Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/16/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 191

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/16/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 191

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 11-11-2014 – Release Date 11-16-2014

Production Number #191 – Lena Dunham Is Not a Predator

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Drew still has a headful of steam, he asks Adam about the Glenn Beck medical symptoms story, and Adam is unable to keep up with all of the stories and current news items.

Drew explains that Glenn Beck claiming his “worn out adrenal gland” is the reason for his symptoms, Adam says he probably had Fibromyalgia from his sleep disturbance and he’s speculating on what might have been going or what could’ve happened if opiates were prescribed.

Adam is now commenting on the sleep part of life that society tends to skim over, Adam is preemptively declaring his next point interesting and more!


Adam explains how he would take a post lunch nap, he says that Daniel Kellison looks at napping like a weakness, instead of the reality of sleep hygiene and how it can improve your performance.

Adam is explaining the negative connotation of napping at work to Drew who is finally getting it.

Drew is hinting about his pet theory about dementive illnesses being linked to sleep deprivation.


Adam says the only thing that can fuck up this Viking machine known as Adam Carolla is to fuck up his sleep.

Drew is now making a point about confusing things like this, he cited the way wealthy people and their diets used to be viewed.

Adam has a killer quote about being able to see light through his eyelids while describing meeting a woman who speculated her son might have hyper vigilance and how he told her to get him an eye shade.


Adam is now lamenting his childhood and the inability to sleep, he says he was never told how to sleep and in high school you’re never told how to sleep nor make money.

Hilarious Chimaera war reference topped by a one liner and a self-satisfied sniff, was that done for Adam?

Drew is explaining how people get symptoms like Fibromyalgia from insomnia and lack of sleep.


Adam is now bringing up his schedule and trying to do 2 90min live shows back to back on no sleep.

Drew shares how aware he was an able to engage after a recent session of good sleep and how he noticed it in his performance on his HLN show that night.

Adam is asking why it’s up to him to think of all this shit, why anyone doesn’t think ahead.


1st Caller Matt, he asks about the happiness quotient and if making 200k a year makes you happier than earning just 100k per year.

Drew is now quoting the same media and says that the difference in life quality between 100 and 200 is negligible and starts to slide the other way.

Adam is now bringing up how an individual’s annual nut determines their happiness, once you make that nut you are no happier by making more money, once you can afford to pay for all of the things you do and enjoy it settles your uncertainty and unhappiness of not being able to afford those things and that life you want.


Drew is now making a point about charity and how that contributes to happiness, Matt has a sly comment and Adam is now bringing up how people think he’s the biggest dick in the world and he cites his “ultimate charity” and hundreds of thousands per year to the government and asks why that doesn’t count towards charity.

Adam doesn’t know where that money goes, he guesses it gets spread out and mostly squandered.

Adam is asking Drew as someone who lives in a society, would he rather everyone pay several hundred k in taxes or do the 5k marathons to aid fundraising and awareness for breast cancer.


Drew is making a fine point about their dissatisfaction with how bureaucracy operates and clarifies his point about everyone paying 6 figures in taxes and what that would do for society.

Adam cites his work as a catholic big brother nearly 20 years ago.

Matt, clarifies he wasn’t being a dick, he was genuine that Adam does employ people and give a lot.


Matt wants to know why they work so hard if the money doesn’t make them happier, Matt sounds very enlightened and considerate while trying to explore the phycology of both men.

Adam explains how he feels he squandered two decades of his life, he says he comes from people who were more than happy to watch him rot while picking up garbage on a construction site for the rest of his life.


Adam says he should have been making movies, he should be on his 10th, he’s doing only his 2nd at 50 years old, and Adam is waxing poetic like a motherfucker about legacy and what you leave behind on this planet and how perhaps the conversation about you might go on long after you’re gone, whoa.

Drew shares his dad’s legacy of the great depression was passed down to him and results in much of his catastrophizing.

Adam and Drew are now talking about college costs, Adam brings up Drew’s fretting about it in the 90’s while his kids didn’t end up entering college until a couple of years ago.


