Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/12/2012 – Steve-O Live from the Irvine Improv

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 12-11-2012 – Release Date 12-12-2012


Adam is starting the show with legendary Loveline and Too Late guest Steve-O already on stage; this is Steve’s 1st appearance on the podcast.

Adam is recapping his day; he had to visit his kid’s school for a Christmas pageant. Adam and Alison are now calling for the school to have call times so you don’t have to watch every kid perform.

Adam is now setting up a recording he did of Natalia performing her song at home, Steve is now helping Adam use his iPhone, hilarious!

Adam is now getting an update from Steve-O on his sobriety; Adam is throwing in a well-timed Mangria plug. Steve-O has a hilarious and understated reaction to Adam’s surprise at the length of his sobriety.

Adam is now setting up the clip of Steve on “Too Late” from 2005; Bryan has some observations on Steve’s lighting fast change of affect in the clip.

Steve just hinted that he does regret some behaviors and mistakes, Adam is asking him about it and Steve has a thoughtful answer about trying to process it, Adam just topped it with a great turn of phrase!

Steve-O is now telling Adam about his “Rad Email List” and what he regrets doing, Steve is now telling Adam about being a “Garbage bag” drug user. Adam is arguing that nitrous oxide gets a bad rap; Steve-O is laughing and seems to be taking it in jest.

Steve is now jumping in to correct Adam on nitrous dosing techniques, he’s now explaining what his goal was when using it, Alison wants to know the appeal, and this is great!

Steve is now telling the gang about the interventions he would hallucinate starring his imaginary friends, Steve is now telling the gang about the intervention and his 5150 hold and how Dr. Drew was motivated the process.

Lynch has now fired up the clip from “Too Late” again; Steve-O and Adam are breaking down what happened in hilarious and awesome detail!


They’re now discussing Steve-O’s various scrotum stapling techniques, the butterfly and the turtle, Adam is explaining that Ray actually invented the Turtle in the 1980’s.

Adam is now inquiring about the Jackass cast member who put his penis in a snake habitat; Steve-O just informed Adam that was “Wild Boy” and former loveline guest Christ Pontius.

Bryan just asked Adam if he remembers the time they watched Jackass 2 on the way home from San Diego after a KLSX radio show event, Bryan is trying to frame it as Adam not being a fan, but Adam is now telling the hidden backstory of why he was disgusted.

Alison wants to know if sobriety has changed the Jackass stunts for him, he was and is explaining sober for all of Jackass 3. Bryan wants to know the most painful/terrifying stunts.

Steve is now telling the gang about injecting alcohol like his heroes in Motley Crue, jumping out of an airplane without a parachute and now Adam is riffing on the idea of water being like concrete when you fall from heights or high speeds.

Steve is now telling them the most ill-advised stunt was probably agreeing to be strangled unconscious 6 times in one day, Adam has a hilarious inquiry and even funnier comment in character as Steve-O’s brain.

Adam is now telling Steve-O and the gang about the time Rowdy Roddy Piper choked out cousin Sal in front of John Popper of “Blues Traveler” at one of Kimmel’s old football Sundays.

Adam and Alison are now plugging Steve’s new TV show and Adam is telling him about his classic TV idea with a similar theme.

Audience Questions

  1. Tasha, Adam’s number 1 black female fan according Bryan, though I know some ladies from out here in IL that would argue with him on that one. Tasha wants to know about breasts, she wants to know if there is such a thing as too much.

Adam is riffing on A cups and explaining how he’s attracted to people with the opposite parts of what he’s got. Alison is asking very pertinent “even ground” type of question about men with breasts and what they’re attracted to.

Adam is now explaining how they once had a guy on “The Man Show” who would gamble with crazy stakes, including living in a bathroom for a year and getting breast implants. They had him on to show off the boob job.

Steve-O actually remembers the guy and his story, Adam is now filling in more details. Adam is now describing the arguments with Comedy Central over the man boobs and butt crack on the show.

Adam is now recounting how they came up with ¾ ass crack shorts for the Juggies.

Alison has a killer one liner about the types of man boobs allowed on “The Biggest Loser” Adam and Steve-O seems to love it as much as the audience. Adam doesn’t want to hear about how much extra skin had to be removed after people have had gastric bypass and or extreme weight loss.

Adam is now joking with the black fans in the audience about their presence in Irvine preventing more black people from entering the city.

2.  Chris wants to know if there will ever be a “Skinny Mangria” and now Adam is riffing on how women will buy anything with the word Skinny in front of it. Alison agrees and now Adam is riffing on dress sizes.

Steve-O is chiming and their all discussing the 0 dress size as well as the 00, even Alison isn’t sure why they make it.

Adam is now polling a black man in the audience as to why they stereotypically like big asses; Adam has a theory with a Stan Lee style naming convention. Alison has a great observation about asses resembling boobs and Adam’s reply is hilarious!

