Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/10/2012 – Christopher Titus Live from Improv

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Recorded 12-09-2012 – Release Date 12-10-2012


Christopher Titus is returning to the podcast for his 6th visit, he was on the ACP #30 and #276 as well as ACS episodes #210, #253 and 387 which can all be found in the archive http://adamcarolla.com/archive/

Perhaps one of the top ten all-time greatest Loveline guests with 6 classic episodes during the Carolla era, this is his third live stage podcast with Adam and he also has a couple great Carcast episodes which you can find here http://adamcarolla.com/CarCastBlog/

Adam is opening the show with Christopher Titus on stage and is giving the audience an update on his recent trek to Fresno, Adam is now joking about how Kimmel mocks him for changing opinions on people based on how many compliments they pay him.

Adam is now explaining how he had some contractual obligations for eBay to fulfill and what the fan response was like in Fresno.

Adam is now joking about the “It’s my birthday!” chick he encountered in the meet and greets line; Titus is jumping in to explain this just happened to him in Denver last night too.

Adam is now explaining the super unnecessary 2nd and 3rd laps of conversations he gets roped into, Adam is now telling ladies to knock it off when it comes to the pictures after the show.

Adam is telling the gang how guys never wants a do-over when it comes to pictures with him but women often will request multiple attempts at the same photo.

Adam is now joking about the camera confusion when it comes to the cell pictures done after the show, Titus has a very good point about them being dicks, and Adam has a funny Jeff Dunham line.


Adam is telling the gang about dropping his phone between his car seat and the center console; he’s describing a very delicate process trying to pull the phone back up via the charging cable.

He’s going super in depth about the lengths he had to go to in order to retrieve the phone.

Adam is telling the gang how he no longer has any use for change, Titus has a funny reply and now Adam is telling everyone about his perforated 20’s idea.

Adam is explaining how he saw the “Red Dawn” remake with August while in Fresno, Adam and Titus are doing a quick improv on how Adam selected the movie.

Bryan just chimed in with a funny observation and now Adam is explaining the last movie he saw in Fresno starred The Rock.


Adam is doing some plugs for Christopher and he has a very funny joke about Adam being a car guy but a Datsun car guy and how that perplexes him.

Adam is now joking about sexual innuendos on t shirts, Christopher seems to recognize all the ones Adam is mentioning and now Alison is chiming in.

Adam is now riffing on the old bumper stickers he would see on vans; Titus seems to recognize them all and even has an anecdote involving his dad.


Bryan just chimed in and now Adam is switching gears to motorcycles, he’s explaining how he understand the impulse to carve up a canyon but can’t understand the guys who drive the large motorcycles with all the extra junk on them.

Adam is now riffing about riding in a sidecar vs. riding behind another guy on a motorcycle; Adam has some killer one liner about this.

Adam is now telling the gang about riding his old motorcycle with Ray, Lynch has fired up an image of Adam in his bathrobe next to his motorcycle which you can see on the website.

Adam is now defending the photo to Alison and Titus, Adam has a funny riff on bathrobes being a luxury item to him.

Adam is now telling the gang about the photo, he’s explaining that very corner is where he used to park his 240z with the fuel cutoff switch, Adam has a funny analogy and Alison jumps in to make it gold.

Adam is back to describing Ray riding on his motorcycle barefoot in the winter, Adam is now sharing an anecdote about Ray falling off of the Suzuki Chris owned.


Adam is now telling the gang and the audience about Chris catching a guy trying to steal his car; he’s in great vivid detail describing the encounter.

Adam is telling the gang about chasing the purse snatcher story, Titus is now jumping in as Adam describes the sister scenario to trying to pretend to be trying to catch someone while in a foot pursuit, hilarious dueling douchebag improv!

Titus is now breaking out a hilarious character from his podcast; the gang is even stunned with how great it is, Adam is now bringing Titus into the Mangrate live read.

Adam is loving this character, he says they’ve hung out 300 times and never knew Titus had this in him, now Titus is explaining there is a box set of all of his specials and telling Adam an anecdote about his dad.

Titus is now in character as Barry Sanders’ dad at Adam’s behest, hilarious! Alison has a great question about why fathers behave like Barry’s, Titus and Adam are now riffing on types of dads.

Adam and Titus are riffing on negotiating with parents; Adam is giving an example of his dad.


Alison’s News, her top story is on the Pacquiao knockout; Adam is explaining it from a boxing expert perspective. Titus is asking Adam about the speed at which Manny was falling; Adam is now telling the gang about an experience being punched in the back of the head while sparring.

Adam has a hilarious analogy about rolling an SUV, Adam is now explaining how it’s all about repetition in boxing, Adam is explaining how boxers spend 3hrs per day throwing punch combos 5k times in front of the mirror.

Adam is now shadow boxing and Titus is doing live commentary; Alison has Lynch fire up the photo of Mit Romney and his wife’s reaction to the knock out.


Alison’s 2nd story, she has an update on the Kate Middleton prank from last week, the nurse involved committed suicide, and Adam and Titus have immediate reactions that don’t go over so well with the crowd, hilarious!

Alison is of the opinion the DJ’s aren’t to blame in spite of their horrible judgment, Adam is now jumping in and connecting this to the roommate bullying suicide story from earlier in the year.

Titus is now explaining what happened to him after a comment about Sarah Palin the last time he guested on a live show with Adam, Alison seems to remember it in detail.

Adam has a hilarious quote about the story and now Bryan is explaining the self-satisfied sniff to Titus.


Alison’s 3rd story is on the death of Jenny Rivera, Alison is explaining she wasn’t even aware of her and now Adam is asking if this indicative of a white people bubble we all live in.

Adam is now a great Jaguares riff, Alison is now having Lynch play one of Jenny’s songs for Adam, he has a hilarious reaction and a great quote, Titus seems to dig it.


Alison’s 4th story is on an article giving tips to help you get through your office Christmas party, Adam is now describing what went down at his old radio station Christmas party where people were banned from bringing their spouses.

Adam is now recounting an old Christmas party tailgate from when he was working construction.

Alison is now reading some of the tips and Adam is mocking them, Adam has a hilarious improv about trying to escape a Christmas party.

Alison wraps the news and now Adam is wrapping the show with some plugs and live reads.