Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/03/2012 – Illeana Douglas

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11-26-2012 – Release Date 12-03-2012

Adam is opening the show with some critiques for how Illeana Douglas bio has been presented to him; he’s arguing how “Goodfellas” should be listed on it over other credits despite her limited role in the movie.

Adam is now explaining how his complaining has been infinitely amplified by the twitter sphere, he’s telling the gang about various items with passion fruit that fans tweet photos of to him.

Alison is now filling Adam in on a passion fruit plot device from an old “The Facts Of Life” episode, Adam is now launching into his real target “sympathy animals” he keeps referring to them as service dogs but he has explained in past shows he’s only concerned with bullshit reasons for traveling with pets.

Adam is now re-ranting about what he was ranting about on a recent visit to O’Reilly, he’s explaining all the things he’s not allowed to access during takeoff and ascent but how the woman next to him can have her pet on her lap the whole time with no problem.

Adam was just alerted that Illeana travels with her dogs, he has a funny acknowledgment and now he’s full on back into the story about people bringing their dogs to thanksgiving.

Alison wants to know if they were small dogs, Adam’s explaining that they were and that’s a double edged sword as he hates small dogs and loves large dogs, he’s got some hilarious quotes about dogs in this bit, good stuff.

Adam’s now a riff about the animal he wants, he’s gone from Falcon to Pelican and now he’s riffing about his imaginary pet pelican “Gilligan”, hilarious!


Adam’s now bringing Illeana in early and despite the vitriol she seems to be in great spirits and happy to be there, nice. She’s holding up her dog and now she’s joining the show and joking about the interrogation she’s about to face from Adam.

Illeana is explaining the various types of animals that are allowed as “Emotional Support Animals” and the gang is riffing on the idea, Alison has a great and hilarious question about snakes.

Adam just fired off a great one liner about his service animal that assists him with accounting; Illeana is being very honest and really mixing it up. She’s now telling the gang about a recent disastrous attempt to leave the dog at home; the houseguest/sitter clogged her toilet something fierce.

Illeana is now telling the gang about the cost to repair the plumbing system and how the plumber gave her a DVD of his work, Adam is now riffing in character as the plumber describing the action to Illeana, and Bryan is lying in some great inspirational music and movie scores, hilarious riff!

Illeana is now explaining an incident where she was forced to stand in the vestibule between train cars while traveling with her dog that lead to her needing an “Emotional Support Animal”.

Illeana is explaining how traveling with her dog and being labeled as nutty has actually improved the quality of travel and how courteous everyone is to her.

Adam is asking Illeana if there is a checklist of animals you can or cannot bring on plane, he’s now quickly touching on his service goat “Barney” and Illeana is sharing an anecdote about a woman on flight who was nice to her once she assumed Illeana was nuts.

Adam is now pondering how often dogs shit up planes, Illeana says it’s never happened to her dogs nor has she witnessed it. Adam is now telling Illeana about the dogfight he witnessed in 1st class.


Illeana is now explaining the further benefits of traveling with an “Emotional Support Animal” Alison seems convinced she should do this, Alison raises a good point about appearing competent in society and Adam is now explaining the counterpoint to it, great back and forth.

Adam is telling Illeana to stick around till the end of the show and lamenting how anytime he brings something up it directly involves a guest or someone he has to interact with. He’s now thanking her for her candor and good nature about everything.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

1st caller Dave from Maryland wants Adam’s to complain about blowjobs; Adam is now on his classic advice about taking the pressure off of women.

Alison is losing it and Adam has some killer quotes.

2nd caller James wants to know if Adam can complain about his own creation, Mangria!

Adam is explaining he loves Mangria but many of his fans can’t get it do to shipping laws, interesting angle for a WCACA.

Adam is going off on the mixed up shipping laws and calling for a universal age of consent.

3rd caller Luke from Boston, who cannot receive any Mangria, wants Adam to complain about pedophiles being targeted in prison. Adam has a hilarious riff about not being able to capitalize off the alcoholism of his Boston fans. Alison joins him and they’re riffing about the racism also found in MA.

Adam is now riffing about celebrity child molesters being the most untouchable convict in the prison, hilarious concept.


Alison is asking Adam is take on the phrase “shits and giggles” and he has a killer reply, Adam is now on a riff about self-serve frozen yogurt and how he goes sick, Alison is jumping and it’s gold!

Adam is back to Illeana, he’s asking her about the time she spent dating Martin Scorsese and how they met. Illeana is telling Adam what it was like filming “New York Stories”, she has a great anecdote about working with Steve Buscemi and Nick Nolte.

Illeana is telling Adam an anecdote about working with Robert Deniro, Adam is now on a tangent about Charles Grodin and the time he guested on his talk show and was treated poorly, some clips can be heard on old loveline recordings, Adam is right!


Alison’s News, her top story is an excerpt from a book written by a hotel clerk. Alison is explaining some of the things hotel clerk’s will do to mess with rude guests.

They’re all discussing tipping maids and hotel etiquette, Adam doesn’t want people looking through his toiletries nor does he use the shower or any services the maids provide yet still tips. Alison has a funny anecdote about her dad that Adam jumps in on.

Illeana is telling the gang about asking hotel clerks if the room she’s heading to is a nice one, Alison does the same thing and Adam has an anecdote about a hotel that was booked for him once by the Stern show.

Adam is now going off on his difficulties watching TV on the road; Adam hates 1st floor hotel room vulnerability and the inability to keep up with his shows.

Adam’s now on a rant about how he doesn’t like watching people cook food on television, and Alison just wrapped the news with a great drop from Bald Bryan.

Adam is back to how all cooking shows should be outlawed from hotel rooms, he’s got a live read followed up by some more ranting about the television options in hotels.

Adam’s doing another live read, he’s checking in with Illeana and has a funny one liner, Illeana just invited Adam on her series and Adam is pitching his knowledge of euro furniture to Illeana.

Illeana Douglas, then new face of Ikea, Adam wraps the show!