Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/29/2012 – Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11-27-2012 – Release Date 11-28-2012


Adam is opening the show, he’s telling the gang how fans have been tweeting at him how California was determined worst state in the union in a recent yahoo finance article.

Adam is now riffing about how when you live in California it’s considered great by people from other states, now he’s explaining that has more to do with the topography than the actual society or quality of life in the state.

Adam has a great analogy for California, he’s equating the wonderful scenery and weather with a gift and making an example of what happens when someone gets a car from years of saving and hard work vs. getting one from a rich dad.

Adam is now making an analogy for California using Ray as an example; Adam’s explaining that with his naturally gifted physique he could have gotten a free ride at many colleges.

Adam is now telling the gang about some tweets he got showing pictures of Los Angeles in the 1950’s and explaining how his mind was blown by the pictures, somebody get Adam a copy of L.A. Noire pronto!

Adam is now explaining how family is the only route to improve all this, Adam’s point that anyone who wants to immigrate to this culture it couldn’t hurt for them to adopt some of our cultural priorities.

Alison is now reading off the top 3 run states; Adam’s declaring he’s now going to Wyoming.


Adam is now explaining that the 2nd thing to piss him off today was the Powerball being back at 500 million, Adam is explaining how the lottery flies in the face of everything that’s great about this country.

Bryan just had a joke about buying lottery tickets and completely deflated Adam’s rant. Adam and Bryan are discussing the lack of gadgets in modern Bond movies and Adam’s ability to discuss “This Is 40” having already seen an early screening.


Matt Atchity is now in studio; Adam is asking him about some current movie scores on Rotten Tomatoes. They’re discussing Skyfall and now going in depth on “Life of Pi”, Matt is explaining the movie to him and they touch on the book it’s based on.

They’re now discussing “This Is 40” in depth without spoiling the plot, Matt is telling the gang about his thoughts on the running time and Adam is defending the runtime while offering an interesting observation about Judd’s reaction when Adam said it has a 2hr and 20min runtime.

Adam’s now explaining his reaction to the nudity in the movie; he’s explaining his theory on how showing boobs might increase odd for Leslie to win an Oscar. Matt is agreeing with Adam while explaining to him why he would even think that.

Matt observed it was the same boob, seen twice, Adam is now mocking Matt and has a great riff about not being weird and noticing that.


Adam is now sharing with the gang about a relationship reenactment he had to do with Lynette after she went on a rant about Paul Rudd being in too many movies when he returned from seeing “This Is 40”.

Adam is now getting Matt to predict the Rotten Tomato score for “This Is 40”; Adam is explaining his thoughts on movies that are too long while defending Judd’s right to go long with his movies.

Matt is now spoiling Adam’s plans for “Red Dawn”, Matt claims its one of the worst movies he’s seen this year, he says he was rendered ill by the handheld camera use.


Adam is now recapping the few movies they’ve covered, Matt seems to think Daniel Day Lewis will win and academy award for “Lincoln” and now they’ve segued to Flight and Skyfall.

Adam is now giving his take on “Flight” and telling the audience it’s been out for over a month so to shut up about it in advance, Adam and Matt are now discussing the Budweiser sponsorship controversy with the movie.

Adam is now explaining his difficulties working with Budweiser while trying to make The Hammer; he’s now giving an interesting alternative advertising method for filmmaking.

Adam also objects to alcoholics being portrayed like Denzel was in “Flight”, he has some specific ideas about how people drink and doesn’t like the set director gone wild motif used in the film.


Adam and Matt are now discussing “The Hobbit” and Matt actually agree with Adam; he’s now going in depth with how he doesn’t understand fantasy outside of the porn realm.

Adam actually said Spiderman and comic books are easier to understand the interest in, Adam just technically praised comic book movies, rad!

Adam and Matt are now contrasting the Twilight movies against the LOTR/The Hobbit, Alison has some funny contributions and Adam is now busting out his hilarious Gollum impression during the scorebig live read, rogue hairs, hilarious!


Alison’s News, Her top story is a follow up on the news story from a few months back about the man who died while competing in a roach eating competition in Florida.

Alison is now reading the autopsy results and Adam is sharing his hilarious idea for a prank the coroner could pull on his assistant, great idea.

Alison is now filling in the last details of the story; she has a great and ninja fast one liner about the nature of the deceased. Adam has a great point about how we live in a land of laws but somehow these types of competitions are legal.


Alison’s 2nd story is another follow up, Alison is telling the details of the Kevin Clash case, the first accuser is now back and claims he was bribed and there are other accusers now too, Kevin has resigned.

Adam is giving his take on deviant sexuality and how it doesn’t work the same way for the average person, he’s got a killer MOPAR analogy and Alison just jumped in with a killer reply.

Alison is now quizzing Adam on what ages would be appropriate for these relationships, Adam’s got a killer reply, Alison loves it. Adam just cited the MTV “Catfish” series and is explaining how at 22 he could have been convinced to participate in a myriad of terrible ideas/situations.

Alison is now reading the accusations from his accuser; she breaks character to tell Bryan not to capture any drops, very funny!

Adam is now giving his in depth take on how he wishes everyone who works with or for children wasn’t motivated by some bizarre sexual reasons, great quote about what Elmo is a bridge to.


Alison’s 3rd story is on Chevy Chase leaving “Community”, Adam is joking about Joel McHale cracking a bottle of champagne.

Adam has a great angle on Chevy’s career, Adam’s dipping back to his SNL days and breaking down his work there and now telling the gang how this behavior is typical. Adam is now critiquing “Fletch” and explaining how he has to do his “Goonies” test on people who tell him they love it.

Bryan just tried to use one of Adam’s observations about Dan Aykroyd playing president Carter with a moustache against him, Adam quickly explains why it’s not the same thing and refocuses on Chevy.


Alison’s 4th story is on Hostess liquidating their brands, the gang are joking about Twinkie going up for auction and the potential Mexican buyer.

Adam just requested DAG’s “Twinkie Hole” drop, Bryan is telling it’s a loveline drop and has never been said on the podcast; Alison wants to know if Bryan only plays drops from things said on the podcast but he doesn’t answer, he plays old loveline drops for the record.

Producer Mike Lynch is now mic to explain the thought behind bakery thrift shops to the gang, Adam was perplexed about the customers who actually frequent the hostess thrift shop.

Adam and Bryan are now trying to poke holes in the thinking of Mike’s parents, Adam is telling the gang how he was tweeted a photo of pineapple passion fruit soda, Adam is now riffing on what the 2 liter represents, and Mike Lynch just got back on mic with some comedy gold.

Bryan just asked Adam an interesting question about collecting bottles for redemption, turns out his parents didn’t partake but Adam has a vivid memory of collecting bottles door to door in order to buy a ticket to a Doc Savage triple feature.

Adam’s got a funny riff about Doc Savage and now he’s doing a live read.

Adam has some fun with Matt’s last name, Bryan jumps in with a great one liner and Adam closes the show with a great drop from Bryan.