Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/27/2012 – Dave Stewart

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11-26-2012 – Release Date 11-27-2012


Adam is welcoming the gang to the show and has a funny twist for the David Wild introduction, he’s now thanking David for bringing in guests like Dave Stewart and they’re discussing Dave’s nature.

Adam is now telling David about his encounter with the security guard outside his dad’s hospital a couple months ago and Alison is jumping in with some great comments.

Adam is now explaining how he wants to put all decaf coffee fans on an island and how they fuck up his coffee drinking adventures.

Alison is jumping in and Adam is going super in depth on what he dislikes about decaf, he’s got a handicapped parking analogy and now he’s moved onto a vegetarian analogy to explain his take on decaf coffee drinkers.

Adam’s going off on McDonald’s coffee and how they upped their game once Starbucks started popping up everywhere, he’s now on a riff about “Baby Doll” and Alison has a very pertinent question.

Adam is now riffing on “Baby Doll” and his coffee consumption; he’s now doing a great impression of what it’s like on every conference call with him.

The coffee talk has not shifted to their recent trip to San Francisco and what the hotel there offered; Dawson is now on mic to discuss the coffee.


Adam is now explaining to the gang how certain things you wouldn’t expect bum him out in life; he’s citing energy drinks and safe baby drop off signs outside firehouses.

Adam is now telling the gang about 5150, he’s explaining what it actually means and more so what this as a title for a brand of beverage means for society.

Alison has an anecdote about being on the road with Adam and August.

David wants to know if Lynette still enjoys hearing Adam talk, Adam is now explaining how he talks while at home and is now sharing his advice about form that he often dispenses at home.

Adam has a great explanation about form and how human instinct is always wired to do it wrong initially; he’s now going in depth about breaking yourself of bad natural instincts.

Adam is now sharing his own anecdote about Mike August; he’s discussing some upcoming confusion about the Mangria tasting to coincide with the live show in Seattle.

Adam is now ranting about this mix up, he’s got some good points and Matt Fondiler is now on mic confirming how long the travel plans have been on the books.

Dave Stewart has now joined the show, Adam is still blown away that he created Reba McEntire’s sitcom and worked on “Showgirls”.

Dave is now going in depth about what it was like being brought on board the film and working with Paul Verhoeven, Dave is describing a bizarre situation of Paul dancing in his house and how they became friends.

Adam and Dave are now discussing their wine, Dave brought in some as a gift for Adam and he’s provided Dave with some Mangria.


Adam is now quizzing Dave about his journey; he’s telling the gang about his early childhood and comparing it to the film “Billy Elliot”.

Dave is now sharing a story about taking acid on his wedding day, Adam is telling Dave how he loves a good shroom/acid story and now Dave is giving the ending to the story.

Adam is sharing some details about seeing shockwaves off bees when he was on mushrooms and now he’s switching gears back to Dave’s journey.

Dave is now telling the gang about being signed to Elton John’s rocket records; he’s describing the interesting purchases he made with his first big payday.

Dave is now sharing another anecdote about hallucinogens and his ex-wife.


Dave is now telling the gang about his first meeting with Annie Lennox; Adam is having Dave explain it again as it’s so remarkable.

Dave is explaining how their breakup inspired over 100 songs despite them never writing a song while they were a couple, Adam and Bryan are trying to figure out if they’re the only band with that story, Bryan tries to shit on it with “No Doubt” and “The White Stripes” but Adam and Dave shoot him down.


Alison’s News, Her top story is recounting the twitter exchange between Chris Brown and Jenny Johnson that lead to him deleting his twitter account. Alison is now reading the tweets and Adam is losing his shit in response, hilarious!

Alison is further discussing the details of what went down, Adam is really getting a kick out of the name that Chris Brown fans go by, He’s now explaining how despicable hitting women is.

Adam is now reciting the 3 women who have hit him over the years.

Adam is now going in depth on Chris Brown and how you can judge him based off his behavior, he’s now offering up some advice to Chris.

Adam is now delving into the discrepancy between white guys and black guys when it comes to how they typically feel about their mothers and how they typically treat women they’re romantically involved with them.

Adam is now in full on loveline mode breaking down what homes Chris and Rihanna must have come from, awesome!


Alison’s 2nd story is about Angus T. Jones of “Two and a Half Men” insulting his own show on a religious website, the control room fire up a clip of him.

Adam is now riffing about the devil; he wants to know if there is a Mr. Magoo devil that is clumsy and less mischievous.

Adam has a great premise about making your kid hyper religious a great defense mechanism if they’re going to be working on set with Charlie Sheen every day.


Alison’s 3rd story is about Danica Patrick getting a divorce, Adam is now explaining how he felt bad because he was asking her about her husband on the recent phoner interview and she was probably going through the divorce right then.

Adam is now explaining why he never asks people personal questions despite getting shit for it, he’s telling the gang how he always gets burned by asking.

He’s now telling the gang an anecdote from Celebrity Apprentice involving his old agent and Arsenio Hall.

Alison wrapped the news minus her signature word; Adam is now doing a Mangrate live read and working David and Dave in, good stuff!