Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/12/2013 – Kevin Costner and David Landsberg

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Guest Kevin Costner and David Landsberg

Recorded 12-11-2013 – Release Date 12-12-2013

Production Number #1225

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Adam is opening the show with BB and Alison in studio, he’s teasing the upcoming “Hooray” segment where Bryan will review the latest Coen brother’s movie.

Adam is now getting to how he adopts technology and BB has a solid INXS joke, Adam is on a decent gun analogy, getting to the conduits of good and evil.

Adam is bringing up how his 1st cellphone wouldn’t work at his Beachwood canyon home.


Adam is asking about the people who tuck in behind someone who has pulled onto a side street, Alison knows exactly what he’s talking about and feels his frustration, good Penny Saver riff.

Adam is referencing that phone call that caused him to lap around a block multiple times, up until the point the woman on the corner gave him a “what the fuck?!” hand motion.

Adam is explaining his efforts to explain what he was doing, Adam is describing her “WHAT THE F!” and why it’s worse than a middle finger.


Adam is breaking down the uncomfortable move of having to stop a call mid discussion.

Adam is getting to his new home and how he still can’t get a signal on his modern iPhone, Adam is telling the gang about the “cell phone tower extender”.


Adam is now having Gary get on mic to recreate the exchanges they had over the “Slingbox” while Adam was in NYC filming “The Apprentice”.

Gary has an amazing delivery and is being respectful while making it hilarious, Adam is in “just the facts” mode.

Adam is trying to explain his anti-technology field and negative luck that would of course prevent him from the convenience of watching his favorite shows after a long day of work.


Adam is now getting to his new house with its poor cellphone reception and he’s joking about the very uncomfortable spots that allow for a steady signal, Alison has some nice reactions.

Gary is now on mic to verify the information he told Adam about the AT&T “cell booster” and Adam’s explaining that it takes some doing to get the provider to agree to provide one.

Adam is now explaining the story in full, complete with a successful install involving producer Gary.


Gary is now giving some very pertinent information for Adam about where to properly place the booster and BB has a sarcastic reply.

Adam has a live read and is now ranting about his inability to schedule these phoners and his daily recording and filming times conflicting along with his own innate tenancies to multitask.

Adam has a hilarious question for Gary about super pertinent information, Gary is being a great sport and making it hilarious.


Adam is doing a live read and is telling the gang a little something about life, he’s explaining the pressure to appear live on air, and Adam is explaining that in order to call in live to Dennis Miller this morning.

Adam is explaining that August was hitting him up to locate him right as he was calling into the radio show.

Adam and Gary have a slick back and forth to close this out, good times!


Hooray for Baldywood

Bald is reviewing the new Coen Brothers movie “Inside Llewyn Davis”.

BB has a very serious tone and almost warning for those going into this expecting a strong plot, he’s explaining it’s primarily a character piece and has some solid filmic references to previous work from the Coen Brothers.

They’re all praising “No Country for Old Men” and BB is offering up a Netflix recommendation made by a friend of his “Mortified Nation”.


Adam is now sharing a new heavy thought on the almost universal ambition among all people to experience the lifestyle and rewards of being a model, athlete, rock star and the last bastion of hope in standup comedy.

Adam is really exploring this idea and bringing Alison and BB into the mix.

Adam has a point about the moth and live storytelling, BB is taking it back to his friend’s documentary.



They’re launching into the pre-recorded one on one with Kevin Costner making his podcast debut.

Adam is plugging their upcoming gig and Kevin’s band, they both want to see Air Force One.

Kevin is making some great points about the difficulties in hosting and Adam is asking him about his own experiences with it after making his infamous “I never wanted to be a mover” analogy.


Adam is getting to Kevin’s background and upbringing in California and how he first perused acting and the arts.

Adam and Kevin are bonding over their past experience working difficult jobs, Kevin says nobody ever wants to see someone else’s life and put it in reverse.

Adam is getting to his work during the Northridge quake and the cinderblock fences that resulted in countless hours of work and thousands of feet of fence.


Kevin is joking with Adam about getting therapy for his thousand yard stare voice while describing his past misery doing crappy work.

Adam is making a point about success and the absence of a truly level playing field, he’s using good looks to make his point and working Kevin into the mix.

Adam’s logic is flawless and Kevin is offering up his own take, perhaps misunderstanding Adam a bit.


Adam is getting to the way people dismiss others who have found success by claiming nepotism or luck instead of seeing the hard work.

Adam is wrapping things up with Kevin and plugging the gig, Kevin is explaining the origins of the band and how it evolved into a successful side project he was initially doing as creative release.

A solid short phoner with good audio quality!


David is now making his ACS debut, Adam is asking him about his history as an actor and working on “The Love boat” along with the mid 1990’s UPN remake with Robert Urich.

Adam is bringing up the mermaids that were featured on the UPN “Love Boat” remake, David says he’s mixing up the original series, Adam has a quick Ted McGinley riff.


Adam is asking David about his latest movie, Adam has a killer one liner reply and topper to David’s word usage, Adam is now back for a 3rd hit, comedy gold!

Peyronie’s disease + ceiling fan = right in the ass – Adam Carolla

Adam is now getting to “The Fall Guy” and connecting it to the horrors of warfare along with the disparity of sacrifice among those who serve.


Adam is now getting an update on the mermaids, they were on the 10th season of the original series per producer Gary.

Adam and David are praising Robert Urich, David tells Adam he read both of his books and Adam is now further commenting on Robert.

