Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/06/2013 – Nick Loeb and Matt Atchity

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Guest Nick Loeb and Matt Atchity

Recorded 12-05-2013 – Release Date 12-06-2013

Production Number #1221

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Adam is opening the show with just Alison, he’s got an epic opening traffic rant that weaves into seatbelt safety. Adam has a great anecdote about his experience riding “the dwell” as his car idled all the way across town.

Adam is now on a riff about the guys in radio he wants to do away with, hilarious “Silence of the Lambs” pit + grenade punishment, this is incredible!

Adam is really going after seatbelt safety and the various PSA’s and efforts to get people to wear their safety belts, BB just entered the studio.


Adam is riffing about the name “Skip” with Alison, Adam’s cohost and BB is now making sure to point out that he’s not late, Adam had already made that clear and is telling him he would never lie about such a thing.

Adam is now adding a new indicator to his list of sad individuals, he’s noting the lone man on a bike built for two and the sad foot based wheelchair propelling crosswalk guy.

Adam is telling them about a house with bars in front of the windows across from where they’re filming and he’s adding bars over your windows to the list of rich man/poor man.


Alison is sharing her own personal story involving one of Adam’s signature gripes, leftover gum littered on the ground outdoors.

She’s telling them about her dog trying to remove someone’s used gum while hanging out in the house, she’s sharing how she then went through the various old wives tales about gum removal techniques and her bold efforts to utilize them on some strangers used mouth rubber.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the death of Nelson Mandela after months of battling a lung infection.

Adam is now asking what the chances are he would make it to 95 based off his life and hardships. BB is praising Nelson’s “good run”.

Adam is bringing up the 80’s song “Free Nelson Mandela” by “The Specials, they’re now playing it.


Adam is now riffing over the song explaining it’s one of the classic songs that he mistook the lyrics for and Alison is shocked she hasn’t heard this played today, Adam is saying if he was in the band he’d be pissed they weren’t using the song for a news sting.

Adam is now riffing an example and Alison has a great reaction.

“Free Modellos” – Adam


2nd Story is on the week of frigid temperatures for the west, Alison is saying it’s about time.

Adam is still riffing about the song, being in his 1st apartment at 20.

Alison has a killer comment about being surprised that “No Doubt” never covered this song and Adam has a very pointed comment about them spending their whole career imitating this.


Adam is now adding Nelson to the Mount Rushmore of guys he doesn’t know that well, with Muhammad Ali, the “head nod” pantheon of individuals.

Adam is sharing how nobody talks shit about the man and BB has a comment about the white people in South Africa, Adam is further trying to make his point of guys beyond reproach.


3rd story is interrupted by BB complaining about his broken heater, he’s asking why it’s going to cost 8k to fix, Adam is explaining why and Alison has an interesting question about things like this making him miss apartment living.

Adam is now citing all the daily traffic for all of the homes near him and in many other neighborhoods, patching roofs, fixing plumbing.

Adam wants to know what’s going on in 2013, Alison says shouldn’t homes be like Honda’s now, in that they’re reliable and actually work.


Adam is sharing how he can repair minor things himself but other people have to call in outside work, Alison is explaining the extra layer that makes it suck is the people hiring these crews for services they don’t understand.

Adam is sharing how when someone knows a little bit more than you when you know nothing they can totally take advantage of you.

Adam is sharing how these contractors react when they bust them on this show, Alison has a great relative age analogy and Adam is sharing how Sonny brags about winning races against slightly older kids.


Adam is now moving on to a “OTF”(On The Fly) filmed for the show today, how they were taking him aside to a less noisy area to record, BB and Alison are now quizzing Adam about this process.

Adam is clarifying it’s not the producers asking leading questions like Alison is doing right now, funny back and forth.

Adam is now getting to the sound guys who is always apologetic for sound interferences beyond his control.


Adam is telling them about a huge Weimaraner and has a great barking impression.