Drew says he was right to be preparing so feverishly, Adam shares how he wanted to turn his kid’s college fund into a high profile car purchase.

Drew says you must have liquid funds, Adam is standing his ground and says he hopes colleges don’t exist in 10 years and is now giving his reasoning.

Adam is basically arguing against the seeming indoctrination that finishes the famous quote of Drew’s “College Teaches you how to think… like an asshole”.


Adam is now arguing against the Huffpo stats about college rape instances.

Adam quotes the 20% chance of it happening, he jokes about the role his son would then play at college and asks Huffpo why they’re sending their daughters off to “the rape factory” and Drew coins “Rapeville”.

Adam says his daughter cannot go, he agrees with Huffington post, women should not be allowed to go to college, and we can’t take that chance. Drew asks about the stats from women’s colleges, Adam compromises and says that’s an option if the odds dip down into the teens.


Drew brings up the Lena Dunham story he is replying to aggressive tweets asking why they haven’t brought this up, Adam interrupts him to bring up how he heard her on Howard Stern.

Adam is now explaining how he heard her talk about her rape on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ and how he immediately reacted with “oh my god” then his better judgment intervened and he waited for the next beat while tempering his emotional response to her reveal.


Adam is now making a point about the differences in things like the California legal definition of rape/consent when intoxicated and something violent and horrible.

“Drew’s allergic to hot rape talk” – Adam

Adam explains he heard that story and makes it clear he’s not excusing any behavior and its still rape, just not thought horrific type he was expecting to hear based on her telling of her history on Stern.


Drew is now describing the story from her book, he is criticizing the ability of childhood memory using real world stats, and he insists a child as young as her sister is portrayed would not be able to process the concept of a joke nor insert said rocks.

Adam says he hasn’t heard this story and Drew is filling in the info.

Adam brings up the story Jillian Barberie as she told on Dr. Drew’s Discovery Health show from 2005, she may have also came on and discussed it on Loveline, but I think Adam is recalling Drew telling him about the story on air after taping the episode.


Drew fills in the story for the audience and now Adam and Drew are speaking out against the people criticizing Lena, Drew fears something more insidious was happening to her sister but is making it clear Lena is not an abuser.

Adam is saying he would like artists to be able to write books, do standup and podcasts etc. be able to tell their story the same way Richard Pryor could tell his stories in the 1970’s.

Drew demands the title of this episode be Lena Dunham is not a predator and Adam is further saying he would like to live in a society where freedom of speech still holds up, Drew jokes with him about it a bit.


Adam is defending Lena telling a story of something that is factual to her experience and memory and how she shouldn’t have to fear or even think about how other people are going to twist her words and run with it.

Drew brings up the endometriosis nonsense he still fights to live down despite never saying what he’s accused of saying.

Adam and Drew are now lamenting the unhealthy dime droppers among us, Adam is explaining why he doesn’t get into gossip as it doesn’t move his needle, spreading other people’s business doesn’t help him nor his family.


Adam says he does this because he’s selfish, not honorable, it does nothing for him to gossip about drama among friends and strangers.

Adam and Drew are both concerned with how she got the rocks in there, Drew explains that sexual abuse is about sex, not this in any form.

Adam is now reverse engineering the timeline, he says if you were Lena and you felt like you were engaged in some activity with your younger sister that boarded on abuse or crossed any lines, and you wouldn’t put it in your book.


Drew brings up the fact that many abusers don’t know they’re committing abuse, Adam says she’s an intelligent person and would know, she put it in the book because it wasn’t anything she ever thought to be concerned with, at least not in this way.

Adam is now commenting on how there are no truly 100% open books, even Howard Stern has limits and boundaries and same for every other person when it comes to the others and for themselves as well.


Drew is now bringing up the Artie Lange twitter controversy, Adam says Artie is one of the funniest and fastest guys out there, he’s performed on stage with him.

Adam describes him as a bit of a cartoon character and plays up his image somewhat, he now cites Gilbert Gottfried, Dice, himself and many other performers who present the comedic caricature of themselves they present while on stage or in front of an audience.

