Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/03/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 293

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/03/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 293

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 12-01-2015 – Release Date 12-03-2015

Production Number #293 – Kaopectate

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Adam and Drew open the show with a funny an unusual intro, they talk about how the guys get the music going right as they walk in to prevent dilly dallying and Adam mentions the digital snowflake on his display.

Adam is talking about setting one’s mind towards miserable and psychological heat dread caused by the misery index of knowing it will only get hotter as the day progresses.

Adam says that when it’s cold you know it will warm up and the day will improve as it goes on, Adam and Drew talk about sharing a beer over a ballgame and how Drew was plying Adam with booze.


Adam talks about “Sherry is a cunt” the way women bond with female chimpanzee shunning behaviors, Adam talks about seeing Drew’s crazy dogs and he says there is nothing better than seeing a dog lick a kids face.

Adam talks about how kids lean back but take the lick while protesting and suggests a loop of that footage along with EMDR for therapy.

Drew talks about breaking out the Mangria, he’s felt like got hit over the head with a baseball bat after pouring it heavy like the beer.


Adam and Drew talk about Lynette crashing like ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ in one of Drew’s kids bedrooms, Adam says she would still be there if they didn’t wander in there, Drew says it was a utility room and not a kids room.

Adam talks about Drew’s P-whipped action and the UCLA/USC fandom thing, he asks him what role proximity plays in that rooting changeup.

Adam talks about rooting for underdogs and Drew talks about Lynette texting him with a wall-o-text just now.


Drew is talking about Adam’s fueled up booze talk and Drew’s attempt to fulfill Natalia’s trek request with a drunken hike that never quite worked out.

Adam is now changing gears.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Car Insurance didn’t exist for the first 10 years edition


Drew tells Adam that Lynette needs a letter from him for the kid’s school so they can administer medications.

Adam talks about his days of seeing the nurse in school and how the only remedy she had was laying down on butcher’s paper.

Drew is talking about how medication was considered very dangerous in their youth, Gary weighs in and now Adam is talking about his dislocated shoulder.


Adam jokes about his stepdad sleeping in the yard while he was occupying his bed.

Adam is talking about his vague memories of TV, couch and jar urination.

Adam brings up the old black and white movies that played on local TV, Adam says he now understands they only aired public domain crap and not the good old stuff.

Drew explains how local TV stations used to play old movies in the day time, Adam is joking about Native Americans in films and their “bad feelings” and compares them to his own experience with bad feelings.


Adam talks about the commercials he saw that were all geared towards learning, trucking schools etc.

Hilarious Churros joke while talking about ‘Dora the Explorer’ and he goes back to the commercials and weaves in his violent pop warner injury.

Adam talks about how all of the commercials have now shifted to lawsuit and other victim based ads, Adam says it’s a sign of the apocalypse, Adam says it’s now “you hate working, why should you work” instead of “you’re not working, let’s find out some work.”


Adam is now talking about Kaopectate and he once again cites ‘Ben Hunter’ and they move on.


Adam and Drew are doing a Live Read


Adam and Drew are now riffing about Kaopectate, Adam has some killer liquid shit one liners, and this is great!

They are back to ‘Ben Hunter’ and Adam brings up the guy who did all of the original ‘Popeye’ drawings, Drew says thinking about those shows and movies makes him nauseated as he only saw them while at home.


Adam and Drew are now asking Gary to find the matinee show he just mentioned.


1st Caller John, he tells them about dating a woman with an 8yr old son and his mother’s objections to their relationship.

Adam and Drew are now asking some follow ups and Drew is asking him why the father isn’t in the picture, Adam says it was the guy they were thinking of when Gary pulls up some search results.

Adam is now back to the notion of his wife being separated from the kids like this woman is, Adam is talking about how abandoning children reflects on the different genders, fairly or not it means something.


Adam is now clarifying what is and is not his mother’s business, he’s begin very fair and asks John to check back in with them with the real details.

They are back to Ben Hunter and they talk about how some things just get lost, Adam talks about how they taped over the first Super Bowl recording.

Adam is prophetically talking about how the people in charge of radio and TV are notoriously cheap, echoing everything done to the Classic Loveline Archive that was preserved mostly by the fans.


They are talking about the Ben Hunter clip Gary just played.


Adam and Drew are doing a True Car Live Read


2nd Caller Mark he wants to know about a relationship with an older woman, Adam is talking about the 15yr age gap between his stepdad and his mother.

Adam says he was like 26/27 and his mom was in her early 40’s and Adam talks about everyone in his family being losers.

Adam is sharing a conversation with his dad asking him if everyone was this fucking stupid when he was his age, showing him the sharpie marks and steps he must go to, like living with mentally handicapped individuals.

Adam says his dad confirmed that people were always this dumb, he brings up his dad’s old comedy partner, and Drew is forgetting he has heard about this before.


Adam talks about when comedy becomes homework and not fun, he shares how his dad liked winging things and his buddy Ronny would provide the talent.

Adam shares how his dad paused and said “I guess you could say he is responsible for my success” and he shares with Drew how he didn’t stop and address it.

Adam gives out some live dates and wraps up the show with the closing plugs along with a funny one liner about Lynette passing out in a random room in the Winchester Mystery house.