Adam is now sharing his new theory on houses and dog size, the smaller the home the larger the dog, he’s got a nice Real Housewives of Beverly Hills counterpoint that seals it.

Adam is now sharing his idea for a flow chart that allows you a certain dog weight based on the square footage of their home and how he’ll be the one to decide, Alison has a nice hypothetical stick for Adam’s theoretical spokes.


Adam is doing a live read, BB is joining him for it.

Matt Atchity is now joining the show for his regular segment, they’re discussing the current crop of Oscar contenders and Adam’s difficulty getting through his screener copies.

They’re discussing Robert Redford’s award prospects and work in his last movie, Adam, BB and Matt have all seen it.

They’re really going in depth on “All is Lost”.


Matt is telling them about some movies he’s recently seen, he’s telling them about “Out Of the Furnace” and Adam has a funny tangent mocking the cinema trope of dingy mining towns.

Matt is explaining why certain movies are reserved for the end of the year, he’s explaining the conventional wisdom assuming the majority of the academy doesn’t have the memory to recall movies from earlier in the year.

Matt is now explaining the release windows and contracts in place for theatrical, On Demand, DVD retail releases for films, and he’s trying to tell Adam why he can’t see “Django Unchained”.


Adam has a great riff about “on demand windows” and is joking about demanding Lasagna and a Blowjob from it, comedy gold!

Adam is asking Matt about the likely winner for best picture, he’s telling them about “Saving Mr. Banks”.

Adam is quizzing Matt on best actor and actress, he’s floating Dr. Drew’s theory about Cate Blanchet’s performance by Matt.


Adam is now sharing his theory on mocking “old whitey” that we’re all heading there, this is response to Matt bringing up “Nebraska”.

“You’re gonna be old whitey one day” – Adam Carolla

Adam is now riffing about the lottery ticket commercials that show people dropping off scratch-off tickets for the elderly and how they never show the old man throwing out the tickets pissed off, BB has a very strangely timed drop that doesn’t work and an almost inaudible single word explanation for it.


Rotten or FreshWoody Harrelson Edition

1st Movie White Men Can’t Jump

2nd Movie Kingpin

3rd Movie Natural Born Killers

4th Movie The People VS. Larry Flynt

5th Movie 2012

Adam is on a tangent about the movie “2012” and the prop department license for John Cusack that put him at 33yrs old, BB is sharing his theory on John’s vanity and attempt to hide his age via a Total Request Live appearance from 2000.

Adam is now on a rant about the system for buying a ticket on the arks at the end of the film and how it was totally fair, he’s got some valid points.

Matt has an “Atlas Shrugged” joke that Alison appreciates and BB is playing the “let’s play some games” drop meant for Danny Bonaduce not Adam on his own show just because the drop guy he pays a salary disagrees with his boss, can it Bald!


Adam is now doing a live read, Matt has a joke attempt and BB once again mocks Adam with drops.

They’re wrapping up with Matt and their upcoming guest Nick prove Adam’s theory about chefs.


Adam is now welcoming Nick to the show, he’s clarifying that it’s not “Nick Loeb” the BBQ king and how the lack of Mike’s presence means he knew that this was the wrong Nick.

Adam is now explaining that Nick is the “Onion Crunch” king, he’s sharing the various crunch items they’ll be releasing.

Nick picked up some “Zeke’s” BBQ for Adam to use a base to sample the product with Nick’s seasoning crunch.


Adam is explaining how the Matt Signal went out calling for everyone to show up early for BBQ that wasn’t coming.

Adam is now asking Nick about the product and praising his wife, he’s telling him to give up ambition and become a kept man.

Nick is explaining how he decided to bring this to America after spending time overseas in Europe as a kid, he’s telling Adam how they went from launching the product to getting in stores across the country.


Adam and Nick are getting to the European delicacies like Nutella that have finally made their way to the states.

Adam is asking Nick about his journey, he’s sharing how his dad was the U.S. ambassador to Denmark under Reagan and Adam has a killer reply and laugh mocking his own dad and completely different upbringing.

