Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/10/2013 – Chris Daniel, Live from the Fresno Tower

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Guest Chris Daniel, Live from the Fresno Tower

Recorded 12-08-2013 – Release Date 12-10-2013

Production Number #1223

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Adam is opening the show to a slick positive twist on FresNOOOOOOOO! they’re commenting on their drive from Sacramento after last night’s show/hotel stay.

Adam is thanking Chris for joining them and asking him about his schedule in the mornings for his radio show, Adam has a nice use of “4:30am”.

Adam is sharing about his child sized backpack he bought without trying on and the abundance of pockets found in all of our attire and bags in these modern times.

Adam has a killer riff about Dawson thinking he lost his phone and people turning their bags ass over tea kettle to find lost items, he wants to know what the plan is if the phone is in the bag.



Adam is now replying to Chris about “grandma’s purse” and saying he grew up watching old ladies beat people on TV with their purse yet he’s never seen anyone beat someone with a backpack.

Adam has a funny reply to the audience member about a Pee Chee Folder

Adam is now sharing a story of being woken up by Molly getting sick in the night, Adam is breaking down the series of thoughts and priorities you have upon such a wakeup.


Adam can’t believe he’s never “yakked into a pack” he’s now asking an audience member to initiate a series of shouts to other audience members to then amplify row to row.

Adam is now inventing the “Drinker’s backpack” and BB is adding some great modifications, Alison has a funny reply they skip past.

Adam is now touching the on the subject from last night’s show about a class for “how to answer a fucking question” and he’s transition to their breakfast at “The Black Bear”.


Adam is sharing Mike August’s question for the waitress and the confusing rely he initially got followed up with the truth upon further pressing, nice work August.

Adam has a new breakdown for C.S.I. and he’s giving the blow by blow of the breakfast, Adam is saying his left handed status only means he’s creative not the audience member who is trying to bond with him.

BB has a bizarre “literally beat off with the same hand” scenario in reply to Adam’s joke and now he’s inventing a hand exchange program, like a “Bodysex” workshop for dudes, Alison has a great reply.


Adam is now sharing the “I don’t know who you are but my manager’s a fan” comment he got from the waiter and he’s now telling the audience about Mike August not picking up on the crazy people and social cues of you(Adam) trying to avoid them.

Adam references the chicken swap from months back at a truck stop or gas station, BB has his own anecdote of this happening to him just last night with Gary Patrick Smith.

Adam is now sharing how Mike August’s comment about the placemats led to the waitress sitting down and drawing a full maze for Mike, Adam stopped her after 8 minutes and told her it was enough for him to stay busy.


Adam is now sharing how she asked if she could sit down or bring her manager over and Adam ended up saying no after the abundance of boundary less behavior from the waitress.

Adam is now bringing up the other thing he was thinking about upon checking out of his hotel, he’s quizzing the gang on tipping after one night.

Adam is explaining his 20$ bill and 2 singles dilemma of trying to choose an appropriate tip over not wanting to send a message.


Alison is commenting on the stray pubes she spotted in her hotel room and how they were seared into her eyeballs, BB is giving his take on the appropriate tip.

Adam is predicting he didn’t tip a dime, Alison says her hunch is they would prefer something over nothing.

Adam says he cleans up his room and the rest of the gang claim to as well.


Q and Ace

1st Question from Chris, he wants to know what Adam drove to the venue in, Adam explains it was dodge caravan, a rental.

Adam is explaining that Mike August was driving and Adam’s passenger seat window was locked, Adam is now ranting about that function only being necessary for the back seats.

Adam says they did bring the radar detector and Adam did pack it in one of the many backpack compartments, Adam is now getting into the suction cups that either work or don’t work, his has one good leg and one bad one.


Adam is now getting to the homoerotic finger lick move to get it to finally stick, hilarious “areola circle” description.

