Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/29/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 292

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/29/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 292

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 11-24-2015 – Release Date 11-29-2015

Production Number #292 – But then, I’m a Dude

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Adam has a “where are we” intro asking about the Thanksgiving holiday and Drew claims Gary delivered him a “shut the fuck up” look when he brought up the Cranberry Sauce recipe.

Adam is talking about the pre-strung Christmas Trees at Home Depot, Adam says this is a bad sign and jokes about a future of you in your bed with an incline being fed turkey like dinner product.

Hilarious wording, Adam has a killer joke about Matt not being present, Adam says he’s lost some weight but something he still doesn’t like and Chris delivers a flawless “Bewm!”


Adam is talking about the pressure on moms/wives to use premade services and the encouragement they get form other moms to let Gelson’s prepare the meal for them instead of doing the work.

Adam has a solid analogy for working out and getting in reps to these kind of emotional reps.

Adam is describing his new pantry room in the latest house, he is sharing his method of instructing full tard Gary how to accurately line up the shelves they need in the pantry, Adam comments on how everyone is trying to avoid everything, stop, embrace it and grow/overcome.


Adam talks about pushups on a dirty carpet after his nightly rope skipping and Drew brings up the service economy element of society, Adam is going over his most efficient arrangements for getting all of the staff to the airport.

Drew brings up a Jaguar deal that Adam skipped him over on, Adam cracks himself up recalling a moment with Joel McHale who Drew brought up.


Adam and Drew are doing a Life Lock Live Read

Cyborg Monday Skynet Edition


Adam is now explaining how and why Drew got screwed out of a free Jaguar, Adam explains Matt D’andria gets him cars and it’s not expected but always appreciated, He talks about the one on one he did with Cranston last week and comments on the way his father abandoned the family.

Drew has an Artie Lange counter point and brings up Artie’s sister and her different version of events, implying Artie perhaps idolized the old man in his book ‘Too Fat To Fish’ and Adam talks about watching football with Sonny and how he works his daughter into their bonding time.


Adam is making a point about how sons bond with fathers over sports when daughters often do not, Adam jokes about “My Medium Pony” as a way for him to hang with his daughter more, hilarious!

Drew has as sarcastic reply mocking the modern gender politics, he plugs and episode of his show and Adam misunderstands him.

Adam is now sharing his new “cows love pork chops” metaphor, for the arguments about gender and the influence of society on kids.


Adam is mocking Huffpo nonsense and the idiots names “Anita” (Sarkeesian?) who write there dumb nonscientific blogs.

Drew brings up the irony of the people talking and complaining about society and the supposed social engineering of gender are the ones actually manipulating humans and trying to alter the natural course of biological imperatives and genetic realities.


Drew is doing a live read for eHarmony


Adam talks about the left loving to correct, Adam says he’s figured out why they love correcting so much and how it correlates to winning arguments.

Drew brings up Sonny’s favorite picture book with the large moving equipment, Adam just came up with ‘Dinosaur Train’ a new series to capture the imaginations of little boys everywhere, start printing the money!

Adam is sharing one thing that pissed him off about the book, the “Minivan” label over the custom vans, “where black guys get laid” and Adam claims that book must be out of Canada like the TV series ‘Cailou’ and he mocks that for a bit, like meeting someone with a bit of Down Syndrome, that’s what Canadian cartoons are like for Adam.


Adam doesn’t recall they already did get to the bottom of this book, Adam is telling story of the times once in a blue moon when they would run out of Sonny’s pull-ups and he wouldn’t wear the girls’ diapers they had on hand.


Drew is now sharing the disturbing stat he was weary about sharing with Adam about the 60% of college students who are for government censorship of free speech.

Drew is really bothered and says this is beyond McCarthyism, it’s full-blown fascism, Adam talks about ‘Trumbo’ and how the left views McCarthyism while supporting this nonsense.

Adam brings up the Duke Lacrosse fraud case, with rape claims and fired employees who can’t get jobs still to this day.


Adam is joking about naming a kid Bum to keep him employed his entire life, he’s talking about Thomas Hollywood Henderson and Ed Too Tall Jones and their extra circular activities in stark contrast to Tom Landry the straightest motherfucker on the planet.

Adam says we didn’t need Tom Landry to step down because of the actions of his star player, he brings up Lawrence Taylor and Bill Parcells, Drew has a funny “Booger Sugar” repeat of Adam’s closing line.

Gary gets on mic and now Drew is bringing up the Ray Rice case, he’s confused and Adam talks about the pro level of football where it’s purely business and nobody really cares about the behaviors of successful players.


Adam is back to the Duke Lacrosse coach who couldn’t’ get employed for years due to lies about his players about something that had nothing to do with him.

Adam talks about his theory on domestic violence and the increase in reported assaults if all women had 100lbs on men, he thinks the leftist protestors of the Vietnam era would be doing the exact same thing if they were in power, he knows it.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam says if you gave a magic wand to all of the people on the left and told them they could keep anyone who denies climate change would be unemployable and lose their dicks they would do it in a seconds.

