Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/23/2012 – Cobbs

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11-18-2012 – Release Date 11-23-2012

Adam is opening the show and welcoming the audience, he’s got a quick riff about getting drunk because it’s the last show and Alison has a hilarious reply.

He’s now sharing about he was talking to his kids between the shows before they go to bed as he often does from the road, Natalia told him she wants her own podcast and he’s got a very funny title chambered.

Audience Questions, 1st question from Ava, awesome Ava! Adam has a quick riff about working off the cuff, he wants to make it clear to the audience it’s not cause he works better that way, but because he’s inherently lazy.

Ava wants to know if they were driving back tonight, Adam has a killer reply to her being nervous sitting in front of him, hilarious!

Ava also wants to know if they came to San Francisco in a borrowed car, she may have guessed the correct one and Adam has a hilarious reply.

Adam is now riffing on the idea of women peeing on things like guys do, he’s now sharing an anecdote about driving with Mike August. Adam and Alison are bonding over enjoying the feeling of a heated seat with an open car window.

Adam is now riffing about the fan in his bedroom; he’s got a hilarious impression of a sleepy Lynette.


Alison is now having Adam explain why he drives home the same night as the last show, he’s now telling the audience about his door to door policy. He’s now explaining he’ll make it home in time to wake up his daughter, he’s now joking with Alison about women peeing.

They’re now riffing on asparagus pee; Adam is regaling Alison with an anecdote about peeing at loveline with Dr. Drew.


2nd question from Nick, he wants to know the best way to propose to his girlfriend, he’s now proposing. Adam is getting him to share their story, Alison has a great reaction.

Adam is now riffing on people fucking coworkers at bars; Adam is now in character as the manager who’s stunned at the news an employee is not fucking his coworkers.

Alison is now pondering if she’s the only person who doesn’t go out of their way to have sex on every surface; Adam is now right with her explaining how creepy it is when people joke about christening every room in their house.

Alison now just admitted she’s also never made a sex tape; she’s now polling the audience. Adam just confessed to also never making one and has a hilarious riff about making an audio sex tape.

Adam is now riffing on Hulk Hogan appearing on Piers Morgan, he’s doing his Hulk impression and mocking his take on being embarrassed. The guys are now playing the clip.


3rd question from John, he wants to know how to go back to the dry technique after years of lube; Adam’s riffing about prison being the only solution and possibly advice he might give Sonny.

Alison has a question for the men and Adam is telling the gang about producing a sample for fertility treatments and now Bryan is weighing in with his experience, hilarious twist!


Gay Walking, “Pre-op board op” Bill from the old KLSX ACS is asking questions in this classic bit.

Adam has some hilarious quotes about the first guy and his answer to the question, Alison is now asking Adam about the ear gauge process, hilarious observations from both of them!


Adam is now riffing on the game and Alison jumps in with “Sanfrantastic” and now Adam is going over the rules for how to refer to San Francisco and comparing it to his feelings on being from Los Angeles.

Adam is now talking about Los Angeles attracting the biggest assholes from everywhere else; Alison and Bryan are chiming in.


Alison’s top story is on type of sex that doesn’t involve orgasm; Adam has some immediate thoughts on delayed gratification including an awesome “Milky Way” analogy.

Alison now quizzing Adam on the guy he doesn’t want to hang out with more, Sting or Bono and now Adam is ranting about them preaching about American culture. Adam’s now sharing his Bob Seger and Ted Nugent plan to pay the UK back for Sting and Bono.


Alison’s 2nd story is on Chick Fil A’s recent profit increase in spite of or possibly encouraged by the recent controversy. Alison is now having Adam elaborate his feelings on the idea of any press being good press.

Adam is now explaining how the “chicks aren’t funny” debacle went down and making a perfect logic argument to explain his answer, interestingly he does acknowledge it was most likely a calculated move by the “reporter” was interviewing him. Adam was about to make a point about something Jimmy Kimmel told him about this type of interviewing but an audience member chose to yell out and stop him.


Alison’s 3rd story is about the pictures of missing kids being added to tortilla packaging in Mexico; Adam is on a great riff about finally brining the people from Israel to Mexico.


Alison’s 4th story is on Seinfeld the TV show’s total earnings; Adam has a funny riff about not being bitter and brings up the income of various dead celebrities. Adam has a great riff about Oprah taking one for the team.


Alison’s 5th story is on various spin off TV series that never came to be, including Phoebe. Alison is now asking Adam about his favorite friend’s character; Adam and Alison are bonding over their mutual love of “Gunther”.

Adam is now joking about the various shows Alison is listing off, Adam and Alison are discussing MASH and now Adam is riffing about the hairstyles on the show despite its 1950 setting.

Great children’s pajamas riff involving the whole gang that turns into an acting tour de force as Adam recounts the painful death of his fake twin brother, hilarious!


Alison’s 6th story is on a chef who murdered his wife and slow cooked for several days, Adam has a hilarious reply to the story. Alison is further sharing the details and Adam keeps killing it with comedy, he’s got a great reply to Alison’s question about someone having a broken picker for relationships.

Adam’s on a great tangent about chefs and nurses wearing clogs, Alison is now asking him his thoughts on Vibram finger shoes.

Adam and Alison are now bonding over their mutual distaste for DJ’s and the move where they wear one earphone.


Alison’s 7th story is on the rise of trucks in NYC that watch students Cell Phone’s while they’re at class.

Adam has a hilarious riff about the guys in the trucks using the pictures found in the phones for nefarious purposes and has a great reaction when Alison tells him they are mostly underage kids.

Alison is now asking Adam about his cell phone use and how he travels with it; he’s got a great take on emergency calls and his inability to respond while on stage.

Adam is now ranting about the noise of phones set on vibrate and Alison apologizes for possibly having that happen before. Alison is now apologizing for an incident back stage involving a cheese plate.

Adam is now explaining what happened in vivid detail, hilarious one liner to Bryan about being inside him while watching the TV in the green room.


Alison’s 8th story is on a study that shows couples who split the domestic duties are more likely to divorce. Adam is now sharing an anecdote about his home life and his maid hiding his sunglasses.

Alison wraps the news and now Adam is doing an inspired Lynda.com live read, nice work calling back the whole show Ace!

Adam wraps the show.