Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/20/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 192

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/20/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 192

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Michael Che and Phillip Keene

Recorded 11-18-2014 – Release Date 11-19-2014

Production Number #192 – Michael Che and Phillip Keene

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Drew opens the show with Adam running late, Adam asks if Elvis has entered the building, he hasn’t yet.

Drew welcomes Phillip to the show and explains that his show ‘Major Crimes’ is a spinoff of the show ‘The closer’ which he enjoyed and mostly watched while on airplanes.

Drew asks him about being married to the creator of the show, he tells Drew about his husband and says that they just wrapped their 3rd season of ‘Major Crimes’.


Adam is now trying to conjure the title ‘Cougar Town’ while thinking of Bill Lawrence and his wife Christa Miller, who have worked on several series together.

Adam shouts ‘Cougar Town’ while entering the studio and it’s reminiscent of my triumphant “Sneaker Pimps” studio entry on ADS #9 as their first guest ever on the show.

Adam has a Join Mellencamp line, he gets a laugh from Chris apparently, and Adam is telling Drew he can help him with this broken comparison.


Adam is now elaborating on what he was asking Phillip about regarding his relationship and the series, Phillip has an anecdote of their personal life interfering on set and how Kyra Sedgewick set them straight.

Adam is asking about Drew’s wife and his career, he comments on how she’s never tagged along for tapings or other things.

Adam asks if Phillip’s husband will hear this show, he says yes and explains he wants that.


Drew is getting “pinged” and Adam asks him about the “no good can come of this” way he looks at his wife consuming all of his work and being present when he records.

Drew is sharing how his wife was the first person to tell him to “do whatever he wants” with an office change discussion, he marvels at her being the first person to ever give him that choice and cite what he’s earned.

Adam is now breaking down people who you can tell anything, he says he can tell Mike August anything and he’s rock solid, he doesn’t have a freak out reaction to seemingly anything.


Drew interrupts the show to explain the breaking news, he is bringing up the Michael Che discussions from ADS #191 and ACS #1455.

“You’re bad at podcasting!” – Adam yelling at Drew to explain who Michael Che is, Drew mixes up GoPro and says ProGo.

Drew further explains that Adam came on his HLN show and defended Michael there as well, they now bring him onto the show for his first phoner thanks to Gary hijacking Drew’s twitter account for a bit.


Michael has a killer “WhatIDoNow?” intro referencing the “What I Do Now?” mix-up that took place on that aforementioned ACS episode 1455.

Adam and Drew both love that intro, Michael Che is explaining his reaction and Drew blames himself for reading the quote like a robot.

Adam says that Drew walks around life like a school janitor, funny metaphor.


Adam compliments Michael as the anchor on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and compliments him on his week 2, 3 and 4 outings and the improvements he made after his first episode that was a little shaky.

Adam comments on his initial reaction to Michael and his work, Drew explains the Banana Peel theory to Michael and how seeing him being human in that moment only makes some people root for him more.

Adam is now asking Michael about the catcalling video, Adam jokes about Michael being super black, Drew jokes “51 Shades of Black” and Adam rolls with it.


Adam says he would think every neighbor he’s ever had he would assume they were all racist, Adam is now saying that might be akin to how it is for women, he says you shouldn’t take every guy for a possible rapist who says “good day” if you’re a woman, the same way if you’re black you shouldn’t presume that old white you live next to is racist, he could just be an asshole.

Michael is now explaining his reaction to the video and how now his jokes become a representation of the entire corporation he works for now that he has such a famous job.

Drew references his two great episodes of his podcast with Ryan Holiday.


Adam is now bringing up how there are certain sacred cows/third rail topics that are trying to muffle the voices and free speech of comedians and people in media.

Drew is now arguing against the critiques about him stating that free speech was under attack, he acknowledges the historical purpose of that fundamental right and clarifies his point.

Michael is explaining his take-home from all of this, Drew comments on how quickly Michael called in after being tweeted at by Dr. Drew.


Drew asks if he can use Michael to get two seats into SNL, he’s got a hilarious “is that what this was all about!?” reply.

Adam invites him to the studio next time he’s out in Los Angeles, he thanks them and says he’s loved them and their work since MTV Loveline and clarifies his point, and it’s not ok to harass women.

Adam says he’ll be easy to find due sharing an agent/management company.


Drew says in society we’ve now lost the ability to discern who is a good person, Adam is waxing poetic about his ledger for people pushing the cart and others sitting in the cart with their feet up or worse pushing the cart backwards against those trying to progress forward.

Adam is asking when people who pay taxes became the enemy, he’s got a point about his take on high yield tax payers paying off wrongdoings with money instead of prison sentences, and he brings up his nuts and bolts reasoning.

Drew references Take a Knee, Adam’s new motivational podcast.


Adam is going in depth on his one on one with Norman Lear and tells them about Norman’s mother’s inability to give it up for him and his success, much like Adam and his parents.

