Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/04/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 723

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/04/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 723

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 11-27-2017 – Release Date 12-04-2017

Production Number #723 – Would You Let Them Coach Your Team?

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, Drew is sharing how he’s been trying to explain to people that the drug manufacturers may have been duplicitous in the opiate crisis but they’re not trying to kill people nor spread the epidemic.

Drew is explaining how the most-evil part of this is connected to Suboxone, that’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing, Drew is saying it’s not evil but the government is in bed with them and explains how they’ve been granted another 7 years of exclusivity with the patent.

Adam is making a point about the current era of being “woke” and needing to blame the man for things you don’t like.


Adam says don’t rely on the government nor big pharma to run your lives, try to keep their footprints to as minimal a space as possible in your life.

Adam and Drew are talking about the paternalistic element and the desire among humans to take the shittier road that’s familiar over the possibility of the unknown, even if it could be good.

Adam is now asking how come being an entrepreneur was never discussed in school when he was a kid, Drew thinks they’re talking about it too much now.


Adam’s point is you can’t expect people who punched out of life a long time ago to preach how to succeed in the world to kids, Adam has a “vegans teaching your kids about nutrition”, when would steak come up?

Drew jokes about Adam homeschooling his kids, Adam is making a point about people who have dropped out of life preaching to kids, what do you think they’re filling their heads with.

Drew says finally there is real talk about trade skills and education.


True CarReal Prices “We want to be free, we want to be…” Peter Fonda Edition


Gary has the clip of Peter Fonda, Adam loves it and Drew is enjoying it as well.

Drew says that was an expression of what that generation felt, about freedom.

Adam says he was watching the chronicles of Rolling Stone magazine and how they got to the Patty Hearst story and he spotted a white guy reporter with an Asian guy moustache.


Adam says that people have been complaining about income inequality for over 50 years, Drew shares his infinite wealth theory.

Drew says he told his kids about capitalism and why they had more luxuries than the wealthiest humans at the turn of the 20th century.

Adam says if you would like to be disgruntled, now is the time and he says it’s not worth trying to talk anyone out of their feelings about being disgruntled, they refuse to see the bigger picture and appreciate the small stuff.

Adam says there is no talking anyone out of anything they do.


SimpliSafeDrew with the standard read, very well-done Edition


1st Caller Mike, he says we need Adam to save the NFL.

Drew shares the details of an article he was reading in the New York Times, regarding the both sides that have turned against the sport.

Mike wants 4 “Bye” weeks, he explains his reasoning and Adam agrees to the first point he makes.


Drew suggests they increase competition and brings more teams in to t he league. Drew suggests eliminating the preseason, Mike explains why we need it and Adam backs him up.

Adam bets Mike is successful and he likes all of his ideas, Adam says it was 30 years of the Referee running under the uprights without any accurate date of whether or not the field goal was good or not.

Adam shares the details of the big game that was decided over a high kick 30 years ago.


Adam is now talking about the evolution of the kicker in the sport, Drew says people defend irritational things just because.

Adam is now explaining how he would suggest raising the goal posts and only be met with other ideas like Bill Simmons suggesting putting a chip in the ball.

Adam and Drew lament people telling them alternate ideas when they have the expertise and are correct, just accept their input and agree or disagree.


Adam is now looking at the image of the reporter with the bad Asian moustache, Chris says he was just trying to show him the moustache not the whole clip.


2nd Caller Sarah, she has a great “Hi guy” and “Becky Honkington” mention, she has a thought that occurred to her while she was doing dishes the other day.

Sarah says she was listening to some Classic Loveline and they agree about the grey area of Al Franken and his actions.

Sarah is asking about the “abuse victim reaction” our society is having regarding celebrity and tearing people down from their pedestals.


Drew is making some great points about us being a traumatized population, acting out envy on a global scale at all times.

Drew says everyone is viewed as the punitive father, Adam agrees and says if your daddy was not around then we will make society your daddy.


LifeLockIf you’re just monitoring your credit, identity can still be stolen Edition


Adam has a plug for the new “Dude Maintain” T-Shirt, Drew brings up Adam’s buddy Rudy and his drunken freak out in San Diego.

Drew plugs his podcasts and they wrap up the episode.