Adam is explaining how the same 212 miles can be reduced from 4hrs to 2hrs by driving at a safe speed and avoiding the CHP who need to further tax citizens trying to pay tax dollars.



2nd Question from Jebber, he wants to know the best way to covertly masturbate at home.

Adam is now explaining the art of “spunk shui” and he’s explaining the types of door knobs that are used in homes, he’s describing his own effort to allow for privacy.

Alison wants to know if Adam’s had any close calls and he’s sharing the same details Lynette does on her terrific For Crying Out Loud podcast.


Adam is now mocking his daughters list of demands when his bedroom door is locked and his son’s preference for Nintendo.

Adam is explaining to Alison why it’s not as mortifying as she would assume, Adam says that the perception about your wife becoming a mother and the changes in the bedroom can work in your favor.

Adam and BB are joking about quickie BJ’s, Adam is asking Chris about his personal life and he’s sharing his opposite example.


Adam’s explaining the difficulties of shower masturbation for the modern man, he’s got a new idea, a big screen Wi-Fi shower wall, whoa!

Adam is now responding to someone shouting to him from the audience, it seems to be about the price of Mangria.

Adam agrees 12$ is a little pricey, and offer to give the unruly audience member to take a hit off of his own chalice, Adam is saying that he goes the “Pablo Escobar Route” and describes what we all just witnessed.


3rd Question from T.C. he wants to know if there was ever a time Drew and Adam got sick of each other on the road, he’s telling them about the Philadelphia town car trip where they never talked about food.

The infamous story where Drew screams at Adam.


4th Question from Mary, she wants to know why there seems to be a discrepancy between observations vs. nagging, Alison chimes in with an excellent backup to Adam’s point.

Adam is explaining he doesn’t nag, he has “aggressive observations” and how he has to relate to his kids, using his almost perfected “scary dad voice” on Natalia to motivate her to cooperate.

Adam is explaining the weird inhale noise before a shout that makes his dog Molly snap to attention, Alison has noticed the same thing in her dog and also is curious about it.


Alison’s News

Her Top Story on the Pennsylvania newlywed couple who murdered a man for “thrill kill” and Alison’s reading the details of the grisly story.

Adam is now breaking down the terminology of various escort type jobs and how each level professes to be one step above.

Alison is getting to the murder and Adam is explaining his policy of not entering SUV’s with human form blankets in the back seat.


Adam is now bringing up his new show idea “What the fuck’s up with your kid?!” in reply to Alison’s details about the young woman from this news story, Adam is killing it.

Adam is now getting to the death penalty and the idea of Charles Manson existing on the planet at the same time as kids like his own born in 2006.

Adam is predicting when this couple turns on each other in the courtroom, he’s saying one will get life in prison and the other will get 2nd degree with a chance of parole, Adam has a great idea where the state then gets a chance to kill you professionally.


Adam is saying the problem with capital punishment is all the innocent minorities wrongly convicted for things they didn’t do, and a young stereotypical white couple is a nice way to tip the scales.

Alison is asking if Adam would commit a crime with his wife and now he’s riffing on them turning on each other mid murder attempt, Alison is adding a bit to the improv.

BB jumps out of nowhere and offers to do the deed, this is the great murder improv I’ve heard in some time.


2nd Story is on Susan Boyle’s Asperger’s diagnosis and Adam is now commenting on these spectrum conditions/diagnosis that allow for everyone to fit the bill.

They’re all now riffing on this story and Adam has a funny modeling joke.


3rd Story is on “The Sound of Music Live” and it’s ratings that matched a record not seen on BC since the 2004 Frasier finale.

Adam has a funny back and forth with Alison about Carrie Underwood and he’s now sharing an anecdote about a BYOB event at the Hollywood bowl.

Adam’s now asking if the bible could ever be ranked 2nd as someone’s favorite book, hilarious “Too Fat to Fish” comments from Adam, complimenting Artie’s book.


Adam is now asking about people drawing and marking up the bible, he’s wondering if this isn’t disrespectful in itself.

