Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/27/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 194

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/27/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 194

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 11-25-2014 – Release Date 11-27-2014

Production Number #194 – Happy Thanksgiving

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Adam opens the show, saying he would like to talk about what they are thankful for in honor of the holiday.

Adam does the “wind in the sails of the pirate ship” intro and Drew asks about the ‘Take a Knee’ results, Adam says he’s about to interview Gene Simmons and shares some insights form his book about his upbringing.

Adam explains the extreme poverty he hails from, Adam is citing his motor and the points he’s gleamed from the first half of Gene’s book.


Adam says that Gene claims his first entrepreneurial endeavor at age 6 in Israel, Adam asks how you open a lemonade stand without sugar and lemons.

Adam is now explaining how he would pick “cactus berries” or “Prickly Pears” and brings up the cactus he ate while working on construction sites.

Adam says you can’t hear anything, you must feel and experience it, Drew is sharing how real change comes from experiential learning and cites Therapy as an example.


Adam explains the metaphor of Gene’s first ice cream cone bought with his own earnings, Adam is explaining why this is interesting as instead of him promoting an album or the band ‘Kiss’ he might get some true depth in their conversation.

Adam is now bringing up Norman Lear and Gene Simmons’s varied upbringings and where they ended up in life.

Drew is trying to get Adam to define success, Adam says time is the well-worn slipper of an excuse for people who can’t get things done.


Adam explains that Drew masters time, unlike Adam’s mom who looks at it like a giant tidal wave dragging her village away.

Adam is waxing poetic on how Drew views time and is able to achieve so much in life, he mocks his mom and her “Freak Out! Freak Out!” incident.

Adam is tired of people looking at success in just monetary terms, he explains how he just got back from playing Seattle and Portland, and they sold out two shows in both cities.


Adam has a solid definition of success and uses the recent live shows and the income to make a point about what actually matters when it comes to succeeding and achieving.

Drew is bringing up the factor of youth and how people are unclear where they’re going to end up, Adam is bringing up Drew’s process and compares it to the military, he explains he didn’t have the same experience as most civilians.

Adam brings up his mom and stepdad’s love for northern California and how her free house hobbled her, how can you leave a free house?


Adam is saying the biggest joke you can play on someone is to give them a free house, Gary and Chris both plug the Friday airing of Take a Knee in the ACS feed and explain the audio quality bonus you get from subscribing to the archive, I masterminded that one.

Drew is father trying to get Adam to refine his definition of success, he is now clarifying and does a funny Tommy Vu impression.


Adam asks Drew what’s on his mind and what he’s thankful for, Drew explains he’s thankful for experiencing gratitude in his life, he explains why it’s not as redundant as Adam claims.

Drew is now listing some of his experiences and what it was like to be interrupted by the President regarding the Ferguson riots.

Adam brings up Huffpo and cites how Lynette asked why more people don’t stand up and say what Adam says, he explains she was listening to Adam interviewing Gavin Newsom.


Adam explains Gavin is ready for sentence #1 not #2 and has an explanation of his salty language trick, Adam brings up the Huffpo headline after Gavin guested on the show and asked her if she would like the same headline with her name.

Drew says this false racism shit is the same thing that communism was in the 1950’s and he tells Huffpo to suck his balls.

Adam says that Lynette is naïve to the manipulation of the media and Drew is once again addressing the angry tweets about his points on free speech and how the public now hangs everyone who tried to express their fundamental right to free speech and thinking.


Adam is now bringing up the idea of communities and how he tells fans to please try and remove himself from any community that tries to indoctrinate/absorb you, citing his left handedness and high school history.

Adam says communities don’t seem to work, he cites Al Sharpton and jokes about Bob Leftowitz flying in to rally with the left handed community.

Adam says that Huffpo claims two societal branches are holding black people back, Adam brings up the police and then stops on Eric Garcetti commenting on the moment of reflection we must take about the current hiring rates and practices of the LAFD.


