Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/13/2013 – Brett Davern, Amy Landecker, and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brett Davern, Amy Landecker, and Matt Atchity

Recorded 12-12-2013 – Release Date 12-13-2013

Production Number #1226

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Adam is opening the show with a tease for another edition of the Rotten Tomatoes Game, BB has a #TopDrop BB ruined before it aired by playing it out of sequence.

Adam is bringing up how last night Adam was about to launch into a tirade against producers regarding casting, he’s referencing Amy Landecker who played the wife in his 2nd pilot after her work “A Serious Man”.

Adam is mocking the idea of an academy award nomination not being enough for NBC to cast her in a sitcom without making her jump through the hoops of casting and meetings.


Adam is now suggesting that Amy was impressed with his building skills and over versatility as Renaissance man, BB is mocking this concept and Alison notes Natasha Henstridge and Margaret Cho, leaving out Fergie and Jennifer Grey. Totally plausible!

Adam is explaining the funny encounter with Amy where he blew past her after being told by August and Gary that Brett’s publicists and a “fan” were in back.

Adam is explaining that she’s in studio to observe what it’s like to be a podcast for her upcoming role, Adam is now quoting something she said while they were filming the pilot, and Adam is having her get on mice to give her take.


Adam is having Amy give her POV on the casting process and the hoops she was forced to jump through, with increased makeup and skin for a 2nd taped audition sans Adam.

Adam is bringing up the time he had Rosanna Arquette asking if she really had to do a read for Adam’s sitcom, Adam is explaining that he agreed with Rosanna’s “I shouldn’t have to do this” and the executives that may have led her to quit the business in front of him, classic story!

Adam is quoting “Man all the ones I like are miserable” or something to that effect and Amy is admitting the truth of that quote and how Adam’s lamentations “got her hot”, this is great!


Adam is doing a great live read mocking family members who mix up the names of the projects you work on, Alison has a couple anecdotes about her father and his mix ups, Matt has one too, good stuff!

Adam is sharing that Lynette is reading the book that Jon Stewart is adapting to the screen and Adam has a nice anecdote about talking to Jon as he was filming “Then They Came for Me” the aforementioned book.

Adam is plugging the upcoming event with the topless lady, Matt has a killer “Total Recall” joke and Adam is riffing about his “salad shooter” move he does, comedy gold!


Rotten Tomatoes GameTom Hanks Editions

Matt’s got a funny joke about leaving after hearing his theme.

1st Movie “Forrest Gump”

Adam is now commenting on the movie and how it’s been looked down upon with age, unlike films like “Slap Shot.

Adam thought the movie was groundbreaking and really enjoyed it, BB is commenting on the backlash.


Matt is commenting on the schmaltz of the movie and Adam wants to know how any viewer in 1994 could see all that the movie has to offer and give it a bad review at the time, funny “Cliffhanger” comparison from Ace.


2nd Movie “Castaway”

Adam is giving his take on the film, BB makes sure to jump in and use “limited storytelling” he brings it up a lot on TFV, his other show.

Adam and BB are getting to the plane crash scene and how fast it was, they’re all admiring the effective filmmaking techniques at play with that scene.


3rd Movie “A League of their Own”

Adam is saying he liked the movie but doesn’t get certain movie lines such as “go for it” from the Rocky sequels and “There’s no crying in baseball!”


4th Movie “Dragnet”

Alison thought he was going to go with “Joe Vs. The Volcano” and I was thinking “Turner and Hooch”, Adam says he saw this in theaters back when you had to see everything that came out.


5th Movie “Apollo 13”

They’re all breaking down the scores and we get a funny noise, I think from A-Rose, funny.

Adam is tallying up the score.

They’re wrapping up the segment and Adam is launching into a semi confusing live read, BB is trying to chip in and assist.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Carlos, he just moved to California from Chicago, he’s a 17yr vet of the construction trade and feels uncomfortable around his gay supervisor, and Adam has a hilarious reply about what it’s like at the workplace when someone is interested in you.

Adam is joking about Amy and her attraction to him, this is a great “Disclosure” type scenario.

Adam is combatting Carlos’ associating the man’s sexuality with the micro management and meetings, Adam is now joking about people who offer up race and sexuality without reason when recounting encounters with others.


Adam is now giving his take on working around producer guys who like young women and he’s got a great joke about Robert Evans semen production.

Adam is now on an analogy saying all guys are like cats when it comes to perusing sexual partners, he’s offering up the two types of kitty personalities all men have.

“I’m an eater, ask Amy!” – Adam


Adam is describing the semi creepy workplace interactions and Alison is giving a sophisticated reply after BB noticed her physically reacting to the picture Adam was painting.

“And sometimes we’ll have a good cry in the Porto potty” – Adam

Adam is riffing about the workplace hugs and emotions and Adam is now finally picking up on the vague sexual component of this.

