Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/03/2013 – Samuel Bayer and Jo Koy

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Guest Samuel Bayer and Jo Koy

Recorded 12-02-2013 – Release Date 12-03-2013

Production Number #1218

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Adam is now welcoming Jo back for another visit, seems to be a weekly thing at this point.

Adam is teasing their upcoming guest Samuel and his work with Nirvana, he’s giving out the plugs for Jo and asking BB about his upcoming “Hooray for Baldywood”.

Alison has a funny comment mocking BB’s line about his review and BB has a cabbage #TopDrop.


Adam is now pitching his “call hold” app that allows one to screen/place calls on hold while you wrap up your current call, saving you from having to check the other line.

Adam is now setting up a scenario of the frustrations this causes, the call tag back and forth.

Alison is sharing how she actually waits a few minutes before calling someone else, Adam is explaining how that can jinx things.


Adam is now setting up how the app would remedy this scenario, he’s telling the gang about heading into the shop on the line with Matt, when Rob called him and he wanted to answer that too.

Adam Carolla Call Relay, the automated secretary of smart phone apps.

Alison and Jo are adding some light commentary to Adams “Enya app” riff.


Jo is now busting out a “but I caaaan’t” version of this message for the incoming caller, Adam’s input and on the fly corrections are only making this better, comedy gold!

Adam is now getting to “let me see if he’s in” and the more modern version of assistants chambering excuses for their boss who might not pick up the phone, “laying the foundation for the excuse”.

Adam is now sharing his chambered compliments, the inverse of this, Alison is now offering up her own commentary as someone who has received these compliments.


Jo is sharing how he’s the biggest client for his agent in reply to Adam’s question about it, Adam is now setting up a riff where Adam is playing the assistant to Nick the agent.

Adam is playing “Steve” the assistant to Jo’s agent, Jo is playing himself.

“The Bryan Delong” improv.


Alison is now sharing Marc Maron’s take on when to change agents, she’s got her own reveal about this scenario and how the ACS interferes with her calls.

Adam has a nice point about James Babydoll Dixon and his tendency to be out of office and how it’s meaningless in terms of how they feel about their clients.


Adam is now getting to his etiquette dilemma he teased up top, he’s explaining how Jaguar supplies with a comped lease vehicle for some “light lifting” hosting events.

Adam is explaining his return to his new series “To Catch a Contractor” and how his coworker Andy noticed the brand new Jaguar, trying to compliment the car.

Adam is explaining his efforts to talk down the excitement, he’s explaining its not false humility but he doesn’t actually own the car, he’s borrowing it.


Adam is now setting up the New Nike follow up compliments at lunch and his attempts to dispel those as the shoes were comped from a fan – @captknish on twitter.

Adam has a hilarious one liner about his new home being gifted to him by a fan, comedy gold!

BB is pointing out all of Adam’s comped swag, including his infamous “Ghost Ship” beanie from almost a decade ago on Loveline.


Adam is getting to the base prices for branded swag and how buying the cheapest shit results in the clothing never being worn by anyone.

Adam is now setting up the next installment of “Bung Lao Su” whether Jo likes it or not.

Adam is sharing the details of a phone conversation with Mike Lynch, about his life in Massachusetts and work practicing as a therapist.


Adam is now getting to his family and how work is “not their thing” with a nice marriage analogy, this is a great update about Lynch, and I miss hearing him on the show from time to time.

Adam is now mentioning his dad and grandma’s job choices caring for people with no money, Adam is explaining why that is never a good sign and how your labor will be compensated poorly.

Adam is getting to the consistency of a shitty job and how his grandma was committed to the gig until she retired.


Adam is now back to Lynch and his 6:20pm sandwich meal in his car while waiting to start a late session, Adam is joking about the unlikely scenario of a therapist giving you a bonus 10min off the clock.

Jo has a killer one liner and delivery and Alison has her own anecdote of a former therapist who would “run long”.

Adam is now setting up a Three Dog Night song “Momma Told Me” (Not to come) as chosen by Mike Lynch and Adam is previewing the track while sharing the information about Randy Newman writing the lyrics.


Bung Lao Su is now auditioning for the band, Adam is peppering some early light commentary and disrupting Bung’s shouts about momma.

