Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/20/2012 – Cobbs

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11-17-2012 – Release Date 11-20-2012

Adam is opening the show to a very enthusiastic crowd, Adam’s got a great observation from Nick Santora about Mangria and Alison is also happy with the lively crowd.

Audience questions, 1st question from Bill, the gang have fun mocking his last name for a bit. Bill’s friend is preparing to unwittingly marry a gay man and he wants to know if he should warn her.

Bill just informed Adam the marriage already happened, Adam is now telling him there are no options left and has a hilariously times AIDS quip, he just realized where he was, hilarious!

Adam has a great riff on “sparkles” and is busting Bill’s chops a bit, Adam is now floating his theory on breaking up and getting back together, Alison is now jumping in to improv a role in Adam’s hypothetical, nice work!


2nd question from Emily, she wants to know Adam’s greatest drunken memory. Adam is now listing some of his most legendary drunk stories, awesome!

Adam is now recalling Dr. Drew’s reaction to finding out how many times he’s vomited from alcohol; Alison is chiming and adding to Adam’s description.

Alison is now asking Adam if most of his vomiting experiences were spontaneous or from forcing himself to throw up for relief, Adam’s now going in depth on his TJ stories and his descriptions of TJ alone are killing it, great donkey show riff.


3rd question from Patty, Adam is remarking how there aren’t any more Patty’s, her friends are yelling out about it being her birthday, Alison has a great point about the names.

Patty’s wants her dad to get into the podcast; she thinks if Adam was to mention him he might actually download the episode. Adam has a great Terry Shivo quip and manages to guess what Patty’s dad is doing in Cabo.

Adam has a great beach boys riff inspired Patty’s dad, he’s just wished the funniest fate upon said beach boy, good stuff.


4th question from Debbie, Adam is riffing on Syracuse and telling her about his trip with Drew where they spoke at Syracuse and went for a walk in a storm through a cemetery.

Debbie just informed Adam they changed their team name, Adam is now riffing on team names and how no matter what changes do to political correctness the redskins don’t seem to be going anywhere.

Debbie wants to know if Adam was to host a reality TV show, what the theme would be. Adam just invented “See how long Adam can nap” and is now explaining the parameters of the show.

Adam is now a great tangent about reality TV; he’s got a great point about how we went from “Lifestyle’s of the Rich and the Famous” to morbidly obese hoarders on TV, very interesting point about society and aspirations being replaced with schadenfreude.


5th question, Ricardo wants to know why Adam shits on NASCAR. Adam is explaining he prefers variety in racing and wants to see a multitude of vehicles and locations.


Totally Topical TiVo Trivia

Alison just jumped into remind Adam that he goes by Pete in this game, nice work Alison.

Bryan is cleaning up early, Alison is bringing her standard a game and Pete is a mess, great jokes about Bryan’s parents being in the audience and Adam mocking Bryan and some of the movie plots.

Adam is now doing a live read; he’s got a crazy riff about fighting bums in real time, hilarious!

Alison’s got a bone to pick with the dual toilet flushing levers in San Francisco; Adam has a great reply about the different levers being for different bowl activities, hilarious quotes.

Adam is now ranting about his active bowel KLSX coworkers, he’s got a great riff about pooping in public a celebrity and now Alison is chiming with an assist so Adam can finish up his super blowhard “what keeps me grounded” tangent, good stuff.

Adam is now on a tangent about the people who work at children’s activity places, he’s citing the pony rides at Griffith Park, and he just revealed a rare detail about something that almost happened after discussing this same topic on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

He’s now riffing on what type of pony his daughter and son prefer respectively, Adam is now riffing on Pegasus shit, hilarious!


Alison’s News, Her top story is about Los Angeles, The crowd and now Adam are jumping in and Adam is explaining how you know Los Angeles is shitty. Alison’s story is about L.A. being the largest city to sign in a “meatless Monday” initiative.

Adam is weighing in on how all this stuff existed when he was a kid; he’s explaining how soda and junk food used to be a treat and was consumed differently.

Adam’s on a great rant about this coming back to parents and how we’ll never be able to legislate good parenting, Adam also has a plan to sell meat on Mondays in order to make a profit off this new law.


Alison’s 2nd story is about IKEA, they released an independent report that showed that East German prisoners were forced to build its products 20-30yrs ago. Adam has a great riff about old people not being able to pronounce IKEA.

He’s now riffing about their mascot being an Allen Wrench and how they hand you a box with the contents of your entertainment center. Adam’s now on a tangent about fake appliances not being necessary.

Alison is asking Adam if a trip to IKEA is ever fruitful, she’s describing her recent hellish experience and Adam is now ranting about his family being losers.

Adam is on an epic riff about his mom and her casserole dish; he’s walking through the hypothetical scenarios of what might happen if the dish was left at his house, gold!


Alison’s 3rd story, a fan tweeted her that they sell a Raspberry/Passion Fruit kit kat in Japan, Adam is now explaining that he’s been warning us for over a decade about Passion fruit, he’s making a great analogy for who he is in this scenario.

Adam has a great point about Passion Fruit being the Minnie Driver of fruits.


Alison’s 4th story is about a woman who drove on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus; Alison has the guys play a clip of her driving and is now explaining her punishment for the crime.

Adam is explaining how he loves the judges who shame people, especially when they make someone choose the shame based punishment because the other option is too harsh, Adam has a great idea for the Jury to come up with her shaming punishment, very funny.


Alison’s 5th story is on a guy now holding the patent for a motorcycle helmet with a brake signal and turn signal built in. Adam is explaining his history with this idea and he’s going in depth, way back to 1986.

Adam is explaining how he patented the idea and spent 5,000 to do it and then forgot he had it. Adam is riffing about flat black motorcycle helmets and Bryan mentions the cop styled helmet which has set Adam on a rant about a specific drive home from Loveline, classic!

Adam is now full of Mangria and Vitriol, he’s ranting about L.A. cops and how they work for the people, Adam is really on a roll and demanding to know why people behave as if they’re scared of the cops.

Adam is now launching into a Legal zoom live read, Alison just wrapped the news and now Adam is closing out the show.