Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/11/2013 – Jay Mohr

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Guest Jay Mohr

Recorded 12-10-2013 – Release Date 12-11-2013

Production Number #1224

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Adam is opening the show back in studio fresh from the weekend tour of Sacramento and Fresno.

Dawson has a totally topical intro and BB completely ignored my super rare #TopDrop request, wow!

Adam is bringing up the new Los Angeles freeway displays, they’ve finally listened to him, and they’re using poor language but are using the electronic signs.


Adam is explaining how simple this all seems now that’s actually been done, Adam is excited about it and loves the notion that it’s finally underway, but he hates that it took almost two decades to get this program in effect.

Even BB says “it had to” in regards to Adam’s constant griping, Alison is bringing up her take on how she thought about someone being so fed up they finally gave in and Adam has a funny effect to his voice when he replies to her asking why they wouldn’t implement this.

Adam Carolla is always right!


Adam says he refuses to think this had anything to do with him, he’s blaming/crediting that on his wiring and BB is now offering up some info on it being statewide, Alison thinks that Adam may have had some influence by telling Newsome and Garcetti.

Alison is asking Adam what he experienced in response to this wave of good news, he’s explaining that the symbolism and lack of a price tag is the most meaningful part.

Adam is now asking the gang about a possible dinner and a movie scenario they’ve experienced, he’s getting to the nervous gas much like the story from the bachelor party in Vegas.


Adam is now bringing up the horror of filling your heated car with your fart stench only to have your former passenger trek back to the vehicle for their keys or purse.

Adam and Alison are now riffing about this scenario, gold!

Adam has a great spit analogy for trying to get rid of a fart, he’s using attached loogie to one’s lip to compare to a fart that follows you.

Adam has a great “Andre” riff to explain the effort expelled to get rid of clingy spit or “clinger” farts.

Alison is telling Adam about her private tumbling/gymnastics lesson and her constant stream of farts, great story!

Adam is now asking what the number #1 fart gig is, where one is exposed to the most farts, they’re all offering up some great examples.


Adam is now offering up an anecdote of a trip to “old Sac” for a viewing of the first half of the 49’ers game in Sacramento, it was Bryan’s idea (shocking!).

Adam has a hilarious riff about the name “old Sac” amazing quotes.

Adam is explaining his encounter with a brother and sister pair of fans that truly inspired him and made him feel something, so much so that he sat at their table for over an hour.


Alison is sharing the hubbub from the Carolla staff table speculating on his lengthy private show for the sibling fans, impressive! You can view the photo on Gary Patrick Smith’s twitter or via the show page link above.

Adam is giving his new theory on “Top 40”, he’s examining it from all angles and Alison is in the mix with BB adding to it too.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Élan calling from Jerusalem, he’s telling Adam about life their compared to Élan’s native Los Angeles.

He’s telling Adam about his first encounter with snow and what he’s doing over there, he’s explaining his theological studies and what inspires one to pursue it.

Adam is sharing his theory on moving Israel to Baja Mexico, Alison has a killer one liner and Adam is actually serious, he’s about to share his theory on the holiness only penetrating the first 6-12 inches of top soil.


Élan is telling him about the religious story about this, Adam has a hilarious Irvin/salami on his head reply.

Adam is now asking the gang if they get his idea about adding natural solutions to problems to restore the balance in the universe, much like gay people improving the life and property values of those they share neighborhoods with.

Adam is now getting to the top soil as predicting, he’s going with 9 inches and has a great “don’t come back without a sack full of top soil” for the Mexican movers.


Bryan is trying to change this into an exchange program, Adam likes the idea but he’s sticking with his original concept. It proves there is nothing about the Jewish people that inspires their neighbors to act out as they do, and without Israel there they would be their own undoing, brilliant logic and makes a serious point.


2nd Caller Lily is in an off and on again relationship with a flaky 40 year old man who’s never had a long-term relationship.

Adam is explaining the on and off relationship to everyone, the fluctuation from “cock and ball roll” with “persona cock momentum” to 9 weeks of beating off, Adam is calling it cock roll confidence.

BB has a solid blackjack analogy, Alison has some very sound advice and Adam has a solid dentist analogy with a serious closing tone, hilarious Peter Pan closer.


BB is noting the name Mitch and the lack of its use in present day, they’re all riffing about the personality of Mitch and Alison has 3 female examples that tops with a funny one liner.

Adam is arguing away “that’s in the past” and tells BB to grab a particularly humiliating out of context drop, nice.

Adam is saying that these evil things should never occur to you and it means something, they’re further examining the idea of Lily giving up Mitch.


Adam is doing a live read.

Adam is asking BB about the Bryant Gumbel report on the animal mascots for professional sports teams and Adam has a great human counterpoint.

Adam is proving his theory about people who love animals more than their fellow human beings, Adam and BB are riffing on the human mascots burning calories in extreme heat.


Adam has a great PETA/fish to fry closer.


3rd Caller Ryan is recently married and his young wife is eager to have a baby “Baby Hungry”, Alison has a killer understated one liner, wow!

Adam is explaining that they’re too young and not in the best position to pull the trigger, he’s got some excellent and fair points about both the male and female POV of trying to plan a career along with a family.

Adam says he’s a good 5 years away from needing to have a real conversation about this.


Adam is now pitching a kid petting zoo for fair to middling parents to drop the kids off for the day where they’ll then be held and played with by “Baby Hungry” young couples.

This is a brilliant idea, it’s good for everyone!

Adam is telling the gang about the upcoming event with Kevin Costner, some funny comedy about Chris and his monstrous appetite.


Jay Mohr is now making his 9th appearance on the podcast, he’s going to be doing some try outs for “The Floaters”.