“You’re not Dantanna, you’re a fucking scared actor” – David’s eulogy to the late Bob Urich


Adam is now going back to David reading both of Adam’s books, he says he hasn’t seen the “Hammer” and is in admiration of Adam’s accomplishments in the face of adversity.

David just referenced Adam’s famous 7-11 water balloon story, Adam is telling the detail in full with James and his older brother “Kurt” the Spcioli-esque quasi-narcoleptic.

Adam wants to know “who are these people with endless amounts of time to waste to fuck with people?” he’s citing the shitty Honda driver with the Napoleon complex.


Adam is now remembering what he actually did say to the little guy, the angry little guy.

Adam is sharing how he was accused of using a missile and how the little guy was trying to talk Jim Carolla into beating Adam.

Adam is quoting the “If you were 18 I would kick your ass” and his own superior reply that put the tiny man in his place, Adam is offering up some sympathy for the pathetic man and his probably pathetic life.


They’re back to David and his journey from sports to entertainment, with a stop at champion gymnast.

Adam is asking him about his origins with the sport and getting back to his time in Vietnam.

David is joking about his reaction to being “in country” during ’67-’68 and his service in a place that sounds like Ben Wah.


Adam is getting to the horrors of being drafted with some light comedy and jumping into a live read.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on 11 former officers who sued the state of California for having to write tickets, to fulfill a quota.

Adam is not happy about the settlement amount and yelling about the idea of cops who want to sue in response to being required to do their jobs.

Adam is mocking the idea of not quotas when of course they have them, Adam is mad at everyone in this story.


Adam is now lecturing about douchey superiors and gets Gary on mic to verify it, Gary has a killer deadpan delivery and verbiage.

Adam is explaining the elements of this he does love, that a light is shown on the bad practices they use to punish the citizens of L.A.

Adam is explaining that 31 million has been spent on discrimination and harassment lawsuits and settlements in L.A.


Alison says that the class action lawsuit should be for the people, not the cops.

“The Coppers look good for the Coffers” – Adam

Adam is now ranting about chicken shits and police priority, Alison is sharing her ticket for having her phone in her hand while parked.


David is having some funny reactions to Adam’s one liners and biting comments, Adam is advocating use of a radar detector and how he’s already aware of aware cops post up, he understands their feeble minds.

Adam is advocating dealer plates and calling for outright war, David is advocating following the rules and Alison has a great observation on how the rules are shaped to make you break them.


Adam is bragging about the 4yr lease and the dealer plate that was still on the Audi when he returned it, he’s mocking the cop bike that tried to right him a ticket and was fooled by the extended dealer plate.

Alison has a great response to the illegal U-turn and Adam is explaining the grace period for driving without a front license plate when you are still driving with the dealer plate.

Adam is now dropping some heavy truth, he’s saying “whatever’s easiest” the thing cops say about criminals, it’s true of them too, cops want easy Pickens, extra paperwork means they find another patsy 10 seconds later and save themselves doing any actual work.


Alison has a great “go fuck yourselves” for the cops who they’re paying to write the tickets to them and then paying them for having to write the tickets, they chose to write to being with.

Alison has a hypothetical scenario about prison guard duty and Adam is explaining why this case has no logic, the cops were hired to write tickets, they can’t sure for being required to write tickets a lot.

David is telling the gang about his daughter the teacher and how microphone and speaker systems can improve teaching in even small classrooms.


Adam is now mocking how the microphone always gives feedback when nervous people use them, Alison is right in the mix and they’re mocking this cliché.

David is telling the gang about adopting a classroom, Alison has a killer “is it hard to …” reply mocking the standard adoption questions, comedy gold A-Rose!

Adam is now joking about running a sweatshop with his adopted classroom.


“I like the feel of a shoe that’s been stitched by a seven year old, it feels different” – Adam Carolla

Adam and BB have a great “shoes two days in a row” back and forth that leads to Adam joking about washable maxi pads.


2nd Story is on a boy that was suspended for kissing a girl on the hand at school.

Adam is on a “we’ve let the inmates take over” and how society can’t get back in the barn.

Adam is mocking the idea of cultural relativism and extreme political correctness, David is asking about the monkey gun and Alison has that story chambered.


Adam is explaining that what we’re doing is beating ourselves on a technicality, we’re actually fucking ourselves on the same technicality.

Alison is explaining the difficulties to get the sex offender status off of the 6yr old, Adam says we need to stop the lawyers first.

Adam is mocking the insanity of the suspension, Alison and BB have a great series of replies and BB is sharing his own attempt to kiss a girl in 1st grade.


Adam is joking about the girl never recovering and BB is joining him, comedy gold!

BB just repeated Alison’s joke with different words, listen man! She already mocked that misogynistic cliché.


3rd Story is on the monkey and prop that was stopped by TSA

Adam is mocking the concept of a tiny plastic G.I. Joe toy being an issue for airport security.

Adam is on a great riff about size, hilarious flea one liner.


Adam is going off on the madness of the TSA, the idea of paying for the hacks telling you to leave the monkey behind, great reaction from David.

Alison is wrapping the news and the wonderful David is full of compliments.

Adam is now working the tiny monkey assassin into this live read, this might be the best live read in weeks, BB is adding some weight to it, Adam is getting emotional.


Adam is mocking the concept of people saying “I had to remind myself to breathe” and David wants some more Mangria, he’s in love with it and Adam loves that.

Adam loves his attitude and his getting to his own lawsuit on his latest movie, Adam is agreeing to help him cut a guy’s head off as he wraps up the show.

David doesn’t get the idea of a closer, this is great!