Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/15/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 289

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/15/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 289

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 11-10-2015 – Release Date 11-15-2015

Production Number #289 – Bite Marks

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Adam thanks the fans for supporting the show and telling their friends, Drew plugs his upcoming booking on the ACS promoting his episode of ‘Drunk History’ and Drew brings up the topic of the President of The University of Missouri stepping down.

As was covered on ACS #1699 and Reasonable Doubt #17 and they both talk about this modern PC war on everyone, Adam addresses the notion of “systemic” problems and how that would make the government inherently evil.

Adam talks about the actual motivations of a capitalist government, Adam argues that rhetoric gets people reelected even in liberal “blue states” and mocks the local candidates who have been ensconced in the system for the past 20+ years but never blame themselves for making it so oppressive to the citizens.


Adam shares the one reason he would like Hillary to become president, just to see the shift from race baiting to sexism claims and predicts the dialogue shift on campuses, Drew brings up Hillary’s health and Adam explains why that is a 3rd rail issue.


1st Caller Kyle, he’s calling about bite marks on his son, he’s 2 and has been going to daycare.

Drew talks about how big of a deal it is for a 2yr old to be left somewhere, Drew has a deep and empathetic “he’s 2, he’s 2!” in reply to Kyle’s protests.

Adam is mocking the notion of learning social skills at 2 and needing early stimulation, Drew agrees with Adam.


Adam is now bringing up a Chris Rock bit he saw on TV where he was joking about “momma” and how nobody rallied behind dad or talks about dad who put food on the table, Adam says Drew is the tip of the tampon of the mom movement.

Adam is now asking Kyle about the dynamic among him and his wife the bread winner, Adam asks if she demands he bust his ass and work harder, make the Chinese food runs etc.

Adam lost Kyle and they get no reply.

Adam is now mocking the idea of playing classical music for your unborn child, Adam is describing the “talk to your kids PSA’s and how said they truly are when you break them down.


Adam shares the conversation he had with his wife about why she must pick up the Indian food, Adam is now telling the “you bring home the Bacos” story as prompted by Drew.

Adam asks why that makes him a colossal prick and he brings up the real word math, Drew says it’s because he said it out loud, not that it isn’t true.

Drew says that Kyle’s son is stressed and needs to be helped with managing that, they both agree that 2yr olds aren’t meant to be dropped off.


Adam says there is two commercials that are not yet multicultural, the ADT home invasion spots and the DUI awareness PSA’s.

Adam is talking about the unrealistic depictions and how it might be sending a dangerous message by not making them aware of their own risk of ending up a statistic.

Adam is now playing a “talk to your kids” PSA and mocking it while bringing up Gavin Newsom and his “small to big” way of working and approaching issues.


Drew is doing a Live Read


Adam is now playing the racist anti drinking and driving DUI spots and the lack of equality in them, Adam says you’re doing a disservice to women as they’re almost just as likely to drive drunk.

Drew is bringing up Trump and says that Adam hasn’t talked about him, Adam says he never dodges a topic and just brings p what he thinks about that day before the show.

Adam is talking about the real input that Donald Trump’s father had on his career and legacy, Adam says he got a head start, ahead of Adam, less than Paris Hilton, so what.


Adam says we shouldn’t obsess over that which we cannot change, he then jokes about climbing up Donald Trump’s mother’s vagina and telling her to “make room for daddy.”

Adam talks about how well composed Donald’s children are and he talks about how busy and powerful people often speak in shorthand and are in a rush, it’s not them being rude, it’s them trying to keep moving and get stuff done.

Adam says that busy guys are fucking busy and recalls what it was like doing ‘The Apprentice’ with the man.

Drew references ‘Grand Theft Submarine’ and Adam gives a nice “Cone Opens” and now Adam is back to the personal momentum of The Donald.

Adam talks about taping ‘The Marriage ref’ with him and how he was certain they would have the highest rated episode of the series.


Drew talks about the shitty SNL last week and says it got high ratings just based on his presence, Adam doesn’t want a politician with experience, he likes no experience, and he doesn’t want someone trapped in the system and beholden to favors to the people that put them in power.

Adam is mocking the platitudes of Hillary in comparison to the comments form Ben Carson about rushing gunmen.

Adam talks about the Cro-Magnon men of the Middle East and Russia, he explains how if Chris Laxamana in Yoda jammies was made President they would presume we were pussies in reply.


Adam talks about how simple minded men view peaceful discourse and avoiding violence as weakness and Now Adam is riffing about a super intimidating overweight and bearded Alec Baldwin for president.


Adam and Drew are doing a Life Lock Live Read


Chris is on mic asking about the “poster boy for Pussy” that he is being described as, very funny riff by Adam and Drew.


2nd Caller Ben is calling about Bell’s palsy and Drew talks about the nerve and virus that leads to the residual effects Ben is dealing with.

Drew says only a trained eye can see the residual limited muscle movement.

Adam is joking about his being payback for white privilege and they move on.


3rd Caller Sandra, she’s calling back again and tells them about her last call pertaining to EMDR therapy re: being rolled up inside a rug.

She’s asking them about the importance of being in touch with her mother, Adam talks about how when you don’t need people it’s very easy to cut them out.

Adam has a solid unlimited mileage and you don’t need gas scenario to explain what it’s akin to.

Sandra is talking about the time her mom attempted to drown her and now both Adam and Drew are trying to get her to accept reality on reality’s terms.


Adam is talking about how people internalize feelings and emotion and change the details of history, he’s being very fair and explaining why it’s important for her to make not of the difference between her reality and attempted murder.

Adam is telling her not to walk around as a broken person whose mom tried to drown her in a tub.


Adam is doing an Aid in Recovery Live Read

Drew Ain’t Involved Bitch!


Adam and Drew are giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.