BB is now asking Adam if he’s ever touched a bible and Adam has a funny riff about being burned on contacted in a hotel room.

He’s now telling him a serious answer about when he read the bible for source material in a comedy sketch while he was kicking it at a coin-op laundry.


Adam is describing a scene I’ve seen so recently its dressing, the bizarre no man’s land of recline-ation and the scent of tide, Alison is right in step with him and observant of the same details, wow!

Adam has a great “What did you think was going to happen” scenario describing the time he agreed to climb into a full size dryer when he was 19.

Alison is now responding to Adam’s story and the claustrophobic conditions, they’re theorizing on which death is worse, hot or cold, Adam says this would be a great way to kill Hitler.


4th Story is on the increasing use of “going up” on a sentence among men, Adam is now explaining that this fits into his book “In 50 Years We’ll all be Chicks”.

Adam is telling the gang about walking in on his son making bracelets with his buddy Jensen, he’s sharing the question he asked the kids about the bracelet percentage sported by Sonny’s peers.

“My kid gave me a bracelet… I told her to fuck off! What if she just fucking knitted you a cock ring would you have to put it on?” – Adam explaining why he refused to wear his daughter’s rubber band bracelet.


Alison is asking Adam about the type of bracelets and Adam is joking about the rubber bands used for orthodonture and how the kid who sported them couldn’t say the word “eagle”.

Adam is now joking about his reaction to the rubber bands in his house, his initial suspicion that they had a nerd in their midst.

Adam is joking about Natalia’s former method of delegating bracelet duty to Olga and he’s now asking what’s in it for the men who make bracelets, Adam understands prostitute murder more than guys making rubber band jewelry.


Adam is declaring the bracelet the ultimate pussy killer and as a funny slip of the tongue, BB is mocking him with the “drunk” drop.


5th Story is on a teenager accused of stealing some of the wreckage from the Paul Walker accident scene, Adam is now saying how he heard the guy was caught after posting about it on Facebook.

Adam is now joking about people being so stupid they brag about crimes on social media removing much of the leg work for detectives.

Adam is bringing up the missing James Dean Porsche and citing his Carcast interview with George Barris.

Adam is now riffing about the idea of a ____Mobile attached to every TV show that would result in a gig for Don to build up a custom rig, Adam is explaining how George toured with the wrecked Dean Porsche 550 Spider that’s still never been located after almost 40years.


Adam is responding to Alison’s disbelief and predicting this is “oil money shit” and Alison has a nice “Blacklist” reference.

Alison wants to know if Adam guessed white about the murderous couple in the top story, Adam says black and Mexican people don’t typically kill for fun, they practice a more pragmatic variant of crime.

Adam is now saying that white killers like this are the catch and release version of murders and has a funny black guy with a catfish follow up, Adam is theorizing on what catfish might think, nice bottom feeder comedy.


6th Story is on “Selfie” being added as the Oxford word of the year.

Alison is doing a great back and forth with Alison and they’re calling it the elevator mirror angle which is almost exclusively put in a Casino.

Adam says they should invent sticky coke for ceiling based snorting to avoid seeing your bad low angle, Adam has a funny spaghetti comment.


Alison says that Miriam Webster went with “Science” as an attempt to shame the “Selfie” group at Oxford.

Adam is now doing a live read.


7th Story is on the upcoming adaptation of “The Princess Bride” which is responsible for several of the ACS drops.

Adam and BB both have some praise for that classic, Adam is now riffing about Cary Elwes last name, he was a guest on Loveline in 2004 and one of the all-time funniest to ever appear on the show, Adam loved him and his “Saw” cast member Leigh Whannell.

Adam is now explaining that bragging about Andre the Giant’s insane appetite and how a better story to stun someone would be an almost starvation diet, Alison is now joining him and they’re riffing about the idea.


Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is doing a live read.

Adam is wrapping the show and giving out the plugs.