Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/26/2012 – Greg Gutfeld

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11-25-2012 – Release Date 11-26-2012


Adam is opening the show with some Get It On’s, Alison is remarking on Adam’s facial hair. Adam is now explaining he’s decided to grow his beard out for the first time in 20 years, I wonder if this was in inspired by Alison’s inquiry the other day?

Adam is now explaining how a beard worked out for Zach Galifianakis and just had a hilarious reaction upon seeing Mike Dawson and Mike Lynch, good stuff!


Adam is now sharing about his thanksgiving; he’s describing the typical rushed last minute affairs and the even more typical early arrival of his mom. Adam’s now riffing about the imaginary possible reaction he would’ve had if she were 15min late.

Adam just revealed how many people showed up for Thanksgiving at his house before 4pm, he’s now ranting about his attitude towards them for showing up early.

Bryan is giving Adam some pro tips on how he should tell different people different start times based on their age, Adam has a great riff about how they schedule the BET awards.

Alison is now chiming in with her experiences over the holiday and how she was still in the shower when her boyfriend’s family showed up; she’s asking Adam and Bryan if she inadvertently committed a social faux pas.


Adam is now telling the gang about his 1k dollar bet with Ray, he had Ray call her to see if she was in one of her three go to moods/modes.

Adam is now sharing his adventures in pumpkin pie this year, he’s telling Alison and Bryan about the store bought pie he stashed and what happened to it once he left it out for all the guests.

Adam’s describing an awesome thanksgiving meal, nice work Lynette!


Adam is now sharing how the twins have jumped on board with mocking him for his Mangria love, he’s explaining how they really get a kick out of making fun of him and he just suggested a hypothetical silent treatment punishment for them, wow!

Adam is now explaining how he’s been sending out bottles of Mangria and bringing them with him for certain press engagements, he’s telling the gang about bringing a bottle over to the “Nick and Artie” show.

Adam’s now reading the reply he got from Donald Trump after sending him a bottle, Adam is now explaining how it might seem corny but it actually inspires him despite it just being a gesture.

Adam is now on a tangent about the pecking order of contacting people, he’s describing being given people’s projects and his feelings giving other people his projects, and he’s citing Judd Apatow and the Hammer as his prime example.

Adam’s doing a Mangrate live read and now he’s telling an anecdote about Sonny and a printer, he’s back to the live read and Alison is now jumping in and making it fun.


Greg is making his 2nd appearance on the podcast; he was first on ACP #80 in June of 2009 via skype. You can find his first appearance by signing up for the official Adam Carolla archive http://adamcarolla.com/archive/.

Adam is explaining how Greg is a little buzzed as just got off a flight and is a nervous flier; he’s now sipping on some Mangria to keep the buzz going.

Greg is now explaining how he was chastised by a flight attendant for abusing the call button in 1st class, he’s kind of stunned it was even an issue; Adam is jumping in and siding with Greg.

Adam and Greg are now discussing 1st class air travel, Adam is offering up his theory on overhead compartment space and wheeling luggage through the gate area.

Adam is now sharing his idea for weighing passengers and their luggage, similar to what they already do for international baggage.


Adam and Greg are now riffing on the unattractive TV detectives of the 1970’s, Adam is now asking Greg about his new book.

Greg is explaining the theme of his book, Adam seems to love the material he’s covering and he’s telling Greg about the people in question who coopt the pain and take offense for other people.

Adam is now sharing the details about a woman who took a comedic photo; the control room are now firing up a clip of the story being discussed on the “Today Show”.

Alison is weighing in with some interesting points about the topic; Adam and Greg are now going even further in depth on what this fake outrage does to people.


Alison’s News, Greg lets out a knowing sigh during Alison’s theme; Alison is now explaining how her love of “The Facts of Life” TFOL was first explored on “Red Eye”. Adam is now teasing them for claiming to be big TFOL fans but not having attended a taping, hilarious!

Greg just jumped in to explain how his Mangria is really enhancing Adam’s story about seeing a TFOL taping in the 80’s.

Alison’s top story is on “Gangnam Style” becoming the most popular YouTube video of all time, Adam and the gang are now weighing in on the video.

Adam is now explaining how you want to watch the video and not enjoy it but that it’s far too catchy, he’s now making comparisons to other one hit artists. Adam is telling the gang about the time Lou Bega visited Loveline on MTV in 1999.


Alison’s 2nd story is about the death of Larry Hagman, Greg’s got some interesting observations and Adam has a funny riff based off of it. Alison’s reading the details of Larry’s health and has a great reply for Adam.

Alison just set Greg up for gold and he’s now riffing on Larry’s work on “I Dream of Jeannie” and Adam is now on a tangent about the sitcom plot of the husband’s boss coming over for dinner.


Adam is now asking Greg about his show “Red Eye”, Greg is now explaining how the show has evolved since when they first started it.


Alison’s 3rd story is on PETA asking the president to stop the annual “turkey pardon” ceremony. Alison is reading the quotes from the request and Greg can hardly contain his reactions.

Adam hates that they piggy back race issues onto this campaign, Adam has a great 70’s reference and Greg’s appalled at the news story.

Adam has a great argument about cultural relativism that calls back some old classic loveline conversations between him, Drew and Bad Religion.

Adam does a live read and closes the show.