“Or suck him off in the Porto potty and get a raise” – Adam


Adam is now speculating on the amount of dudes who’ve taken one for the team much like women and the casting couch.


2nd Caller Alex he recently moved to San Francisco and is trying to sarcastically mock the rich people he’s surrounded by, Adam is trying to tell a quick callback joke and Alex steps all over it.

Adam is calling him out, Alex is now getting his question and tells the guy to not call the show, and wow that’s a weird one.

BB is mocking Adam for his reaction, Adam is explaining that he doesn’t buy into the dumb ideas of his parents, everyone who makes over 40k a year is making the Indians cry all day – Adam.


Adam is explaining his take on the wealthy people he’s met who earned their fortunes and how kind they have always been to him and the people he sees them interact with.

Adam is making a clear difference about trust fund people vs. self-made wealth, Adam is sating he prefers the selfless wealthy people he knows over the angry narcissistic poor people he still knows.

Adam is giving a description of what it’s like to meet one of these guys.


Atchity is offering up his take on the accidental millionaires who lucked out in Silicon Valley, he’s trying to defend Alex’s point and describing what kind of assholes you might encounter.

Adam is giving his take and agreeing with Matt while providing a counter point.

Adam is asking him about the success of Rotten Tomatoes and is asking if he has any stats for the site views.


3rd Caller Jamie wants to know what kind of radar detector Adam recommends, it’s the Valentine 1.

She mistakenly thinks they’re “blocked” but that’s not the case, most modern models detect radar, laser and the radar detector doctors some cops employ while blocking those from detecting your radar detection device.

Adam is now explaining why something like this is important and how part of it is doing the thing and the other is being mindful.


Adam is inventing a 3.99 poor man’s radar detector that randomly beeps and chimes to remind you to watch your speed.

Matt is telling the gang about the headlight flash move employed in the Midwest back in the day, the warning for oncoming cops.

Adam is sharing a possibly fictitious anecdote he heard of kids spotting radar detectors and then collecting tips down the road, cute story.


Adam is doing a live read with BB.


4th Caller Topher, he wants to know what Adam thinks of his name and Adam is sharing how he first learned it was short for Christopher when Topher Grace was a guest on loveline September 27th 1999.

Topher wants advice for how to keep women engaged in conversation, Adam wants to know if he wants to get LAID or PAID.

Adam gets him to admit he’s a virgin and has a great “SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHocking” reply, comedy gold!


Adam is doing what has now become a rare “stripper DJ” bit complete with a multi substance “SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…SHHHHHHHH….SHHHHHHHocking”, this is wonderful.

Topher has a funny reply to Adam about a possible prom date and Alison has a funny one liner.

They’re all offering up some advice for this young man and Alison is stepping in with some practical advice as Adam works Chris Maxipada into the conversation.


Alison is giving him genuine advice and telling him not to think about the conversation as opposed to in the conversation.

Adam is setting up an improv scene for him and Alison, “I wanna be in you!”

This is great, Adam is wrapping up with Topher and teasing the arrival of Brett his fellow Toyota Celebrity grand prix opponent.


Adam is welcoming Brett to the show, making his ACS debut.

Brett is making sure to say hi to the whole gang and he’s a huge fan of the show, he brought up a pumpkin pie sans plum layer, he’s a fan!

Adam is joking with Matt Fondiler forcing him to put the racing trophies on display, Brett’s in the mix and Adam is further riffing with false modesty.


They’re talking about the weekend of training and the weekend of the actual race, Brett grew up with an uncle who owned a go-kart track in Edmonds WA where Brett is from.

I may have actually been to that very track, another Washington State Superfan guesting on the podcast!

Brett is telling the gang how he got into acting and Adam has a rock drummer and standup comedian comparison, Adam’s using Billy Crystal as his prototypical kid performing for family at gatherings.


Adam is wondering if YouTube and the modern era of everyone on TV has changed the priorities of society, Alison and Brett both have some insightful replies.

Adam is making a point about knowing all of the people on TV back in the 1970’s, the 28 current actors working on TV as he puts it.

Alison is explaining she was taking a cardio kickboxing class in NYC and how the class was told by the instructor she couldn’t get sweaty as she had a reality show interview afterwards.


Adam is joking about unnecessary mic use in different professions, Brett is now telling them how luck and his art friendly school led to him working as an actor.

Adam is telling the gang about seeing “Fame” in the movie theater in 1980, with Beth Ringwald who Superfan’s will know the significance of, they walked out of the movie and ran into a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, this story may have never been shared before.

BB is mocking the confluence of stars and ranking the sister of an actress who wouldn’t become famous for another 3 years.


Adam is sharing his two extremes of social circles, the people who live like nothing in life is possible and success isn’t an option vs. other people who think of achievements of things that are quite feasible.