Bryan just interjected to explain that Adam knew him at Loveline in 2002 when he was overweight and was dating size 0 women.

3. Ken wants to know if Adam and Jimmy ever argued and the most memorable sketch from “The Man Show”

Adam is now mocking Ken’s denim attire, hilarious quotes about showdowns with Jay Leno, Bryan is now laying in a fine music bed and Adam is still rolling on Ken.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote about doing “The Tonight Show” and Jay Leno’s Clark Kent Style transformation into Denim Dude.

Adam is now explaining how they would decide to make sketches for the show, he’s describing how they would vote and telling the gang about a time Jimmy vetoed an idea.

Adam is now claiming his greatest bit was the one where he romanced and had sex with his mom, he’s now describing the origins of the bit and how they pulled off the tone.

Adam is now explaining how they hid the premise from the woman starring as Adam’s mom and the behind filming details.

Lynch is now firing up the clip while Adam does some live commentary about the filming locations.

Adam is now sharing the story of his mom asking the whole family for a good reason to get cable while he had two shows on the air at the time.

Adam is now telling the gang about Matt Silverstein who wrote the bit and how he had his steering wheel stuck in full up right mode in his jeep Cherokee.

Adam is now doing a Mangrate live read and he’s directing it at the black fans in the audience, he has a killer one liner about how much they’ll enjoy the product and an even funnier one liner about the bald gentlemen with them.


Alison’s News, Adam just interrupted to share an anecdote about what he saw while driving with his wife and kids this morning.

He’s describing a scene where they witnessed two bums occupying all the space in two bust stops while a guy waiting for the bus was forced to stand against the wall instead of using the bench.

Adam has a hilarious quote about what the bums have done to the bench and Alison asks him what he would have done, his answer is shocking and hilarious.

Adam is now turning his idea into a series of video tapes to sell on late night TV, awesome one liner directed at the black guy in the audience, that guy is like a comedy muse, he’s gold!

Alison is making a point about how much you can get away with; she has a very interesting and funny phrasing to sum it up.

Steve-O is now weighing in with his efforts to emulate the homeless in appearance and smell.

Alison wants Steve-O’s take on the worst animal fecal matter, he argues Dog but Adam fires back with his logic as to why cats make the worst product, hilarious example!


Alison’s top story is on the shooting in Portland; Adam is jumping in with some thoughts on camouflage. Adam and Alison are having fun with what kind of camo one should wear to the mall in order to blend in; Adam has some funny observations about trying to be camouflaged while on stage.

Bryan is now jumping in and Adam is killing it with funny.

Adam is on a roll about where he prefers shootings to happen if they must happen, he’s making it every clear he doesn’t encourage this behavior but doesn’t want people ruining the places he goes.


Alison’s 2nd story is about Henry’s tacos in the valley closing after 51yrs; Adam is explaining the role Henry’s played in his youth.

He’s now a great riff about being a mooch as a teen, Alison has a comment and now Adam and Alison have invented their own Costco.

Adam is going in depth on the super sad eating he did outside of Henry’s; Adam is now telling the gang about the power of Henry’s and how it affects even Mike Lynch.

Adam’s giving a quick bit of history on “Hollywoodland” and telling the gang about his difficulties remodeling due to the “Historical landmark” status of his Mulholland walls.

Adam has a hilarious title for a street name that Bryan picks up on, Adam is now further explaining the difficulties he faced, Adam is now trying to recall his fake street name.

Adam is now amped up on vitriol for the city employees from this fiasco and he’s now describing a second attempt to deal with the same issue, this is rage filled comedy gold!


Alison’s 3rd story is on the most recent inductions into the rock and roll hall of fame; Adam has some thoughts on Donna Summer being honored.

Adam is now riffing on the artists listed and Steve-O has some thoughts about “Heart” and now Alison and Adam are jumping with anecdotes and one liners, its great!

Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is now explaining how Alison had a news story listing the most overpaid actors in Hollywood, Adam is arguing the list should be retitled “Best Agents”.


Alison’s 4th story is a list of 2012’s dumbest people; Adam made the list with Katt Williams and Donald Trump.

Adam has a hilarious reaction to the list and his placement right below Chris Brown, he’s got a very quick and genius riff about being the same guy as Chris for making the terrible mistake of being misquoted by an idiot with an agenda and how it’s just like beating women.

Adam is now launching into the media and their various agendas to create fake outrage, Adam is clarifying he was never quoted as saying that.

Adam is on a jag about the cosmic nature of his placement on the list, he’s making amazing points while dropping comedy gold, world’s greatest!

Steve-O is now jumping in and supporting Adam with a couple quick one liners, Adam is now joking about the cultural pass he’s giving Chris after Alison wraps the news.

Adam is now doing a “Sherries Berries” live read, he’s got a great transition, and even the crowd is gasping.

Adam is wrapping the show with some plugs and Steve-O has some pertinent information, nice work Steve!