Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/21/2012 – Larry Bubbles Brown

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11-18-2012 – Release Date 11-21-2012

Adam is welcoming guest Larry Bubbles to the show and goofing on his local history, Adam is now recounting a past x games that included street luge in San Francisco that Adam hosted with Jimmy.

Adam is now telling the audience about the first time Adam and Jimmy went to “House of Nanking” and the follow up visit. Adam is now explaining the seating arrangement at the restaurant and Alison jumps in for a hilarious interaction.

Adam is now explaining what happened during his most recent visit to the restaurant and why it caused him to get over San Francisco as a city.

Alison is chiming in about the intimacy kit found in their hotel room mini bar, she’s reading off the contents and now Adam is on a tangent.

Adam just revealed some hotel shenanigans he pulled in NYC, Alison has a great reply and now Adam is exploring the idea that you get fined if you smoke in a nonsmoking room but you can beat off as many times as you want.


Adam is telling the audience and the gang about visiting Napa, hilarious observations as to why he loves it there. Adam is now sharing a fantasy he has where he leads a wine tour and tricks the people who attend.


Audience Questions, 1st Question from Michael, he wants to know if Adam and Ray ever swapped girlfriends, Adam is explaining who Ray is to Larry and the audience, he’s now telling them they never shared girls.

Adam is further describing Ray’s history with attractive women; Alison is jumping in with some great points about Adam being envious of things in Ray’s life. Alison thought Ray worked out and now Adam is jumping back to explain Ray never works out and how frustrating that is.

Adam is telling the audience about the fate of his Rams beanie, and he’s switching gears to the Mulholland club. Adam is now telling them about the time Ray put his penis in his mom’s friend’s ear.

Adam’s going further in depth on the best part of knowing Ray and being around him, he’s going in depth on the reactions people have to his off the wall behavior, very interesting.

Adam is now making a great point about reactions, he’s using a stubbed toe on the bed frame to explain how people don’t have a reaction chambered for the things Ray might do.


2nd questions from Joanna, she wants to know what Adam thinks his kids will grow up to be. Adam has some great replies about their possible futures and what he’ll do in reaction.

Bryan fires up the stripper DJ music and Adam knocks out a quick bizarre Jade Stage 4.

Adam is now explaining how his mom is still engaged in their Mexican standoff in regards to Not Taco Bell Material, he’s explaining the lengths he’s going to in order to prevent her from getting a copy.

Adam is now telling an anecdote about the reaction he and Mike Lynch had to In 50 Years We’ll all be chicks reaching the New York Times best seller list, very funny. Adam is asking Joanna what she does for a living and is now launching into a riff on how motherhood is the hardest job.

Adam is simultaneously mocking the concept of it being the hardest job while mocking the people who condescendingly preach that but don’t truly mean it. Adam is now giving an update on his kids at home and what they’ve been up to.

Adam is now sharing about the difficulties in hanging out with all of his old KROQ co-workers in the mid and late 90’s, he’s on an old Loveline jag about the wives of buddies screwing up hang out time and dinners.

Larry just shared a tidbit and now Adam is off on a tangent about the power of women’ sexuality over men, he’s got a hilarious analogy and Alison has a killer reply.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote about Mark McGrath.


3rd Question, Zach wants Adam’s old-school Loveline advice on how to know if it’s time to pop the question in his 7yr relationship. Adam has a hilarious reply and is now suggesting that Zach is dating the man seated in front of him.

Hilarious line from Adam about what Zach might do with the other gentlemen’s ponytail, he has an insane delivery on this bit, great!

Adam is now back to the analogy about women, he’s expanding the idea and talking it through with Alison.

Adam is now explaining how your longtime girlfriend will react to vacations when she’s expecting a marriage proposal, he’s got another riff about what happens when she gets invited to be in the bridal party of a couple you know.

Alison just asked Adam to elaborate, nice work Alison.


4th Question, Amanda wants to know if Adam will wish her fiancé a happy birthday, Adam has a hilarious reply and now he’s asking her about their “skate date” and hockey sweaters.

Adam is now riffing about novelty weddings and having a cash bar, he’s got a great tangent about being able to afford actual milk and raccoon parents.


Alison’s News, her top story is 6 thanksgiving food safety tips, she want’s Adam’s take; he’s got some great replies for each one.

Adam’s got a great riff about people becoming super concerned with germs; Alison has her own take on the dangers of raw poultry.

Adam just had Alison join him for a reenactment about following recipes; she has a great delivery into his wind tunnel of hostility, hilarious.


Alison’s 2nd story is about a turkey ice cream cake, while they’re pulling up the photo Adam is asked to vamp for a minute, Adam has a great riff about this being his first time speaking off the cuff.

Adam is now riffing about the importance of ice cream cake when he was a kid, he’s explaining his kid’s reactions and now going in depth on the gifts they get and the gifts he buys for other people’s kids.

Adam and Alison are joking about the bouncy castle that Jimmy Kimmel bought for Adam’s kids, Adam is telling the audience about putting it in the pool for them and possibly burning out the pleasure centers in their brains, great riff.

Adam is now joking about novelty candles; he’s got an excellent point about who the joke is actually on.

Alison just inspired Adam to tell the story of how he got fruit roll up stuck on the ceiling of his stepdad’s bedroom, Adam is now explaining his reaction to people asking him about his mom and his stepdad having separate bedrooms.

Hilarious stuff from Adam and a great analogy for what Ray is trying to do to Adam.


Alison’s 3rd story is about an interior designer who has found furniture items that are becoming obsolete; Adam is now teasing her about her risk taking journalism.

Adam is on a great riff about sleeping with another person and the short window where you both actually want to be sleeping close together, very interesting and funny.

Adam has a great California King riff; Alison is jumping in and having him elaborate. Alison is having Adam explain the lots he used to build, Bryan just jumped into discuss sleeping too close to a heater.


Alison’s 4th story is about Target announcing “Black Thursday” Adam has a great riff about the name and now he’s explaining how eating early affects him in a similar way to camping, he just called back several of the audience members and their questions, hilarious.

Adam just brought Larry back into the discussion, he’s a bit understated and Alison has a killer reply.

Adam is now joking with Alison about getting his guests to leave after thanksgiving dinner; Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is making fun of people’s interest in seeing a live read, live in person.

Adam just polled the audience on their most disliked term for their city, Bryan is jumping in to explain and Adam is now on a campaign to save “hella”.

They’re closing the show and Adam is interrupting the Bosstones music to give his cranberry sauce recipe, he’s on a hilarious riff about Larry interrupting too much, Larry seems to get the comedy and is going along with it, hilarious!

Adam closes the show.