Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/06/2012 – Mike Tyson, Dave Dameshek and Deaf Frat Guy

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Recorded 12-05-2012 – Release Date 12-06-2012


Adam is opening the show, Bald Bryan has a classic KLSX drop for the 2006 nature of the bookings today, Adam and Alison has a quick funny exchange about DFG’s upcoming visit.

Adam is now telling the gang a recent anecdote about his kids; He’s no describing his “Charlie Brown” style Christmas where his mom cut off a tree branch.

Adam is explaining they buy their trees from the local church even though it costs more, Bryan has a callback to the joke on the rear cover of “Not Taco Bell Material” and now Adam is launching into a recap of what happened with that.

Adam is giving a hilarious example of the phone conversation he expected to have with Baby doll after his book editor didn’t understand the joke and the reality of said call.

Mike Lynch just chimed in to tell Adam that Mike Tyson is on the phone, he sounded about as excited as only a man who still knows the NES “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out” passwords by heart could.


Mike Tyson is now the show, Adam is explaining that Mike August told him that Tyson would be calling in sometime this week but he wasn’t aware it would be today.

Adam and Mike are discussing Donovan Razor Ruddock, Mike is revealing some interesting facts about how the rematch came to be, Adam seems to be really into this.

Mike is now telling Adam about his average day, Adam is in disbelief about Mike’s bedtime and Tyson jumps in to get it back on track, hilarious!

Adam has a funny reply about Mike’s love of pigeons and now they’re discussing his documentary, if you want to hear more Mike Tyson with Adam make sure to sign up for the archive http://adamcarolla.com/archive/ for ACP #44 with Mike Tyson and James Toback.

Adam has a very interesting “Marvel Comics What If?” style question for Mike about the death of Cus D’Amato and where he might have ended up if he didn’t die. Mike has some very well delivered responses and seems to agree with Adam.

Adam announced that he will be traveling to record a Mike Tyson one on one podcast next year, awesome!

Adam is now asking Mike about his biological dad and if he ever came around after Mike found success, Mike is now telling Adam that actually did happen and Adam is now exploring the POV of Mike’s dad.

Mike is telling the gang about his sister who died at a young age, Adam is getting him to go more in depth; Adam wants to know if Mike ever gets strange offers for bizarre fights.

Adam and Mike are now discussing how he was able to change his mentality, Adam is asking Mike if it’s accurate he once had a perfect mindset for fighting and now it’s the complete opposite, Mike is agreeing and telling him how it all changed.

Adam and Mike are plugging his foundation and Mike has a hilarious callback to one of his most infamous fights, Adam is wrapping with Mike and telling him to expect to see him next year for a long form podcast episode.


Alison is now jumping in right as they hang up with Mike, she’s perplexed by his workout schedule and can’t contain it, Adam agrees it’s bizarre and has some funny comments about how might adapt that into his own schedule.

The gang is still speculating on Mike’s routine and Adam is explaining how you can tell that was the real Mike Tyson because he wasn’t over the top as people doing impressions always are.

Adam is now discussing the hypothetical questions about how Mike would have fared against the Heavyweight champs of the past 20 years; Adam is now giving a very detailed of Mike at his physical and career prime.

Adam is now teasing the upcoming appearances of Dameshek and The Deaf Frat Guy, Adam is on a funny riff about the single shot potato gun DFG keeps in his boot.


They’re back from break and Adam is teasing the upcoming Basic Cable Commentary with Dave Dameshek for “Red Dawn”.

Adam is now telling the gang the rest of his story about talking to Sonny while hanging up the tree; he’s got a hilarious DFG spin on Sonny’s hilarious comment.

Dameshek has hilarious observations about the lack of back scratchers in modern society, Adam has a very funny reaction to a hypothetical improv with Bryan and now Dave is commenting on Alison’s “method” acting technique.

Adam is now introducing The Deaf Frat Guy, who you can also hear on past episodes of the ACP #28, 64 w/ Dameshek and 90 as well the ACS #332, 446 and 562.

Adam and DFG are doing a quick “JV or All Balls” to explain the bit to people who missed it on episode 562, Dameshek is now chiming in to ask Maverick/DFG if he remembers him from their work together on the old morning show ACS.


Dave Dameshek’s Number #1 Sports, Dave has a very funny bit up top about DFG and now he’s telling Adam about hearing him on “Petros and Money” with the Mangria. Adam is now telling Dave about hearing him doing some commentary.

Adam is now on a funny riff about Real Sports vs. Inside Sports and now Adam is riffing on Rae Carruth and now the control room is firing up a clip of the story from Real Sports.

Adam has taken it in a more serious tone and is now doing commentary on the clips about the story. Dameshek is now commenting on an interesting and damning aspect of the story, Adam has some extremely good points about how evil it truly was.