Adam is now on an epic “lack of spoons in Asian cuisine” riff, Jo is right on point and they’re onto something great, Jo attempts to get back to the song, Adam overrides him and BB is now attempting to segue back too, Adam steamrolls him.

Adam is now joking about the hanging ducks in Chinatown, hilarious one liner from Adam and Jo.


Adam is now declaring this a horrible choice and telling Lynch he’s fired, BB has a funny additional line mocking Adam for his negative reply about Lynch’s noble profession.

Adam mixes up Barry White and Isaac Hayes, he’s now apologizing to the drops after BB’s incredulous reaction, good stuff!

Adam is now setting up a “clean” Floaters audition without Adam joining in, as he reports that “fans” have been telling him to shut up, hey morons how about you shut up and stop telling Adam how to do the show, bunch of mini Jack Silvers trying to run everything.


Bung Lao Su is now giving his pure take without any contributions from Adam, Alison’s laugh is still peppered in and makes it even funnier, but not technically “clean” as the ingrates requested.

Great “Sacrifice your body” comment from Jo in character as Bung Lao Su.

Adam is wrapping the segment with Bung and mocking the romantic nature of the Chinese language, comedy gold!


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw “Nebraska” and is giving the background on the film and the people involved with making it, he’s got a nice Penn Jillette callback.

BB is asking if the other members of the gang irrationally hate anyone who someone they hate loves, he’s got an anecdote about a former girlfriend’s bitchy roommate and her love of Alexander Payne.

Adam is now doing the tribal math and explaining how people think, Adam is now asking who are the roommates who have the significant other that visits and trashes the shared the space.


Adam is now sharing a super rare story of a house party disrupted by the music of “Metallica” and one hardcore fan who needed to hear his metal while everyone else was trying to chill out during their cocktail party.

Adam is now bringing up “Rick” and his few drinks that then becomes a “catch all” excuse for any behavior, Adam has a hilarious “I’m drunk now!” declaration.

BB mentions Matt knows this gal in question, Adam has some great comments about his secret jealousy of people who can leave their half-eaten Jell-O pudding cup on the armrest of the couch then go 69 upstairs then sleep like a baby.


BB is now explaining the premise of the film and saying it’s not a “Quirkedy” like Adam detests, Adam is now sharing his inability to get through a film in one sitting and how the screeners at his house only leave him opportunities to get up and do other shit.

Adam is now asking for a movie prison that would finally allow him to see movies like “Unforgiven” without pausing every 20min.

Adam has a great “bowl of peanut M&Ms” analogy to explain the concept of options, Alison is now wisely connecting this to Adam’s “airplane bag of bugles” scenario.


Adam and Jo are now riffing about bathroom breaks in theaters, Adam is joking about being able to pause the theater screening and piss everyone else off, Jo is mad at people who are missing key scenes.

BB is calling it good while sharing how few screens it’s currently on in its limited release, BB says it’s quirky.

B+, black and white and set in Nebraska.


Alison is now asking BB if the black and white helped him, Jo wants to know if it was artistic or budget reasoning.

Adam is bringing up the digital shooting of current day cinema and how there are no actual savings by going with black and white, Adam’s right it’s actually more work to remove color during the “digital intermediate” stage of processing.

Adam is now wrapping the segment and doing a live read.

Jo is asking Adam about a house he’s got his sights set on, Adam is sharing the “Great Magnet” theory about trying to force things that don’t want to happen.


Jo is now telling Adam about the various last minute bait and switches that have been pulled with this property, he’s setting up the team of squatters set up in his 2 million dollar home.

Jo is describing the disgusting scene, Adam has a great one liner about the type of puzzle being assembled.

Adam is now sharing how every house he’s purchased has had the ne’er-do-well family member running the property into the ground, Adam says it’s what happens when people own houses who aren’t supposed to own them.


Adam is explaining how the properties inherited are always obvious from the street in comparison to the ones purchased.

Jo is sharing the further nightmare of being a “landlord” and no longer wanting this house, he feels like the universe is telling him not to buy it.

Alison has a nice analogy about past lovers and is saying he won’t mind once he moves in and settles for his “hotdog in a hallway” of a home purchase.