Jimmy Kimmel is his example for a person who thinks of doing things as entirely possible and always does what he wants to do

Brett’s praising his teacher and Adam wants to know who the teachers are that spot kids from other classes and mentor them.

Adam is on a great live read, corkscrew the size of a space needle one liner from Ace, Adam mentions nutcrackers and now Alison is asking him about the process and lack of science involved in using one.


Alison’s News

Her top story on TIME’s “person of the year” for 2013, Pope Francis.

Alison has the info and Adam is making a point about who you beat and what that says about you, Adam has a great point about how non-Catholics react to this vs. the “super pissed off pope people”.

Alison and BB are offering up their takes and BB says that the Catholics who follow him will follow his ways, Adam is making a point about how people seem to want the pope to think like an atheist.


Adam always being fair minded and considering all possible angles, Alison is giving her own take on what BB was saying about the pope being infallible.

Adam is now on a riff about the modern pope, Alison and BB have some great additions.

Adam has a great snapshots from USA today closer for this new pope, Alison is sharing a poll she was tweeted in USA today about kindle ownership and Adam is once again pitching Ray as the prime pollster as he will get an answer out of everyone.


Adam is sharing his experience realigning one these about comfort food and the 11% that “don’t know/will not answer”.

Adam has a great last time one liner about the dangers of sharing your favorite comfort food with pollsters.

Adam has a great cobbler back and forth with Alison as the person conducting the poll, Adam is on a roll with his funny replies mocking her.


Adam is sharing his wish to reanimate Charles Schultz to knee him in the balls and scream at him for his nothing cartoons.

Adam is saying if newspapers don’t have anything, to use a picture of a missing kid instead, Adam is mocking the “what are you going to do with your extra hour” about the daylight savings time change.

Adam is telling the gang about the “spend time with friends” reply, everyone finds it appropriately hilarious.


2nd Story is on the fake sigh language interpreter at the Nelson Mandela memorial.

Brett is sharing his experience learning the language in high school and Adam is explaining that every college had a signer hired when Adam and Drew would come speak.

Alison is explaining what the man said about the experience and why he was unable to perform his duties.


Adam wants to know if we still need signers when closed captioning is available.


3rd Story is on the intent of SNL to add some black female cast members.

Adam is offering up an interesting take on that format possible not being the forte of black female sketch performers.

Adam is bringing up the cornerback position in the NFL and BB says that Jason Sehorn was the last starting white cornerback in the league.


Adam is explaining how he thinks show business is like sports and the best players need to be on the field, he’s got perfect logic and if it’s true one way it could be true both ways.

BB has a point about black place kickers and Adam is explaining how meritocracy works in sports, Brett is saying that acting is the same way.

Adam is explaining how when you love the game you’re colorblind, with sports or with SNL and he’s explaining that dreams are attainable but you might not see a version of you in that position.


Adam is doing a live read and connects it to the last story “Shari Berry” and BB has a funny one liner.


4th Story is on the re-launch of the BIO channel

Adam is mocking the aim of the new network FYI and how he doesn’t want to be instructed or swept away when watching TV.

Adam is sharing how all he’s been hearing is how everyone is getting in the content business, Adam is now predicting a 50/50 TV star/food stamp recipient future.


Alison is asking if the rest of the gang have experienced the dilemma of not having a channel that’s airing what you want to watch in this era of a million digital channels.

Adam is making a point about stores no longer closing on holidays and his search for “Django Unchained” BB is mocking him with some well-placed buzzes.

Adam is still riffing his inability to spell Django, comedy gold!


Adam has a hilarious “slave porn” computer history closer.


5th Story is on the states that swear the most compared to the most polite.

Alison is reading the details of the study and asking the gang to formulate opinions, Adam is sharing an anecdote eavesdropping Lynette on a customer service call getting upset with an operator.

Adam is now asking if women are quicker to blame the bearer of bad news in contrast to men, Alison thinks Adam might be right and she’s offering up a take on how it can be done to manipulate too.


Adam is now offering up another example regarding women crying to manipulate cops who’ve pulled them over, Alison wants to if any guys have ever done this.

Superfan Gio has done this once, intentionally due to a time commitment not the cost of the ticket, it was in here in Illinois in the last 3 years, it was a Hispanic dude cop and he called me a pussy and implied his son was more of a man than me, I won!

Adam and Brett are now riffing out an improv scene and Brett has perfect usage of Adam’s cop verbiage and is right in step, this is wonderful!


Adam is mocking Brett’s use of an Irish cop name as opposed to the more likely modern surname, much like in my story.

They’re now predicting the most and least courteous states, Alison is wrapping the news.

Adam is doing a live read, giving the plugs and thanking the great Brett Davern for joining them.