Adam is excited to have Jay in studio to try out for the “Floaters” he’s telling him about our drive in the SUV in Waukegan IL, Adam, Mike Lynch, Mike August, Dune and Myself driving.

Adam is now playing the intro teaser and Jay says he’s familiar, funny one liner from Jay abound.


Adam is sharing his thought on black dudes not being into the zodiac chart and how it’s indicative of the time a “get laid thing” and Jay is in agreement.

Adam is asking if Al Pacino would like to try out for the band, Jay is jumping right in and Adam is playing his producer character, good stuff!

They’re going super in depth and Jay has a killer singing closer as Al.


Adam is now having Norm MacDonald try out for the band, this is great already.

“Where’s all the Paaasta” – Jay as Norm, this great.

Alison has some hilarious reactions and Jay is mocking the loop, not sure what he heard there.


Jay is now doing Christopher Walken to close it out, this is reminiscent of his classic 2001 Loveline episode.

Jay is now jumping back in to do alternative lifestyle Droopy, Jay is explaining why he reacted so off put by Adam’s joke about Jay stealing that character from Mencia who stole it from Rogan.

Adam is explaining that he loves that all comedians are all so insecure they freak out whenever they thinking someone is pissed, he has a great analogy involving his son wanting to settle his hash.


Adam is not aware of Jay’s relationship with Deathsquad (the Brian Redban run podcast network) to get a better understanding of the details if you’re not a listener to JRE, check out Alison Rosen’s fantastic ARIYNBF with Brian as the guest.


Droopy has a great joke about Adam being a train engineer, they’re further discussing replacing poor Charles from “The Floaters”.

Adam is getting to expressed anal glands and BB didn’t play the drop, what!?

Jay has a funny wrong guy for the job and it’s still funny, Adam is combatting his stereotyping of the band members and offering to scrounge him up some peanut butter.


Tracy Morgan is now trying out, this is wonderful!

Adam is still in step as the engineer character and Jay is giving him a comedic hard time as usual but they’re flowing well.

Adam is now “muting his mic” and Tracy is taking it solo, this is bizarre and wonderful.


Jay as Tracy has now hit “the handball courts” once again, gold!

Adam the producer and Jay as Tracy are wrapping it up, Adam has a weird emphatic way of expressing his love for Jay.

Adam is doing a live read and we get a Big Momma’s got it all cameo.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the recent outburst of crazy from Tila Tequila, Alison is explaining her attempt to wrestle another 15min of fame with her death throes of pro-Nazi bullshit.

Alison is explaining the details and Adam is mocking Tila’s obvious attempt to get in the public eye again.

Adam and Jay are offering some more funny takes on the idea of this, Jay is busting out the Colin Quinn.


Jay as Colin has a great “then don’t!” and Cailou reference that even BB appreciates.

Adam is now getting to publicists and their desire for money, Jay’s setting up a new publicity team for her to the tune of 4k per month.

Adam is now arguing the semantics of the naming structure of the publicity firm.


Alison is reading further quotes and now Adam is shortening the title of his new show “Nice Job!” (Said Sarcastically).

Alison remarks on the shortened title and Adam is explaining the premise to Jay, Adam is asking if Tila has even done any pornography and nobody is aware if she has.

Jay is telling them about her brief relationship with Shawn Merriman and Adam is saying if he was under 100lbs he would make an effort not to get into altercations with guys sporting Shawn’s tattoos.


Adam still thinks this is a publicity stunt and Jay has a funny riff about Iran’s publicist, Adam is now giving his take on being accused of genocide/holocausts and how pretending it never happened is always the wrong choice.

BB is giving his take on the other argument where the country says the numbers aren’t great enough to be called genocide, once again a semantics argument.

Alison is now reading even more quotes from Tila, great reading!


Adam has a crazy Nick Cannon joke that Jay as Colin rolls with well.

Jay is telling them some stats about catholic deaths in WWII Germany and Adam is now joking about a guy accused of being a gypsy trying to argue his way out of it.

Adam is theorizing on the “gypsy test” and has a great “Blazing Saddles” reference, BB has a killer on liner to match Adam’s run of solid quotes.


Jay is commenting on the margin of error, a plus/minus of about 100k people according to Jay.

Adam is now quoting some guy and has a great “I love fucking Hitler” that BB has to grab, right!?

Adam is bringing up his step grandfather and Jay is jumping into his Christopher Walken, doing the scene from “Pulp Fiction”.


Jay and BB now have Adam framed as one of these guys trying to convince the Nazi’s he’s not Jewish despite his appearance and constant complaining.

Adam is getting to the derringer in the boot of a sex tape for all women, he’s explaining his idea and everyone seems to agree.

They’re getting back to Droopy and Jay’s insecurity on air, Alison is having them explain it better.


Jay is saying they replayed the moment several times after Adam left the show, just to hear Jay’s stunned reaction again.

They’re breaking down the play by play of the radio show appearance and the exchange between Adam and Jay.

BB is now telling the gang about Jay’s 1st book “Gasping for Airtime” and he’s explaining the Irish Bartender sketch that he stole from Rick Shapiro.


Jay is addressing the other controversy between him and the Deathsquad crew, jay closes it out with a solid Nancy Drew joke.


2nd Story is on the “Trickiest Tongue Twister to Date” as picked by MIT

Alison is sharing what it is and Adam says they best ones should end with you saying something wildly offensive.

Jay is now working it out, this is great!


Adam has a killer reply to Jay’s request for him to attempt “good blood bad blood”. Alison’s reaction is wonderful and Jay is now in character as a young Hispanic man.

Adam is now trying it at Jay’s behest.

Alison closes the news and BB plays the Hitler drop, score!


Adam is now doing a live read, giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show. – Great holocaust Museum trip with Tila joke to wrap it up.