Adam is now sharing how he was forced to drive mini pickups his whole time working construction and shitty labor jobs, he’s getting to how he longed or a regular car.

Adam is sharing the story of the Toyota Supra and the Air Conditioner he tried to force, the no Carolla ever had a car with air conditioning in it story.

Adam is going super in depth on the “Great Magnet” angle of this story and how he eventually said F it and took the car to a specialty shop to have it installed.


Adam is explaining that Jimmy dropped Adam off for the first trip to this AC specialty mechanic, Adam took the keys with him and the car was hit in the parking lot.

Adam mentions his dad and the conversation they had about it, the “this car doesn’t want air” part of the story that often gets left out.

Adam is getting to the idea of a “cosmic announcement” and his proclamation about the car not surviving another two weeks, he predicted the eventual demise of the vehicle.


Adam is explaining the 1995 NYC trip with Kimmel for the “Kevin and Bean” Morning Show, the one that resulted in his call for the Loveline audition that would change his life and all of ours forever.

Adam is sharing the tale of the totaled car and how it happened in front of him as punishment for “forcing air” into it, he’s got a quick mention that he ran into the guy at Home Depot recently after 18yrs since the accident.

Adam and Alison are now asking Jo about the house and his feelings about it, he’s sharing the list of things that keep coming up and Adam references the intestine sucking pool filters.


Adam is quickly teasing the story of the time he made the other cosmic announcement about his neighbor’s house catching on fire and his refusal in theory to call the fire department.

Adam’s giving out the plugs for Jo for the 3rd time at least and going to break, he’s explaining why the Mangria events have been cancelled in Fresno due to short supply of the booze as it’s selling so much.

Adam is giving a “yack in the toilet of air force one” sales pitch for the upcoming event he’s hosting with Kevin Costner.


Samuel is now making his ACS debut, Adam is asking him about the black and white discussion and question from earlier in the show.

He’s explaining the digital intermediate process of filmmaking, Adam is now realizing they shoot in color and remove it in post.

Samuel is getting to the sad state of film, he’s sharing a lot of details about the industry and Kodak’s status.


Adam is bringing up Phil Rosenthal’s high end digital file delivery system from the major studios, he’s able to watch all the big releases in his home theater without the shipping of hefty reels.

Adam is now asking Samuel if he misses film in filmmaking, Adam has a funny reply to his response about record players and old timey technologies.

Alison has a wise question about the “feeling” of film and Samuel states he does think film looks better, he’s saying that “Apocalypse Now” couldn’t be recreated on digital.


Adam is asking Samuel about his journey and how he got the job to direct the “Smells like Teen Spirit” video.

Adam is now asking about the order of operations at MTV in the early 90’s, how a song showed up as a video etc.

Samuel is getting to the state of music videos in the early 90’s, he’s explaining how Kurt reacted to the filming and the Sam’s choices.


Adam is trying to find a certain actor after his “Tony Basil” riff, he’s explaining how the chick in the video resembled this actor.

Alison is sharing her anecdote of Ray telling her about a dude that resembled her and how unflattering it was, Adam is still calling for them to find this actor.

I think Adam is thinking of Michael Zorek but he’s still not getting the results.


Alison is touching on Samuel’s work directing the Bling Melon video for “No Rain” and now Adam is back to the “Smells like Teen Spirit” filming and Samuel says he never saw a more visceral performance than Kurt on that day.

Samuel is explaining how people viewed him and the video until it became a huge hit, Adam wants to know if they saw Samuel as “The Man” or if he’s just a huge dick.

Samuel is being very magnanimous about the differences between him and the band.


Gary just found Michael Zorek and Adam is now commenting on his “that guy” status, Adam now wants them to do a side by side with one of the cheerleaders from the Tony Basil music video.

Adam is telling the gang about the billboard he passed for “The Spearmint Rhino” and he now wants to know as a father would you rather have your daughter as the model on the billboard or actually working at the strip club.


Adam and Samuel are now walking through the hypothetical scenario, Adam is now offering up a 2nd one and explaining the sign of a good hypothetical.

Adam is now setting up the “grossest guy in the office” hypothetical question, Alison has a funny yet mean retort about her co-workers.

Adam is explaining the scenario in full.