Adam has an eye drop anecdote from Norman about his mother, Drew is sharing his takeaway from viewing a documentary about Frank Loesser.

Drew explains how Frank’s mother and brother were the perfect unit and he was left as the odd man out, the fuck up.


Adam is now addressing the “I’m trying to keep you humble” argument that many of these tough parents might argue.

Adam now jokes about his next book

‘You Know I Love You

No I fucking don’t!’ (No wait I don’t)


Drew says it’s all an intimacy disorder and Adam says, that how they work is they brag their ass off about them when they’re not present.

Drew explains how he experienced that and Adam says this is the completely narcissistic move, he explains that people like Norman’s mother get to be the star once Norman leaves, they get to coopt your fame and success.

Drew references the narcissistic glow of celebrity and Drew is asking how Phillip got to the right place to find his husband, he talks about therapy and Adam says he seems like someone’s been through therapy.


Drew is not picking up on it, Phillip is sharing some of the hardships of his upbringing.

Adam brings up interviewing Phillip on the ACS for ACS #1427.

Adam is now explaining that certain people define themselves by things that are not necessarily about who they are, he’s dancing around the idea that Phillip is a gay married man and it’s not the essence of his identity, he’s defined by much more than just his sexuality.

Drew is now asking Phillip about how to maintain monogamy in the gay male community, Drew explains he’s asking if there is something aside from it just being two men.


Drew says eventually, Phillip says that’s the key they don’t want to leave the party and want to maintain their youth and enjoy the fun before it’s too late.

Very insightful, Adam says its being found attractive sexually and that’s the underlying factor and Drew acknowledges it and moves on.

Adam brings up the way most guys approach cheating and avoiding trouble, Adam has a funny “Bunch of Horny Me’s” one liner.


Drew is doing a live read for

Adam jokes with Drew about all of the stuff they dump on the postal workers who come by the studio.


1st Caller Jesse, he wants to know if Adam and the boys were single and young would they sleep with a transsexual while vacationing in Thailand.

Adam asks if Drew’s son was recently in Thailand, Drew is now joking about the pictures his son shared of him in Thailand with said lady boys.

Drew says he’s gonna have to ask him about that when he comes to visit over the holidays.


Adam is now trying to connect adventurous eaters to adventurous sex-havers, Adam says he doesn’t have much fear in his life.

Adam says he has no interest in sex that’s in any way off the “meat and potatoes” list of actions, he says it’s the same with food and uses squid ink as a metaphor for fingers up his ass during a BJ, he likes the risotto sans ink.

Adam is asking Phillip about his own tastes, he likes being with guys so his answer is also no.


Adam is now bringing up sharing an office with Jimmy Kimmel and Daniel Kellison and their love for seafood that looks like it was hacked off of a pier pylon.

Adam is now saying if he’s in a Thai prison, by all means but as long as their girls out there he will stick with them.


2nd Caller Robert, he’s got a friend who is starting to spin out on painkillers and references Drew’s almost constant harping on people to be aware of the dangers with pharmaceuticals.

Adam asks about the opiate addict related pain, Drew explains how the mechanism works in the brain and they have a killer “real doctor or just a love doctor” moment.

Adam is now arguing against psychological vs. physical addiction and then mocks Drew for not using his “yes and” skills.


Drew is breaking down the known components of this pain, Adam says that you might not actually have a swollen disk, he then wraps Marijuana addiction into the explanation.

Drew says that after two weeks Opiates border on useless, Adam asks why he doesn’t like Vicodin and Drew explains that some people get the dysphoric reaction, Drew has a distaste for opiates and Phillip shares his policy on prescribed opiates.

He’s telling Adam and Drew about his mother doctor shopping for opiates after several surgeries, Adam asks if Phillip was able to reconcile with his mother before she died at 58.


Drew says every patient he treats now die in the hands of his peers, from taking prescribed drugs, not street drugs.

Adam is now trying to walk through Phillip’s process of healing the dynamic with his mother before her death, Adam’s trying to figure out how to process it himself and Phillip has some great insight.

Adam says his actual next book will be “Why Don’t More People Want To Change?” and marvels at how he and Drew have evolved over time.


Phillip says you have to want it and Drew shares his love for change and personal growth, he also encounters the resistance to it that Adam is commenting on.

Adam says it’s one of the most important issues effecting society that’s not brought up, Adam comments on how paramount change has been in Phillip’s life and wants to know why it’s not ever brought up and treated like a taboo subject.

Drew says real change is an interpersonal experience, brains change other brains, that’s what therapy is.


Adam is now wrapping up the show and invites Phillip to stay and return for ADS #193, awesome!

Adam plugs Michael Che’s twitter, Gary gets on the mic to help him and Adam plugs ‘Take a Knee’ and explains it will never effects the ACS or anything else he does, it’s a separate thing.

Adam wraps the show.