Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/05/2012 – Kevin Nealon

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 12-04-2012 – Release Date 12-05-2012


Adam is opening the show with a tripped up series of get it on instructions, Dawson had a great call back to the Kevin Nealon news story regarding the elephant from a couple months back.

Adam is now telling the gang about his 2 meal choices when flying 1st class into Winnipeg, he’s riffing on the idea of the cold entrée, and Alison is jumping and helping Adam spin yogurt gold.

Adam just invented a hilarious generic yogurt; Adam is now on a hilarious goat cheese rant.

Adam is now going in depth on the appropriate types of pizza to serve on a plane, he’s now telling the gang about the backup dish they were serving.

Alison is jumping and giving Adam an assist on mocking his cold beef dinner option, Adam is now telling the gang his theory about cold temperatures lessening the flavor of food.

Adam’s got a killer cat shit analogy for food, Alison seems to love it. Adam is now correcting what flight this meal was on and telling the gang about asking the flight attendant to heat up his plate.

Bryan has a funny and probably accurate theory on how chef’s end up working for airline menu/food suppliers, Adam is now thanking everyone who came out to the Mangria tasting in Seattle and telling the gang about his crazed mental state while in Seattle.


Adam is now telling the gang some final thoughts about Winnipeg; Adam is having Lynch grab his cell phone so he can show off some pictures of what Winnipeg was like at 6am.

Lynch is now on mic to explain how cold it was when he was leaving for the airport and Adam has a great theory about the phrase “this is nothing” when it comes to extreme temperatures in the place you live.

Adam’s got a funny anecdote about a celebrity who was stating in the suite next to his while in Winnipeg, Adam is now addressing the pictures of his 1st class meal that the control room has fired up and you can see on AdamCarolla.com.


Adam is doing a live read and welcoming Kevin to the show, Kevin is making his 9th appearance on the podcast, previously he was on ACP #20, 236, 250, 278 and 288 as well as ACS #132, 400 and 472 which can all be found in the official archive http://adamcarolla.com/archive/

Adam is now giving a plywood analogy for plastic bottles becoming thinner and Kevin is chiming in, now they’re discussing Kevin’s dad.

Adam and Kevin are now discussing the documentary about “The Rolling Stones” and their reactions to it, Adam is ranting about the excess alcohol bottles and cigarette packs strewn about, and Alison has a great comment to close it.

Adam is doing a Mangrate live read, Kevin is asking Adam about his cholesterol. Adam is now telling Kevin an anecdote involving Dr. Drew where he was told to “Go Sick” on high cholesterol foods.

Kevin is telling the gang about working for his father sanding helicopter blades, he’s now reminding Adam about his siblings and Adam has a killer call back to something Kevin said earlier.

Kevin is now telling the gang about something he did for his wife earlier in the day and Adam has an interesting take on hair care among black people.

Adam is now riffing on the hairstyles of black NFL players; he’s now invented a black only chain of haircut establishments.


They’re back from break and Kevin is telling Adam about his live comedy gigs, Adam is now telling Kevin about the worst job he ever had as per request. Adam is going in depth telling Kevin about his job working for Mike the Vietnam vet doing construction.

Adam is telling the gang about the demolition work they had to do at the racquet ball center in Canoga Park, Adam is explaining how they had to tear down a wall between courts.

Adam is now in great detail about using a jack hammer while in a very constricted position; he’s telling the gang about how he ultimately quit the job.

Adam is now asking Kevin about his worst job, Kevin is telling the gang about working as a department store Santa in San Diego.

Adam is now asking Kevin about speaking on behalf of the elephant; Kevin is telling Adam how he ended up with a brief one minute spot to speak to the audience and what went wrong.

The control room is now firing up the clip of Kevin speaking, Kevin wants Adam to promise to never play it again and seems to get up and walk away from his cans.


Alison’s News, her top story is on the clerical workers strike. Adam is now going off on union pay vs. street value/market value pay; he’s got a hilarious analogy chambered.

Adam and Kevin are discussing the SAG pension that Adam didn’t know he has waiting for him.


Alison’s 2nd story is on Kate Middleton’s pregnancy and hospital stay for morning sickness. Adam has a hilarious response about why she’s in the hospital, and a great comment on the current meaning of thrown.

Kevin want’s Adam’s take on how much longer the royal family will last, Adam has an interesting angle and doesn’t seem to dislike it as much as Kevin’s tone suggests he does.

Adam has a very interesting angle on Royalty filling in as a cultural antidepressant for the masses; he’s contrasting that to the graffiti and barb wire of Los Angeles freeways.

Adam’s just revealed a very interesting conversation he frequently has with his money guy about his liquid cash, Adam and Kevin are now discussing “fair share” versus percentage.

Adam is now explaining how someone will tweet him and tell him he doesn’t understand how anything works, he’s got a great point about tax percentages being the only thing that works that way in our society.


Alison’s 3rd story is on the declining birth rate; Kevin has now brought it back to taxes and has an anecdote about the UK. Adam is now riffing about taxes and religion.

Adam is now giving a very enlightened take on the motivation of people and how you can’t blame humans for trying to keep their money that you need to change the highly complex and screwed up tax code.

Alison wrapped the news and now they’re discussing Adam’s mom’s biorhythm wheel, Alison has some great input and Kevin is chiming in too.

Bryan just mentioned Wile E. Coyote, now Kevin is telling the gang an anecdote about his assumptions of the origin of the road runner short films, Adam is now topping it with a hilarious description of what happened last time he went camping.

Adam is doing a great live read, Kevin makes note of it and Adam jumps in with a great reply.

The control room fired up a map of the territories of the Road Runner, Kevin is now recounting what he saw again and now wants more information on how much to tip various people.

Adam just came up with a great solution for twenty dollar bills and is now wrapping the show.