Adam brags about the pirate ship.


Adam is now telling the story of the Jaguar event, he was prompted to offer it up to Bryan Cranston and he comments the lack of a hurry he seemed to be in despite not being able to go get a free car.

Adam explains that then on Wednesday he was going to see Joel McHale and he offered him a Jaguar too, Adam had two people in front of him, if Drew had come in that day he would’ve offered it to him.

Adam shares the story of the rich white guy high five he shared with Joel over him being too busy to get a free Jaguar.


1st Caller Robert, he’s making noise and tells them to hold on, Drew says “no hold on” and Adam is now telling a story about conference calls with Mike August and his windstorm in the Salton Sea background noise on every call.

Adam goes over the laps he does with Mike and then with Dawson regarding the sound levels, Robert is calling about a potential affair with an employee.

He’s really slow and has a stoner laugh, he’s not tracking and Adam says he’s annoying then he laughs and Adam says he’s now more annoyed by him.


Robert’s laugh is very annoying, it’s much better when they pot him down.

Adam is offering up some practical advice and trying to be encouraging, he brings up the way Drew used to be against relationships in the workplace, it’s now just about the power imbalance.

Drew mocks the coincidence of best friends and soul mates and the role proximity plays in all of it.


Drew is asking him some follows ups and they hand up on him when he flakes on the replies.


2nd Caller Kevin, he found out his 1yr old daughter has a peanut allergy, Drew is asking him about why they went to the ER, trying to figure out if they are overprotective and catastrophizing.

Adam talks about exposure therapy and then gives me a shout out, asking for the first clip of him talking about cancer sniffing dogs back in 1996, 21yrs ago.

I’m searching for it now Ace! All Weekend!


Drew brings up the canine STD sniffing program that started it all and Adam says his only questions is why aren’t there thousands of people sitting around asking him what’s next.


Drew is going over ‘Hobo Power’ and comments on me being on the trail of the LL episode where he talked about cancer sniffing dogs for the first time.

Gary says he recalls the “white hot hibachi” rule and the Loveline origins of the bit, it actually started in 1998 with Blink 182.

They’re asking Kevin about the issue with his wife and daughter and the allergy.


Adam and Drew are doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam talks about college campuses and he asks Drew what they’ll be like in 10 years, he comments n his own kids and how they’re disgusted at what’s happening and they’re as freshly removed as possible.

Drew talks about the weird outer space level narcissism we now have and the preciousness that is ruining the kids of today.

Adam talks about how dumb he was at 19, he says we’re ow asking 19yrs old what they think and what their plans are, hilarious “dip him in tar and put him in the stocks” and Drew says everyone is like a king baby.


Adam is now further riffing as the students demanding what they want for the campus, with phallus!

Drew is chiming in and making this much funnier, hilarious shape designations for genders, Adam doesn’t like Drew’s tone, this is gold!

Adam and Drew are mocking these hypocritical college kids and their dumb demands.


Adam is telling kids they’re riding in the bus, they’re not steering it, and the driver will backhand you, sit in the back of the bus and shut the fuck up.

Adam talks about the changes in college campuses and Drew brings up Chumbawamba and Adam mocks them, he does a funny impression and is going over their 1997 interview.

CLL #547 Chumbawamba 11/03/1997


Adam and Drew have a surprisingly good recollection and Adam shares his happiness that they ended up being a one hit wonder.

Drew suggests desensitization therapy and makes some comments about the way to go through life and how avoiding nuts is not a long term plan.

Adam is talking about the ship of society righting itself due to common sense and gravity, he talks about why the garbage man can’t fly the 777.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Life Lock

Criminals are lazy edition


3rd Caller Mary, she’s a huge fan and shares her immense fandom, she gives me a name drop too while talking about the Classic Loveline archives, Adam is telling her they cannot tolerate this level of praise, no more!

Adam is commenting on her difficulty getting to the question, she wants to know about their best experience hanging with fans, their favorite fan interaction.

They have a funny and sweet back and forth talking about Mary, Drew recalls being ion Ohio and having a 45min chat with fans before going to the airport, the “so that’s it?” story.


Drew recalls this as being Ohio, Adam Wisconsin and Drew explains they have a German quarter in Ohio too.

Adam talks about people and their feelings that they’re allowed to have.

No amount of breath in your lungs will make him feel badly about what he just did, you can call him a cocksucking douchebag and Drew recalls an airport drink incident they both laugh about.


Adam is telling people to calibrate their internal compass for this stuff so they know if they’re in the right, Drew has Adam tell the story of having a shot in the airport at 10am with the ingrate “fan” and they move into a live read.


Drew is doing an Live Read


4th Caller Jay, he’s on the fence about marriage and Adam just tells him about the actual event and how weird it is for dudes, it’s not something you want, just do it and get it over with.

Adam is mocking the vows and attention and things he didn’t want any part in.

Adam was happy to get on with his life and get it over with, Drew too.


Adam is giving out the lugs and wrapping up the show!