Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/04/2012 – Jay Mohr

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 12-03-2012 – Release Date 12-04-2012


Adam is opening the show with some details of his busy extended weekend of travel; he’s telling the gang about doing the live show with Prager in Sacramento.

Adam is now telling the gang about the customs experience upon entering Winnipeg, uh oh it sounds like this is going to be Adam’s 3rd customs nightmare.

Adam and Alison are riffing on the idea of him being in Winnipeg in December for personal reasons, very funny.

Adam is now telling the gang about being delayed at the Winnipeg airport; according to Adam one of the Mikes used the “Giovanni” defense, rad!

Adam is now making comparisons to the time he was detained in Las Vegas and telling the gang the difficulties in explaining his profession to the double digit IQ’s at the airport.

Adam is reenacting his experience with the unruly customs agent, Adam just came up with a very funny idea for a dimmer switch.

Lynch is now on mic explaining the experience from his point of view, hilarious! Adam is making some amazing points about the personality disorders of the airport employees who seemingly get off on hassling travelers.


Adam is now telling the gang about working at the L.A. auto show and his experience with the security at the venue, whoa Adam just can’t win.

Adam had to request the supervisor and was met with the same answer, Adam is now telling the gang about how he was able to find a workaround and get back in the venue.


Jay Mohr is returning for his 3rd visit to the podcast, you can find his previous two visits in the archive http://adamcarolla.com/archive/.

Jay is lamenting the Canadian customs experience with Adam; they’re both stuck on the concept of the customs agent demanding the contract. Adam has a great theory as to what they really want.

The control room has now fired up a clip of Kevin Pollack on the ACS doing his Christopher Walken impression from the trader Joe’s improv bit; Jay is now complimenting Kevin while breaking down the tricks of his impression for the gang, very interesting.

Jay is now doing his Norm MacDonald impression and delighting the gang, Adam is now telling Jay about the legendary 2008 ACS Norm visit where he revealed a story about an intimate affair.

Adam and the gang are now riffing about generic colleges used in TV and movies in particular “Beverly Hills 90210” being the main example, Jay is now doing an impression of the guy featured in a daytime college commercial.

Adam has an interesting take on Jay’s impression of Colin Quinn, now he’s doing his Louis Guzman impression; Adam has another interesting take this time on Mr. Guzman.

Bryan just jumped in with a reveal for Jay, he’s blown away and now Jay is explaining how he came to do his “Barefoot Contessa” impression, the control room just fired up a clip of DAG doing his impression of himself having sex.

Adam is sharing an anecdote about meeting a 14yr old kid who delivered an unexpected compliment.


Alison’s News, her top story is on the retirement of legendary ACS figure and host of “California’s Gold” Huell Howser. Adam is now going in depth on his thoughts about this; Adam is now calling for the control room to fire up some clips of Huell.

The control room has now fired up Huell’s infamous visit to the gravel pit, Adam is doing hilarious live commentary and Jay is amazed this even exists.

The control room has now fired up some clips from earlier in the segment, Adam is walking the gang through Huell’s “Newbury Springs” debacle and Jay is now bringing up a topic they covered on his podcast when Adam guested.

Alison just set Adam up for an early eulogy for Huell, Adam is now paying tribute and Jay Mohr is jumping in and doing an impression as “Andrew Dice Clay” as he gives his version of a eulogy, Adam is now explaining that he hopes Huell is around for another 50 years.


Alison’s 2nd story, President Obama has warned Syria not to use Chemical Weapons.  Adam is weighing with how much of a bad sign it is to be told not to use chemical weapons and Jay is now jumping in as Syria, hilarious!

Alison just wrapped the news and Adam is now bringing Jay in character as “Andrew Dice Clay” into his live read, good stuff!