Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/29/2012 – Ralphie May

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11-25-2012 – Release Date 11-29-2012


Adam is starting the show with Dave Dameshek in studio; he’s telling Dave how fans are still relentlessly tweeting him about raising the goal posts, with an interesting side note about an article he read.

Alison and Dave have a funny interaction where he’s trying to hint at her to agree to let Adam get his way so he’ll stop bringing this up.

Dave is riffing on some stats of old timey kickers; he’s now complimenting Adam on his beard in a hilarious way. Adam is sharing with the gang about the conversation he had with Sonny about the beard, good stuff.


Adam is now telling the gang about an incident that took place at his house last night involving some pests and his bathroom.

The gang is all now riffing on bugs; they’ve segued to flies specifically. Dave has some interesting comments and hypothetical questions.

Adam is on a killer riff about flies, he’s now talking from the perspective of a fly. Dave now has Adam on a tangent about bees; Adam is now riffing in character as a bee and making a complex social metaphor at the same time, gold!

Adam has even greater closing riff now on bees, Dave just told him to throw in a sniff it was so good.


Adam is now on another side tangent about carpenter bees, Adam’s description is wonderful. Dave is not sure he’s ever encountered one but even Bald Bryan is agreeing they’re ubiquitous in southern California. Adam is sharing some interesting details of his encountering them while working on a ladder doing carpentry.

Bryan now switched gears and had the control room fire up a photo of a potato bug he found at his home and tweeted about, a wonderful series of reactions is now taking place!

Everyone is now riffing on the horrible appearance of the potato bug; Adam has an amazing quote about how you can’t kill a potato bug.


Dave has now brought it back full circle to Adam’s late night mouse hunt, Adam is wrapping up the story and now he’s going back to the concept of bees judging flies. Adam’s hypothetical answer to Dave’s hypothetical question may have been a comedy goldmine.

Adam is now comparing bees to Mormons and flies to Jamaicans, he’s now telling the gang about being stung by a bumble bee in San Diego.

Adam is now asking the gangs a hypothetical bug question, their reactions are great, and Adam has an even funnier analogy for what his question was like, so funny!


Dave is now telling the gang about his upcoming awards; Alison jumps in and has a hilarious and bizarre request. Dave is now quizzing the gang about pies and Adam has stepped in to take the reins of the pie talk.

Adam is riffing like crazy and has now switched gears to mocking Dave after he got into the topic of “pie goo”, and the gang is all now discussing photographs of food and cheese slices on pie.

Bald has taken Dave’s own blaster and used it against him for his reveal about his take on lemon meringue pie; the show has now turned into hilarious chaos.


Dave’s #1 Sports, he’s got a topical question about Winnipeg to start things off, hilarious blast from the past!

Dave is now talking about USC football, he’s having Bryan weigh in about the team and Bryan is sharing a bizarre anecdote.

Dave is asking the gang about bands playing during the halftime of NFL games; he hates it and wants to know if anyone has ever tuned who doesn’t like football just to see a musician.

Adam is now sharing several of his theories; he’s got a brand new one pertaining to lead singers.

Dave is now asking Adam and the gang about Ndamukong Suh, Adam has an extensive take on it. Alison just set Adam up for an epic riff about his two policies when it comes to his junk.

Dave’s creep of the week, Dave is pledging not to see the “Red Dawn” remake. Adam has a hilarious anecdote about attempting to see a movie with Kevin Hench; Dave has a great reaction that echoes what Kevin said.

Dave keeps calling back the legendary night where they met Swayze and got the cold shoulder, he keeps painting it in flowery language, hilarious Dave!

Adam is now telling the gang about the bizarre scenario that happened when he and sports guy Bill Simmons went to see “The Marine” on opening day.

Whoa, Dave just suggested he finally return for a Basic Cable Commentary on “Red Dawn”, perhaps the all-time funniest commentary and surely all-time funniest Road House commentary was recorded by Adam and Dave back in 2010 and can be purchased here https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/basic-cable-commentary-collection/id494710780, I can’t wait for the Red Dawn BCC!

Dave is now revealing his true creep of the week, he’s got a great rant that inspires a new game Adam just made up. Adam is now discussing the details of how they play his new game and the various people they need involved making it fair, hilarious!

Adam’s doing a live read and saying goodbye to Dave, Dave just got him to reconfirm the Red Dawn BCC right before the commercial, awesome!


Adam is now welcoming Ralphie back to the show; he’s plugging Ralphie’s upcoming live gigs. Ralphie is updating the gang on what’s been going on his life; Adam has a funny observation about life on the road amplifying negative behavior.

Ralphie is going very in depth on his marijuana use; Adam is perplexed how someone can put that much weed away. Ralphie and Adam both just referenced Ralphie’s horrible car accident that he once talked about in depth with Adam on the old morning show.

They have some laughs about the recent Twinkie news; Ralphie is now explaining his rehab experience to the gang.

Ralphie is now telling the gang what he’s going to be doing to further seek treatment for his PTSD and for weight loss, Adam is further exploring how exhaustion and life on the road encourages negative behaviors, especially poor eating habits.

Ralphie is now telling Adam about his workout program; Adam has a hilarious reply that works in The Biggest Loser.

They’re now all riffing on Tony Little; Adam has a hilarious set of quotes while in character as Tony, Technique!

Adam is now setting up a hypothetical road trip of Tony Little or Tony Robbins, Adam has a hilarious reply to Bryan’s answer.


Alison’s News, her top story is on a Camel that escaped from a nearby Mexican circus. The control room has fired up a clip of the local news.

Adam is now riffing on the style of reporting and the writing in the local news clip, he’s got an interesting either or that contrasts writing for kids shows or local news segments.

Adam is now riffing on camels, he’s got a great bit about them spitting on people and being a reliable mode of transportation for people he’s not the biggest fan of, and Alison has a great addition that just lead to a great joke about Ralphie.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote about what Natalia wants for Xmas, he’s now telling the gang about a possible Catalina trip so the kids could ride the zip line, and Sonny’s reaction is priceless.

Ralphie is sharing a recording of his son and telling the gang about some hot water he recently got in for the recording.

Adam is plugging an upcoming Mangria tasting in Seattle and wrapping the show.