Adam is now riffing about Larry The Cable Guy and jokes about him using his lawnmower as his transportation on his 700 acres outside of Montana.


Adam is now bringing up the way people are trying to put Artie’s head on a stick and Drew wants to know why Adam thinks that is.

Gary is getting the tweets ready to read them, Adam is now arguing against this current mob mentality state many people seem to operate in.

Adam says nobody truly gives a shit, they just want to make sure they’re not the next ones singled out.


Adam is now commenting on the tweets after reading through the highlights, Adam chuckles for a moment and says you are restricting Artie’s ability to perform up to his standards.

Adam is now bringing up the Michael Che controversy regarding his fake apology to women in response to the “catcall video” and he’s now giving Drew a synopsis of the timeline of events.

Adam is having Drew read the initial sarcastic, hilarious and insightful apology post.


Adam explains that was taken and rammed up his ass, Drew is now reading the 2nd apology letter, Adam has to demand Drew read it aloud once again, “Read It!”

Adam is now asking Drew if that resonates with him, it’s quite brilliant.

Adam is commenting on how now that Artie has a job the people have shut him up, Adam says good job America, get all the comedians to shut up, he asks what the overall plan is.


Adam is saying speaking of black and white, what is the worst thing that can be said about a comedian.

Drew is guessing, he fails twice and Adam says “Just shut Up Drew, You’re never going to get the answer and you’re always wrong.”

Adam says it’s “vanilla” that’s death to a comedian and that what people seemingly are encouraging, comedians need to be allowed to be offensive.


Adam is now asking if this what Artie thinks, this farcical plan, dressing up like Thomas Jefferson, gold!

Drew is now saying he believes when free speech becomes hate, it incites hateful behavior.

Adam is now arguing that people aren’t harmed by comedians making off color jokes, Adam says he doesn’t care how you feel, he wants to know what has happened.


Adam is now commenting on how he has gotten info she feels degraded by this, Adam says well then Artie should apologize to her, just her.


Drew is doing a live read for


2nd Caller Jay, he wants to know about driving in the HOV lanes without a passenger.

Drew is now stepping in to explain what HOV lanes are as they’re not in every state.

Drew brings up the toll system for using the 101 HOV lanes now, Adam says he has mixed feelings about it.


Adam is telling Drew about finding himself on these freeways he didn’t know the rhythm of while driving to tape episodes of ‘Catch a Contractor’.

Adam is now saying first thing’s first, fuck everyone he’s driving to a job that’s going to pay so much in taxes it’ll build you another lane, don’t worry about it.

Adam explains his tricks for tilting the passenger seat and headrest, to make it seem like a smaller person might be sitting in the seat, he is giving a beat by beat of his scam to use the carpool lanes on unfamiliar freeways, he says if he got a ticket, then he would’ve accepted it.


Adam is saying he didn’t get in anyone’s way, it wasn’t dangerous and he sped the whole way.

Adam explains how he never turns right on red arrows when it holds anyone else up, infringes on anyone or is possibly dangerous to him or others.

Drew is making a point about “doing the right thing” and Adam asks what’s right about sitting in Culver City waiting to turn left at midnight.


Drew says he doesn’t trust other people to be as good with it like Adam is, Drew observes the warbirds flying overhead for Veterans Day.

Drew says there is great benefit to doing the right thing, Drew is now clarifying his words and saying people should cultivate the habit of always doing the right thing and that’s what builds character.

Drew says the law is in place to help guided citizens into better behavior, Adam says it’s about fund raising when it comes to the red turn arrows and tickets.


Adam is now wrapping things up and saying he gets to say whatever the fuck he wants to say as he’s sitting in his pirate ship, who’s going to fire him, Adam jokes about sexually harassing himself later tonight.

Adam thanks the fans and tells them about his new show ‘Take a Knee’ a separate podcast themed around motivation, accomplishment and progress.

Adam explains the subscription model and how it only applies to this show, the others shows will always be free, glad he reiterates that.

Adam is once again harping on Michael Che having to worry about his corporate job and compliments the fans as they don’t have to worry about those same concerns.

Adam wraps the show.