Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/07/2012 – Dr. Drew Live from the Canyon Club

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 12-06-2012 – Release Date 12-07-2012


Adam is opening the show with Dr. Drew, Alison and Bald Bryan. Adam is explaining what he told Jay Leno about his beard on “The Tonight Show”, Alison has a funny idea about Adam as Santa Claus.

Adam is now sharing some worries he has about his kids with Drew, Drew just heard about Sonny and the 40 bucks in his backpack. Adam is telling Drew about Natalia and her daredevil gene, Drew has a funny comment and Adam is left with no option but to mutter obscenities to him.

Adam is now telling the gang about two different experiences catching Natalia during their run/catch game; he has a new wrinkle where she now requires the element of danger.

Adam has a hilarious observation about Sonny and now Drew’s demanding the story of how Natalia used to lie in order to get out of hugging Adam.

Adam is telling Drew about the lack of reaction to his beard from Lynette and the kids.


Adam is now telling the gang about how he always brings his radar detector when driving out to these live gigs; he’s now describing the efforts to find his radar detector.

1st question from Michael, he wants to tell Adam he’s his hero and Drew is very interested to find out why, Michael is hesitant and Adam wants to know all of life is so unsatisfying.

Michael wants Adam’s take on his other two heroes, Thomas Jefferson and Dave Matthews, Adam is now giving his take on Dave and the incident involving his tour bus.

Adam has a hilarious quote about why Dave Matthews is now his hero, Drew fucked up the name of a famous band and now Adam is ripping into him, gold!

Adam has a funny joke about Thomas Jefferson and now Drew is now telling everyone his thoughts on Thomas Jefferson, Drew has read a book or two and while Thomas is his hero Drew also finds him to be a real piece of shit.

Adam has a funny reaction to Drew’s take, Adam is now describing if he were a slave what he would prefer, hilarious quotes, you will not hear this kind of stuff on any other comedy podcast, GOLD!

Drew is now connecting Adam’s reaction to Thomas Jefferson’s behavior to his reaction to the January 1998 Loveline call from James who has sex with his dog.

Drew remembers this call in shocking details; Adam is now describing how good he is when it comes to seducing dogs, hilarious!

Drew is even describing the shitty reactions from the Loveline staff to James and his call, Drew is now pointing out Adam’s brilliant reaction to the call and to the outrage in the Loveline studio that night.

Adam is now on a hilarious riff about the possible life paths for a dog, including dog sleds, police work or banging your owner, hilarious bit.

Adam is now asking Drew why humans have such an outrage for a single dog having sex with a dude and practically nothing for major tragedies in other countries that affect other humans.

Adam is now asking Drew about the service dogs, in particular the seizure alert ones, Drew is telling Adam and the audience about his reaction and how he actually looked it up.


Adam is now on a funny riff about Mike August and the “allure of free” and how powerful it can be for humans, Drew agrees and now Adam is mocking him for the band name screw up earlier in the show.

Alison has brought it back to the subject of the dog fucking, Drew is explaining why people have these reactions, how proximity plays a role and the human element is often too much for us.

Adam is now explaining how he doesn’t put himself in other people’s shoes when he hears about dangerous scenarios or things like dog fucking, hilarious description of Molly’s accessories.


2nd Question from Joey, Bryan has trouble with his last name and Adam has a hilarious reply, Joey wants to know if Adam would rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses.

Adam has a hilarious take as to why he must choose the horses; Drew seems to agree and is throwing in some Lion King references, now they’re all stuck on Mufasa.

Adam is losing his mind thinking that they’re discussing Greek Mythology, now he figured out it’s “the Lion King” and he’s ripping into an audience member.


3rd question from Denise, she wants to know if it’s ok to masturbate while driving home from work, Adam is now giving his take on the differences between men and women when it comes to masturbation and spontaneous orgasms.

Alison wants to know if Adam has ever actually masturbated while driving, Drew tips his hand about knowing of a couple stories, Adam side steps the question and is now plugging some stuff for Drew and doing a live read.

Adam is now telling a funny anecdote about the last time he went to film Drew’s HLN show.


Alison’s News, Her top story is on the Kate Middleton radio prank. Adam just referenced the lost story of his drive home from Palm Springs. Drew is now explaining how this would have gone down in the United States due to our patient privacy laws.

Alison wants to know if Drew prefers celebrity patients to non-celebrity ones, Adam wants to know how often people bring drugs in their toiletry bags, Drew is now telling them about patients hiding drugs around the facility and Adam loves the intake sessions where they find the drugs.

Adam wants to know if anyone has ever smuggled drugs up their ass into Drew’s facility, Drew’s giving the affirmative and now Adam is riffing on the recovery clinic having a “van of shame”.


Alison’s 2nd story is on a woman with persistent sexual arousal, Drew steps in to explain what this condition is and now Alison is telling them about the tragic twist of the story.

Drew has a very interesting insight about what happens when people step into the public eye and how it can often lead to cases like this.

Drew has to bail out to go record Loveline, Bryan is now jumping in with some appreciation for Adam’s hilarious fake title for the article and Alison is now weighing in.

The gang is all now discussing ordering food on dates, Adam is sharing his challenge for women to try to pull off the “surf, turf and surf again”, Alison is weighing in with her thoughts and Bryan has a question about ordering for your date.

Adam has a companion theory to his “no celebrity has ever driven a Chevy celebrity” argument about the citizens of Malibu never consuming anything that begins with Malibu.

Alison just set Adam off an “American Girl dolls” rant, Adam is telling the gang about having to browse through a phone book size catalog and how Lynette wanted to know if Adam would be taking Natalia to the American Girl doll tea party.


Alison’s 3rd story is on Anderson Cooper’s sun blindness, Adam has a hilarious question about what Anderson may have been reporting on, and he’s got an even funnier follow up.

Alison wants to know the reasoning behind men trying to use their penises as paint brushes; Adam is now explaining it to her.

Adam is on one of his all-time funniest riffs about jizz; Alison and Bryan seem to love it.


Alison’s 4th story is on a man who’s been ordered not to procreate by a judge until he can afford to pay for his kids. Adam is sharing his idea about society treating smokers worse than deadbeat dads.

Alison is reading more facts and quotes from the story and Adam is further giving his take and ranting about the likely outcomes for these kids, hilarious!


Alison’s 5th story is on the Forbes article declaring Eddie Murphy being Hollywood’s most overpaid actor, she’s reading off the rest of the list and Adam has some hilarious reactions.

Alison wants to know how Adam thinks he’s perceived by others, he’s got a couple great replies and now Bryan is jumping in to explain that people are always asking him and Alison what Adam is really like.

Adam recorded Ghost Rider 2 on TiVo and is joking around about how not every movie needs to be turned into a franchise, he’s now got a theory on not locking up actors who cheat on their taxes.

Alison just brought up Stephen Baldwin and now Adam is sharing his legendary story from guesting on Stern with Stephen after he came on loveline with his new born again lifestyle.

Adam is doing some plugs for upcoming live gigs and closing the show.

Dawson just announced the premier of the new Adam and Drew show podcast and The Dr. Drew show, awesome!