Alison is now offering her own hypothetical question, a 5 year advance or 5 year regression of time travel.

Adam is now asking her about the details of the scenario.


Alison’s News

Her top story is an update on the Paul Walker death story, she’s clarifying some of the details about the misconception that drag racing was involved.

Adam is now clarifying what he said and his POV, he’s sharing his dad slamming his feet down for the phantom brake pedals.

Samuel is giving his take on the accident, Adam is now giving his own update on the accident and the proximity of both men’s children to their father’s deaths.


They’re discussing the same model car that crashed at Fontana before Adam’s race 3-4 years ago, he’s reacting in real time to the Tony Basil video clips playing.

Adam is sharing how he was told about his Newman car that wasn’t set up for safety, he’s explaining the concept of camber angles and why you need some flare on your forks with bicycling.

Adam is going into pops Carolla mode telling people to have their fun on the track and listing all of the hazards of speeding on public roads.


Samuel is commending Adam for his boldness in racing and he’s listing off his cars, he’s telling Adam about his Ford GT and the “one off” model he had custom made.

Samuel is complimenting Adam’s “rich guy Bengal tiger” analogy he just shared.

Adam and Samuel are getting to the false sense of security provided by these high end super cars and how people should learn to drive them on the track before the streets with the public.


Adam is now sharing about a recent interview with Bob Bondurant and his realization that the most likely statistical death for all of us and those we love is behind the wheel.

Adam is getting to how everyone should at least spend a day at a performance driving school, to learn how to manipulate it under adverse conditions, isn’t your 16yr old worth 150$ for a day that will protect them for life?

Adam is now getting to the feeling of a car getting loose when you’re experienced with it vs. it happening while you don’t expect it.


2nd Story is about the article Maria Bello wrote in the NYT about her sexuality

Adam is now reacting in real time and is bringing up the attic scene from “A History of Violence” and Alison hasn’t seen it.

Adam is talking about the oral sex scene, Adam is citing the cheerleader scene and Adam is saying that Viggo was put on this earth to eat pussy, citing his chin shape and comparing him to a great white shark.


Alison has a killer one liner about his box chowing face, Alison wants to know what happened and she’s talking about the staircase scene.

BB is now explaining it and they’re playing it for Alison, Adam is joking about this movie making her a lesbian, he’s asking for the year of release and Alison is bringing up the details from the story to explain Maria’s sexuality.

Adam still blames “Viggo MunchBox” his new name, Adam has a funny SAG union riff.


Adam and BB are now riffing an onset last minute decision to film the pussy eating scene due to Viggo’s chin, Adam now is sharing his lack of insight about the way they film these scenes.

He’s asking Samuel, he’s now haring about her merkin used in the movie and how you can use it to hide the lady parts and it’s about what the actors feel comfortable with.

BB has his own theory, not that funny.


Adam is now sharing how he was wishing he was at home for that scene instead of the theater and has a “she’ll be missed” for her, Alison has a nice reaction and is now quizzing Adam about it.

Adam is calling “A History of Violence” an interesting movie but has a problem with the way the bully was portrayed in the movie and in movies in general.

Adam is now getting to the early softball scene in the movie, he’s breaking it down in detail.


Adam is saying that the scene was a key example of someone directing a movie who doesn’t like sports, Adam is sharing the way people actually get revenge on the field.

Adam wants to know how really shitty scenes get included in otherwise good movies, Samuel is joking about his all shitty movie.

Alison is asking him about the movie, he’s saying it was “A Nightmare on Elm Street” his remake that wasn’t creatively rewarding despite its relative success.


Samuel is now sharing how someone can work on a movie and end up making something imperfect despite their best efforts, this is some refreshing honesty.

Adam is now having everyone take a Rotten Tomatoes” guess on “A History of Violence”.

Alison and Adam both misheard “Dick Cronenberg” from BB and it’s actually due to the speech issues he has from the tumor and the successful treatments.


They’re all taking their stabs at the RT score, Samuel is dead nuts on.

They’re all joking about Samuel prepping before showing up tonight, Adam is breaking down the score.

Alison is wrapping the news.


Adam is doing a live read and wrapping the show with a nice compliment for the excellent Samuel, I hope he comes back again soon!