Adam and Dave are explaining how Rae will be released from prison in a few years, surprisingly Bryan has the darkest joke about it, and Dameshek seems to get a decent chuckle out of it.

Adam is now commenting on the insane levels of sociopathic behavior exhibited by Rae and how ridiculous it is that he’ll soon be released.

Adam and Dave are on a funny OJ Simpson tangent, Adam wants to know why the killer gets life but Rae is out in less than 20yrs, DFG has a very salient point.

Adam is now giving a super in depth explanation of the order of events that took place and how creepy it all is, Bryan is now explaining how this story has an even darker twist.

Dameshek want’s DFG’s take if this is “All Balls or JV”; Adam is disgusted by the whole story and offers a different outcome had he been charge. DFG has a hilarious reaction to the story and to the Mangria he’s sipping on.

Adam is now asking DFG’s take on “Butt Chugging” is it All Balls or JV? DFG is telling Adam that it took a fortnight of consideration to come to this conclusion.


Dameshek is now bringing it to the sports; Adam is jumping in to give his annual take on the Patriots despite his own wishes. Dameshek is now telling the gang about the upcoming Texans game against the Patriots and now he’s giving his take on the NY Giants.

Dameshek is now telling the gang about the New Orleans “Hornets” changing their name to “The Pelicans” and Adam is now explaining why he hates it.

Adam is telling the gang about the tweets he’s been getting about it because of his service pelican Gilligan, Adam is now having the control room play a video of a pelican eating a pigeon.

Adam is now giving his take on birds and their lack of judgment, Alison has funny comments about their political leanings, Adam has a great joke to top it.

Adam is still riffing on birds; Bryan has a great callback to Adam’s joke. Alison is now weighing in on Gilligan’s reaction to eating the bird; Adam has a very funny reply.

JV or All Balls

  1. Lindsay Lohan, Dameshek has some funny thoughts and DFG rules in.
  2. Mangria, DFG wants to pitch himself as pitchman before ruling.
  3. The Deaf DJ from the HP commercial, DFG actually knows him and has a story.
  4. NHL Lockout
  5. Miller 64, DFG has some in depth thoughts on Alcohol content.
  6. Adam’s white beard, hilarious one liner from DFG.
  7. Bird of Paradise plants.
  8. Walking Sticks
  9. Alison Rosen, hilarious update on the Tri Delt Ashley and her grooming.
  10. Picture of beer gut holding beer bottle, DFG loves it


DFG wants Adam to call Moose for his birthday, Lynch calls the number and it’s not what they expected.

The gang is having some hilarious reactions to the message playing; DFG is thanking them for the call unaware of what they heard.

Adam is now doing a hilarious in character improv bit as the guy at the meetings from the message they just heard getting angry over inappropriate behavior. Adam is now riffing on the contribution amount and has a hilarious one liner about the monopoly man.

DFG is now demanding they explain what’s going on but Adam keeps saying they’ll tell him off air, Dameshek is jumping in with some funny comments.


Alison’s News, Her top story is on the Javon Belcher Murder/Suicide. Adam is explaining that while he supports the rights to own guns and does he doesn’t really like them. He’s furthering his point by saying you’ll never get rid of guns and instead should focus on getting people help when they need it.

Dameshek is weighing in and DFG has a hilarious comment about his last name, Dameshek is arguing against the arguments saying guns aren’t responsible for killing. Adam has a very interesting ying yang philosophy about the nature of weapons being dangerous and how it all comes down to who has them.

Adam has a very Loveline style thought about this case and would like to see the realities of Javon’s actions explored and the possible backstory that lead to this before he has to hear Bob Costas blowhard about guns.


Alison’s 2nd story is on the death of Jazz Legend Dave Brubeck; Adam has some funny thoughts about the career of Dave and his success in 1959.

Alison’s 3rd story is about Michael Richards’s new sitcom pilot; Alison has a funny callback to Adam’s Crystal Brain comment from 2006. Adam wants the control room to play it for Dave but he was on the cast at the time.

Adam is now commenting on how surprised he is as an adult that adults lie with such frequency to one another. Adam is running his “What if Hitler had mad MMA skills” hypothetical question by DFG, DFG has some interesting ideas on what builds character in frat life and how it might have fundamentally changed Hitler.

The control room is playing the full Gloria Allred call from the 2006 KLSX Adam Carolla Morning Show, Adam is taking a break to ask why writing a check is a considered a fair punishment for someone it comes so easy to.

Alison wraps the news after Adam knocks out a Lynda.com live read.


Dameshek wants to know if Alison will go out with DFG, Adam has a funny reply about the running time and Dave’s decision to bring a topic up this late.