Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/14/2012 – Mark Hamill and Dave Dameshek

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Recorded 12-13-2012 – Release Date 12-14-2012


Adam is opening the show with a funny critique of Dawson’s intro, he’s using the angle of Dawson being a high diver and he’s now judging the dive.

Dameshek is in studio and he’s telling Adam about how he was approached to guest on this episode with Mark Hamill, Adam is now explaining how he’s not a Trekkie much to Dave’s comedic disappointment.

Bryan is now updating the audience with his big news, congrats Bryan! (I’ll take a simple thank you or 10% off the top – GIO).


Adam now has the control room fire up a clip of Barbara Walters interviewing Chris Christie, Adam is now floating his new theory on how fat is the new Mexican when it comes to partisan politics.

Adam is now riffing in depth on his idea of how Chris could take the presidency and win the country’s morbidly obese heart.

Dameshek is now schooling the gang on “William Howard Taft”; he’s got an anecdote and a possible myth.

Adam is now riffing on drinking and smoking on while injured on the battlefield, he’s got a hilarious idea about lighting an extra cig for his dying comrade, now Dameshek is riffing about how he would react if he was looking at his wounded brother while in a war, hilarious!

Adam is now riffing on how he would ‘flip the script” on them if he were wounded in battle, amazing! Adam just confessed to Dave that he saw the “Red Dawn” remake without him and didn’t want him to hear about it on the street.

Dave’s reaction is priceless and it’s followed by an even funnier subdued understanding after Adam tells him why he had to see it.


Adam is updating the gang on his car situation; he was in fact still borrowing Jimmy Kimmel’s son’s Mini Cooper but had to return it so Kevin had something to drive when he got home from college.

Adam is telling the gang about being with his kids and their take on the Mini Cooper vs. Lynette Audi; he’s explaining how he asked the kids what they want to be when they grow up.

He’s explaining how their ambitions changed as he described the type of car they could expect to be driving if they take those paths.

He’s sharing an anecdote about Sonny and his Olympic hopes, as well as a super funny recreation of a conversation about the odds that the kid who sits next to him school is the fastest boy alive and he’s the 2nd.

Adam is now sharing the details of the hilarious Olga twist this conversation took; Bryan is now chiming in with some comedy.

Dameshek has a very interesting anecdote about his own childhood and ambitions for a career, he’s got some great points he’s bringing up about a parents role in this and he just revealed his own very telling and hilarious childhood career ambitions.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports, Dave is lamenting the mere 3 weeks left in the NFL season. Adam is jumping in to correct Dave on last week, the outcome of the Patriots game and Adam’s prediction on RGIII and how he was due to be injured if he kept running.

Dave has an update on the NBA and how honesty will cost you 250k in the league, Adam is jumping in to explain this was the exact conversation he with Lynette over breakfast.

Back to the NFL, Dave has an update on commissioner Goodell’s plan to do away with kick offs. Adam and Dave are now discussing the implications of this and Adam has a hilarious “What’s Happening” reference that everyone seems to giggle at.

Dameshek has now brought it round to the Pacquiao/Marquez fight, he’s discussing the knockout. Adam is now explaining how they were a very similar knockout to the Mayweather and Ricky Hatton fight.


Creep Of The Week, Dameshek is explaining this is a special one for the Aceman. Dameshek is describing his attempts to find a parking space and the crazy reaction he was met with the by the douchebag buried in his trunk.

Adam is pondering if this is further example of people being out of it, Adam is giving an anecdote about his mom and secondhand sofas to make a larger point about society at large.

Alison is now worrying that she might be guilty of Dameshek’s creep of the week for doing a similar thing while applying makeup in a parking space.

Adam and Dave are now chiming in and Bryan is playing the yelling drop as Alison and Dave keep talking, hilarious!

Adam has a great idea on taking a page out of the gay playbook; he’s citing the bandana in the back pocket move. He’s explaining one could use their turn signals to notify other motorists what they’re doing in the parking lot.

