Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/13/2012 – Dana Gould live from the Irvine Improv

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 12-12-2012 – Release Date 12-13-2012


Adam is opening the show with Dana Gould on stage; Adam is explaining how Hanukkah throws him every year because it’s an elusive floating holiday.

Adam has a funny observation about the holiday being one day longer than a week and how he reads into that, Alison is jumping in and so is Dana.

Adam just came up with an interesting angle on the Israel/Muslim conflict and why they might be prone to not getting along, everyone seems to dig it.

Adam is calling for Hanukkah to be moved to March, Dana agrees and he wants Israel moved but he’s too late as Adam is now explaining his famous “move Israel to Baja” idea.

They’re joking about top soil and Dana has some funny Dracula parallels, Adam refers to Dracula in a funny way while agreeing with Dana, Alison has an awesome observation about Adam’s plan. Now Dana and Adam are riffing around the idea of Adam’s final solution, hilarious!

Adam is explaining how he goes around L.A. looking for indicators of the decline of the city, he’s citing some of his favorites, and Dana is cracking up about the graffiti on rocks and trees. Adam is now riffing about the aftermath of the graffiti on the boulder.

Adam is riffing on the signs about leaving your kids at fire stations, he’s now explaining how a fan tweeted him the statistics on hit and run auto accidents in L.A.

Adam is now riffing on the brahma bull decals on the side of the trucks of the Latin guys he used to construction with.


Audience Questions

1st question from Shira, she wants Adam’s take on the manscaping trend.

Dana tells her she resembles Lisa Loeb and Bryan plays a Dawson drop, Adam has a very funny knowing laugh. Adam is now riffing on the “hairless arms race” of men’s grooming.

Adam has a funny theory about why hair on men suddenly became unattractive to women, Dana is jumping in with his thoughts on pubic hair, Adam agrees, funny back and forth.

Adam is now connecting the increase in customers for cosmetology industry with men’s grooming with the rise in tattoos amongst women and black people after being a thing mostly reserved for sailors.

Adam and Dana are riffing on cremation and fake boobs; Dana actually has some facts for Adam. Now Adam is telling Dana his prank idea for the coroner who worked the case of the guy who died after the cockroach eating competition.


Audience Questions

1st question from Chris, returning for another show. He wants Adam’s take on little people, Adam has a funny quote comparing them to Halloween candy and Dana is sharing a joke from a friend.

Adam and Dana are riffing on the idea of little people being on women’s fuck it lists, Dana has some hilarious observations on what it would be like for a woman.

Adam is now riffing on flying as a little person and how convenient it must be, Bryan has a hypothetical question and Alison is jumping in.

The name Adam says to never use for a little person is hilarious!

Adam is now explaining his beef with the Dwarven people, He’s telling an anecdote about his CBS sitcom. Adam is now filling the guys in on the casting drama involving the role of his son.

Adam is explaining how all he does is judge and stereotype, but took a moment to tell himself not to do that in regards to the little person’s presence on set.

Adam is now describing in detail how painful it was to attempt a run through with the little person filling in as his young son; he’s now telling Dana how the casting eventually played out.


Adam is doing a plug for Dana’s amazing podcast “The Dana Gould Hour”, he is remarking on the lack of crowd response and Alison has a killer one liner, Dana is cracking up.


Adam and Huell

Dana is now in character as Huell, for this hilarious bit dating back to the 2006 KLSX morning show. If you can’t get enough of it, make sure to purchase the Basic Cable Commentary from the Adam Carolla Store it features Dana in character as Huell for the entire running time and Adam plays the straight man, its great!

Lynch is now playing a clip from “California’s Gold” Adam and Dana/Huell are now riffing on the clip they just watched about being at Confusion Hill.

Huell is now updating the gang on what’s he been doing with his retirement, Adam is cracking up at the various explanations.

Adam and Huell are now riffing on Griffith Park, they seem to go there for entirely different reasons, Adam is trying to explain the wholesome activities he goes there for and Huell keeps bringing it back to his proclivities.

Adam and Dana are now wrapping up the bit and Dana is explaining how he was worried Huell had passed when he was bombarded with email after he announced his retirement.

Dana is describing the possible meeting he might one day still have with Huell, Adam is chiming in and they’re riffing on what might happen to Dana.


Alison’s News, Adam is jumping in with a Mangrate live read, Huell is getting involved and they’ve taken it on a hilarious and dark turn.

Her Top story is on the death of Ravi Shankar, Alison is filling Adam in on some details and for the 2nd time in as many months Adam is citing that famous Jeff Ross joke about elderly people dying.

Adam has a revelation about the Sitar, he’s now joking with Dana about the honesty bomb he just dropped on everyone. He’s now measuring the sweet spot for the guitar size to pussy ratio involved with playing certain stringed instruments.

The gang is all now riffing on giant guitars and now Adam is bringing in large hats, Dana has a sombrero realization and now Adam is tying it all together.

2nd story, a recent study has come out showing that men are more attracted to women with similar facial features. Adam has a hilarious reaction and quote about what that means for who he must want to fuck.

Adam is now entertaining the idea of being attracted to his mother, hilarious quotes.

Adam is now telling the gang about staying a smoke free hotel while in Winnipeg and how he had to smoke in the bathroom.

Adam and Dana are riffing on the hotels encouraging certain behaviors and discouraging smoking; Alison is chiming in and extending the comedy, good stuff.

They’re now all discussing the various strange items and placement of the items in hotel rooms.

3rd story, Alison is explaining that 12/12/12 was a huge day for marriages with over 7500, Adam is now screwing up the year thing and Bryan is correcting him.

Adam and Dana are now riffing in “Cop Talk” and have taken it to new heights and insanity.

Adam is sharing an anecdote about the nurse who lectured him at the birthing suite for having the audacity to pee in the bathroom there.

Alison wrapped the news and now Adam is doing a “Cop Talk” Sherries Berries live read, so weird!

Adam is wrapping the show and giving out plugs.