Nick is now telling them about the Gadhafi and Lockerbie stuff from the time, Alison is asking if he remembers being frightened as a child.


Adam is now asking Nick about the Lockerbie bomber getting to return to his homeland to be treated like a celebrity.

Adam is now touching on guys like Gadhafi and Fidel Castro, how they get such lengthy runs and nobody on staff seems to know if he’s alive or dead.

BB throws Alison under the bus immediately to switch focus off him not knowing the answer, Nick is sharing his political ambitions and what he’s doing with them today.


Adam is asking if he would like to see Chris Christy make a run for president, Nick would indeed and Adam is giving his reply to the question if America is ready for an overweight president.

Nick gets an onion crunch plug in and Alison has a killer on message comment.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Alex, he’s here in Chicago and wants to know Adam’s coldest experience.

Alex is citing the time Adam pissed himself en route to his buddy Carl’s house on his old Honda motorcycle, Adam is now telling the full story.

Adam says the coldest he ever was when they used to go camping as teens, he’s sharing how he reacts to cold weather now when traveling out of town and Alison is commenting on their trip scheduled out her next month.

Adam is now back to the story of the camping trip and how he had to beg to bundle up.


2nd Caller Anthony, he recently got some Mangria muled up from Illinois to Wisconsin, Adam has a funny riff about Shelly Duvall keistering the bottles.

Anthony wants to know why Adam moved from his house to the new place, Adam is explaining it was just for the kids and the community.


Adam is now asking Nick about his life and he’s taking it back to a plug, he brought Onion Crunch swag for Adam’s kids, Alison has a killer one liner.

They’re now discussing how Nick and his wife met, he’s telling them about a setup via friends and Adam wants to know who these friends are, his only want to borrow money.


Alison’s News Part Two

Her 4th Story is on the missing Cobalt 60 in Mexico, BB is playing the “what are you talking about drop” from Adam’s kids further tripping up Alison’s story.

Adam is actually really interested in this story and has a funny reply about how it all made sense when he heard “Mexican Officials”.

Alison is explaining that the thieves touched the radioactive material and will be dead inside, Adam is now asking if one would think there should be a motorcycle detail assigned to these transports, great “popping wheelies” comment to sum up the culture.


Adam is explaining the types of containers we use for radioactive material, he’s citing the wide range of behaviors noting the dumping of nuclear waste into water as well.

Alison is explaining how the material was left near a town of 4k people and Alison says she doesn’t trust the information that comes out about radioactive material.

Adam is now asking how everyone feels about the now dead bandits, Adam thinks it’s a push and Alison is kind of amused.


Adam is now using Somali pirates to make a point about these stories.

Adam is launching into a live read.


5th Story is actually the interrupted 3rd Story on a handwritten copy of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” selling for almost 200k at auction.

Alison is quizzing Adam, BB and Nick.

Adam is now citing the auctions he’s been privy to with cars going for over 10-20 million, Adam is telling everyone to be aware of the 10% buyers fee included in the price for all of these things sold at auction.


6th Story is on Martin Bashir leaving MSNBC over some recent comments about Sarah Palin

Alison is explaining the story and how Martin reacted to Sarah’s comments and the stories of actual slavery that he quoted in his reaction.

Adam is now sharing how someone tweeted him after his speculation about the ratings and his comments being used as a smokescreen.


Adam is explaining how people react to these comments and the hypocrisy at play, Alison has an excellent Bill Maher point.

Adam is explaining why one must establish themselves as someone who is allowed to say what they want before being allowed to say what they want, he’s got his snoop dog/weed analogy ready to make his point.

Alison is now wrapping the news. Adam has a point about the English accent getting you pretty far, Alison has a killer mouth shitting reply.


Adam is now plugging Nick’s stuff and he steps in to plug it himself, Adam is now proposing a solo situation where he cuts the deal with Nick’s wife Sofia.