Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/10/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 295

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/10/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 295

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 12-08-2015 – Release Date 12-10-2015

Production Number #295 – Newman DVD Disaster

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Adam opens the show declaring it’s now over, him and showering.

Adam talks about Lynette and her ability to be honest, Drew thinks she’s been brow beaten into saying Adam doesn’t smell then quickly says he agrees Adam doesn’t smell.

Adam is now talking about the tard reasoning talking about dry skin and he brings up the real reason for it, soaps and creams for feeble minded people.


Drew brings up his podcast and plugs it, he talks about interviewing Bobcat Goldthwait the Classic Loveline veteran and old friend and discovering a whole other side of him.

Adam talks about the “mass murder” stats and how they betray the goals of those who spout them much like bogus rape stats that only hurt actual victims of crime/assault.

Adam is talking about his documentary ‘Winning’ and how it was not sold to any company and how it was skipped over by Sundance.


Adam explains they got it onto Velocity, he shares how they were able to gamble on themselves and air their own advertisements during the block of programming they bought.

Adam explains how they made a spot for the DVD release on Amazon.

Adam explains how they put the advertisement together very quickly and how the upcoming final airing of the film will be this month, Drew is confused, he doesn’t get they have multiple blocks of time.

Adam is indignant that Drew doesn’t get they had multiple blocks, he doesn’t get how Drew could not understand that part.


Adam had Matt check the amazon rankings for sales before and after the airing on Velocity, Adam, says nobody cares and thinks of this stuff in advance.

Adam talks about the spot, he’s now explaining it for Drew after explaining why he told Matt to follow the stats after the airing and before and explains how there is never a perfect unit or yardstick for measuring these things.

Adam is comparing it to broken sticks and finding water wells, he says it went from #25 to #1 in documentaries.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Maybe you need a yard stick, or a stick stick edition


They’re watching the spot for Winning on DVD.

Adam talks about the “out of stock” tweets he was getting from fans when he got back from the road, Drew asks how they handle something like that, who is responsible.

Adam explains how Matt tried to make it all better with the VOD option, Adam is talking about they paid to get it on Velocity and rushed the spot and got Dawson to do the work, nobody at FilmBuff even knew it was running again.


Adam talks about people in the publishing and independent film world who don’t love books and movies but simply hate work, Drew asks Adam why he’s wondering if should be pissed and he says he should and is now giving him full permission, wow!

Adam is lighting them up, he is asking for someone to apologize and admit they “screwed the pooch” and Drew takes it to a national level and then a live read, nice transition.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


1st Caller Chris, he compliments them both and Drew asks Adam about “The Asylum thing” that Adam doesn’t recall after he brings up the Howard Stern show appearances they made.

Chris is calling about the mandatory harassment/diversity meetings and Adam is telling him to skip the meetings and organize his coworkers against them.

Adam says ironically the people who work in brothels don’t have to attend these types of meetings, Adam is trying to talk him into protesting them, and Drew is telling Adam that Chris will lose his license to practice law, Adam says it wouldn’t be easy.

Do nothing and be a pussy like Dr. Drew – Adam

Adam yells them into the next topic.


Matt is now reading Adam’s email to FilmBuff and their replies, Drew and Adam are addressing their comments and Drew is over objecting and only adding fuel to the fire, this is great!

Matt is crushing this reading part, Drew and Adam are mocking the notion of “only 5 left” being a selling tool.

Matt is timing this wonderfully, wow what an orator he’s grown into!


Drew is mocking the “thousands behind” and Adam says they ship like 100-125 per day, Matt is finishing up the reply from the company.

Adam is now rephrasing what they’re saying and he jokes about Galpin Ford and their advertising campaigns.

Drew is just ball stomping now and Adam is stepping in and adding some “buts” to mock the reply with a funny “cupcake sales” analogy.


Drew says this is an insulting response and Adam is trying to tamp down Drew’s reaction and explain why he’s insulted by it.

Matt is now reading Adam’s follow up with his demands for the facts about the “thousands of discs that were shipped” reply (Lie?) and now Matt is reading their next reply.

Adam says they are still out as they tape this at 8-9am on the 8th of December 2015.


Drew is doing a Live read Bitch


Adam is now asking for another email to be sent, Adam jokes about lazy people and the “smarter than you” trait they all share, Chris says remind him to never lie to Adam.

Adam mocks lies and liars and explains how easy it is to reverse engineer it.

Adam asks Gary how many T-shirts they’ve sold and Adam has a killer “thousands of dollars to do this gay porn” question for Drew and Dr. Drew has a funny “depends on who it was with” reply.



2nd Caller Scott, he’s calling about divorce and child support.

Drew talks about the documentary he worked on and Adam jokes with Gary about the 10 copies of The Hammer in stock on Amazon.

See ADS #108 (feat. Joseph Sorge, director of the new documentary “Divorce Corp”)

Scott has his own adage about mortgage costs going to child support, Adam asks how much of email has enabled people to bullshit other people, Adam asks if he was in the room with the idiot at the company in the same room asking him, how long would this BS float for, hmmm?

Drew says for the first time in their relationship Drew is allowing his anger, Drew says trying to amplify it and Adam says he’s too broken to care enough and get any angrier about it.


Adam is now asking for the reply from FilmBuff after his last volley, Adam and Drew talk about advertisements and use fast food and super delicious looking food to make a point, he says replace that with horrible news.

Adam is talking about Drew’s raised hear rate and full time “fight or flight” mode he’s in.


3rd Caller Eric, he’s calling about Adam’s upcoming Europe tour, as of yet unplanned.

He wants to know about the alcohol consumption among young people in Europe, Drew explains how the alcoholics are allowed to “die off” and Adam is now asking him what he’s trying to argue.

Adam talks about his vending machine and how he lets his son get soda whenever he asks, he doesn’t want to create any energy about junk food with his kids.


Adam is responding to the idea of “feeling uncomfortable” and how he’s never said he feels threatened, Drew talks about the victim mindset and narcissism inherent to that.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Americans Giant and their “Greatest Hoodie Ever Made”

Drew praises Daniel Kellison edition.


Adam is giving out some live dates and closing plugs.