Adam is doing some live reads and Dameshek is jumping in, in character, hilarious!

Mark Hamill is making his ACS debut; Adam is plugging his latest movie and asking him about his role in it.

Mark is now telling the gang about his adult children encouraging him to do the movie; he’s giving a little bit of info on his own childhood and journey too.

Adam is now taking it back to Mark’s journey and his post Navy brat days; he’s telling the gang about Robert Englund tipping him off about “Star Wars”.

Mark is going in depth on the screen test; he’s quoting a lost line from Han and doing an amazing “Harrison Ford” impression.

Dave is now setting up a reenactment of the scene from the “mos eisley cantina” and Mark is playing along, Adam and Alison have a hilarious series of quotes about Dave dying leading up to the scene.

Mark is now filling them in on some lost details of the making of the movie and George’s impulses to change things they all liked.

Dave is now going super in depth and forcing Mark to recite dialog from the original trilogy, this is amazing!

Dave seems to be thrilled and now Adam is asking him about the practical filming of the lightsaber battles in the original trilogy, Mark is sharing some inside info about they did it and why it ended up looking so good.

Adam is asking Mark about the success of the Star Wars trilogy and wants to know if he was prepared for it, Mark is now explaining what prepared him for it and he’s citing the original title of “Corvette Summer”.

Adam and Mark are now going in depth on “The Big Red One” and his work with Lee Marvin, Mark is now sharing some anecdotes about Lee as Adam waxes poetic about a bygone era when men could be drunks.


Adam is interrupting to explain how truly important the original Star Wars trilogy is to Shek, Dave is now jumping in to back him up and explain how he originally became a fan along with his sister.

Adam is asking Mark if he ever had a period of time where he resented his work in the Star Wars movies, Mark is being honest about never really experiencing that as he thinks the success of those movies opened other doors for him.

Adam is doing a Go Daddy live read and Bryan is chiming in, he just brought it back full circle with a Star Wars reference.


Alison’s News, Her top story is on the FCC ruling that finally regulates the volume level of commercials between programming.

Adam is thrilled and Alison is agreeing with them as they both still sit through commercials, Adam is explaining how he uses them as content/fodder for his life.

Adam is now citing the maxi pad commercial from a few months back; he’s got a hilarious riff about advertising while you’re on the rag, hilarious!

Mark brought up the “Carls Jr.” ads and now Adam and Dave are riffing on them, Adam is now riffing on the “without us some men would starve” promo campaign and how its’ only acceptable because it depicts white males, Adam has an amazing point to top it.


Alison’s 2nd story is about Susan Rice turning down the nomination for secretary of state, Adam is now calling for a woman of color in power to let her hairstyle go natural, Adam’s “let the fro go” campaign.

Mark just inspired a riff on “What’s Happening” and they’re all now talking about the characters and actors on the show, Dave has a riff about the Dee cutouts at football games.

Adam is now calling for someone in Chicago to take a chunk of foam and make a Fudge hat when they play the packers, cheeseheads and fudgepackers.

Mark is now telling the gang an anecdote about his son “Nathan” and his early sitcom viewing which lead to a hilarious elevator encounter, Dave has a funny joke about his own children.

They’re all now riffing on “Good Times” and “What’s Happening”.


Alison’s 3rd story, she’s announcing the golden globe nominees and now Adam is joking about his cinematic range, Mark and Dave seem to get a kick out of it.

Adam is asking about Leslie Mann and offering up some insight, Alison is now reading off the actress nominees.

Pia Zadora is now the topic and Adam is explaining his name confusion with her and what happened when she appeared on the show. Alison has now shifted gears to the “Wreck It Ralph” nomination and they’re all discussing how Adam got involved.

Dave throws Mark some love for his work as “The Joker” in Batman The Animated Series and most of its related series. Adam is now joking about how showing him an image of the cartoon he’s playing doesn’t help him with his performance.

Adam is throwing out some plugs and wrapping up the show.