Adam says that LAX doesn’t represent a community, Drew shares a story of trying to pick up his daughter at LAX and Adam brings up the predominantly black TSA agents at LAX.

Adam doesn’t need to feel/see other people representing him, he asks Drew about relating to white people based on their skin.

Adam brings up the Fairfax Jewish community asking if their police force is full of Jewish people, Adam says he would prefer is buddy Ray pull him over, so he can tell him to fuck off and keep speeding, that’s what he would prefer.


Adam is saying that cops of all colors would rather beat a gay guy over a black or white guy, he jokes about it, gold!

Adam now brings up Santa Monica and asks how many cops are gay, he days it’s doesn’t play a factor and they don’t beat gay people and abuse them because they don’t match them in superficial cultural or physical ways.

Adam says it’s time for us to get past this community and “team” element of society, he get Drew to address comfort and security.


Adam is now asking why it’s comforting to see someone of your own race approach you as a cop, Drew brings up the messages sent to black youth about white men and law enforcement.

Adam argues that telling kids such stories is the bigger problem, Adam brings up the kids who became cops that he went to school with, and he explains the dudes who became cops were failed ex jocks.


Adam says the biggest problem vexing this country according to Huffpo is racist cops and racist school systems.

Adam is now asking about the people who go on to teach, saying they must be every bit as racist as the cops, he asks how you intellectually explain the further extreme of the students you went to school with both being racist, the most passive and kind vs. the most aggressive and angry.

Adam wants Drew to explain why such disparate groups are both racist and brings up the death/murder of Kelly Thomas, he tells the guys no to pull up a picture and tells Drew not to either.


Adam explains this as cops are physical guys walking around scared and says sadly people are going to get shot regardless of race, merely dude to circumstances.

Adam says Kelly looks like Dawson if he got his shit together, Gary is looking at the photos and tells everyone not to do a google search on this.

Adam brings up these cops who beat a man to death while he cries for his mother and asks why we don’t have more redheaded schizophrenic cops?


Adam is bringing up the pie chart on school age discipline, you can see it via the show page link above.

Adam brings up the 2-1 suspension rate compared to Hispanics, whites and Asian people.

Adam is now addressing the skewed stats, he says it’s not just race, he’s breaking down the pie chart and using that to mock the flagrant race baiting and lies as told by Huffpo and others who have agenda.


Adam is saying that teachers must love Asians, based on this pie chart.

Adam says the Huffpo people should be pissed for whites and Hispanics about the blatant favoritism shown towards Asian people.

Adam demands Huffpo explain this, Drew is joking with Adam and saying they are racist against Asians hence why they don’t put them on the school to prison pipeline, their kind are not allowed, Adam now understands.


Drew does a live read for E-Voice.

Adam says he would like to help the black community by approaching all issues in a way that aids them and remedies problems.

Adam is now mocking the notion of racially segregated communities and how that doesn’t help anyone, nobody wants that neighborhood, everybody wants everyone to graduate, he says he’s sure there are some racists out there so evil they have this hatred in them, but the numbers aren’t enough to make the claims that the likes of Huffpo do.

Adam wants a true melting pot.


1st Caller Matt, he had another question but the race chat reminds him of when he worked in Africa, he explains that it’s not about racism, its human nature.

Adam tells Drew to stop, to let him finish his point.

Matt brings up black people from different tribes, he’s suggesting we have an actual dialogue about human nature and not surface politics and notions.


Drew is now bringing up a test of white boys that was done with campers/groups and gets cut off by Adam, Adam is asking Matt what he was doing in Africa.

Matt has an eloquent point about human hypocrisy and Adam is now breaking down profiling of cops, he explains how they ready themselves.

Adam is now using frail people vs. muscular to make a point about how humans profile other humans, Adam has a killer joke about Lynette beating him in reply to Drew’s Asian comment.


Adam is now wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs, happy thanksgiving everybody.

Happy Thanksgiving from Gio, I hope you’re not working 10hrs and drinking only tap water too.