Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/19/2012 – Fred Wolf

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11-17-2012 – Release Date 11-19-2012

Adam just welcomed Fred to the show and now he’s telling the audience about the drive up to San Francisco and a stop they took at a Baja Fresh.

Adam is asking Fred about his kids, Adam is now sharing an anecdote about his own daughter and Alison is jumping in with some good points and funny quips.

Adam is now riffing on Hispanic girls getting their ears pierced when they’re very young, he’s asking the audience what’s up and they seem to be enjoying it, he’s now on a tangent about what baby girls get unique to each culture/race.


Audience Questions, 1st question from Miranda, she wants to know if Adam’s son sits or stands while urinating. She’s a parent looking for advice not a creep, FYI.

Adam just invented a new product for potty training toddlers, Adam is now on a riff about being presented with some toilet paper and not knowing what to do with it, hilarious riff!

Alison just asked a pertinent question about wiping, GET THAT DROP! Adam is now riffing about the range of his ass; he’s going in depth on his toilet paper use and results.

Bryan has a question about pulling your pants down at a urinal; Adam is now sharing anecdotes about what it’s like to bring your son into a public bathroom and has a great tangent about guys who use the flap in their underwear.

Fred is sharing a story about something he witnessed in a men’s room; Adam has a killer reply and is now telling him his theory about letting your kids see your penis.

Adam has brought the conversation back to Bryan’s college buddy and his pants policy at urinals; Alison is now sharing a story of a pee related incident and has a pee themed question. Adam just jumped in and Alison is praising his bold choice in ordering fish at the truck stop.

Adam is going nuts riffing on urinals, he’s got an anecdote about peeing in Denver and now Alison is finishing her story, hilarious quotes.


2nd question, Bill wants to know when Adam’s going to run for public office and get into politics full time.

Adam is on a great riff about Florida being involved in every terrible story in the news; he’s got a hilarious plan to resolve it.


3rd question Nancy, she wants to know what Adam has against Churros. Adam is now riffing on them being lazy donuts and telling Nancy to tie her cultural identity into a food item, great sloppy Joes riff.

Adam is now sharing a story about taking his catholic littler brother Nate to the Rose bowl in 1992, Fred jumps in to compliment Nancy and Adam takes his comment to another level with a creepy one liner.


4th question Mark, wants to know about the Jimmy Kimmel “Dixie Chicks” prank, he is aware a video tape once existed and wants to know why it’s never seen the light of day, Great question! Adam is now sharing the story with Fred.

Adam is explaining how hard Jimmy searched for the tape and how much laments losing it, wow!

Adam is now explaining how his desire for pornography met his inability to set electronics one fateful night in the 90’s when he was dating his stripper ex-girlfriend, hilarious!

Adam is going in depth on what happened with that relationship, nice work with the assist Bald Bryan.

Alison is asking Adam why he had the playboy channel back then and now Adam is throwing it to her news.


Alison’s News, Adam jumps in to plug Fred’s projects, Fred is engaging the guy shouting in the crowd and Bryan lays in come choice drops.

Alison’s top story, Hostess has announced they’re closing their doors. Adam has a great riff about Twinkie’s being America’s churro. Adam’s got a great tangent about how we as a culture don’t use a product enough and then inflate demand once we hear it’s going away.


Alison’s 2nd story is about Janeane Garofalo’s 20 year marriage, Adam is now on an inspired riff about women who wear multiple bracelets, awesome quotes!

Adam’s now on a riff about guys who get into the pirate look, Bryan is laying in some choice Bonaduce drops.


Alison’s 3rd story is on the death of Lucille Bliss, the voice of Smurfette. Alison is feeding Adam the details and exploring his lack of interest in the smurfs. Alison is now telling Adam how Lucille was the original voice of Elroy jetson.

Adam is now pondering why we all have a “dog” voice; he’s giving an example of his kids. Alison has now shifted it to the stereotypical man and women voices, now they’re each launching into a series of quotes as different genders, hilarious!


Alison’s 4th story is on driver’s license statistics in the United States, Adam has a great tangent about young people he meets not being excited about getting their driver’s license, good stuff.

Adam is now explaining how he failed driver’s ed and went on to become a traffic school instructor.

Adam and Alison are discussing women who drive manual transmissions, Fred is weighing in with his thoughts about MT and now he’s sharing another anecdote.

Mike Dawson is now on mic telling the gang about his own experiences with a Chevy LUV, Alison wrapped the news and now Adam is going into a legal zoom live read.

Adam wraps the show.