back to NYC at age 15 before she got into acting, Adam is trying to pay her a nice compliment about never being less than a 7.5 on a 10 scale.

Adam is sharing his “I’m hot because I don’t know it” and Stacey agrees with the concept.

Adam is asking her about her first big job, on “The Cosby Show” she was part of a very special episode and Adam is asking her about the experience on set.

Adam is asking her about Cosby and the comments he made about a decade ago telling young black men to pull up their pants and engage in society.

Stacey is explaining how she knows these guys as she’s from the Bronx and how they need to be addressed by someone from within their own direct community.


Adam is asking her how she was able to achieve so much coming where she’s from, she’s telling him about her work in a Richard Pryor movie “Moving” and Adam is joking about the posters for his films ending up being “black guy scared” clichés.

Adam is asking her about Richard and his affect, she confirms he did have visible scars from his burns, Stacey is giving her theory on Richard and how he couldn’t turn “shit into sugar”.

Adam has a nice compliment for the just quoted 50 Cent, slightly tongue in cheek.


Stacey is sharing the responses she’s got from people about her political choices, Adam is saying he finds it ironic that the people who lament racism and hate speak are the quickest to jump to it when you disagree with them.

Adam is asking why the people guilty of this don’t see their own hypocrisy and exploring the concept of telling people they can’t achieve because of their skin color.

Adam and Stacey are sharing their reactions to this stuff, Adam is going off on the idea of a level playing field.


Adam says that the people who resent him the most on the planet are the people he’s done the most for, Stacey has a nice take on accountability and is agreeing with Adam while offering interesting insights.

Stacey has a great note for them to go out on, she’s telling Adam about her upcoming projects and asking her about some of the ideas she wants to present in her new book.

She’s telling Adam about the code of the streets and sharing that it should be released in about a year.


Adam is doing a couple live reads and wrapping up the show with a weird plug/card moment of confusion.