Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/15/2012 – Eric Idle

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11-14-2012 – Release Date 11-15-2012

Dawson has a great Python inspired intro and Adam’s reply reminds him of something he does to Lynette which he’s now explaining.

The whole gang is now in on the discussion and Bald Bryan has thrown them for a loop with an old timey term.

Adam’s sharing a comedic story of something that happened to him earlier in the day, he’s now describing his instructions to feed Molly before he left to go record Carcast. Adam is now explaining his “The Great Escape” inspired method of getting rid of Molly’s excess kibble.

Adam is now getting to the meat of the story, he’s telling the gang about trying to get Molly to eat, hilarious quotes from Ace. Adam has decided to throw out the dog food based on Molly’s reaction.


Adam is now sharing some more thoughts he had about homemade pie after last night’s live show, he’s got whole new angle on apple pie being too watery. Alison and Adam are now doing an improv/reenactment about serving homemade pies; Adam’s full on screaming at her and its gold.

Adam is asking the gang if trying to tell his mom not to bake the pie is better or worse than the time he brought homemade cranberry sauce to his aunt pat’s or the time he bought a turkey when his stepmom was only serving ham one year.


Adam is welcoming Eric to the show and after some confusion if they ever met, Eric reveals that Bobcat Goldthwait told him they may have met 15 years ago at his old house. Adam is asking Eric about his living situation and why people aren’t as snooty in Europe as he was always told.

Adam has switched gears and is asking Eric about “Life of Brian”, Adam is politely saying he considers it underrated and in Eric’s eyes it’s overrated. Eric is asking Adam to explain his reasoning from the US fans perspective.

They quickly touch on the other “Monty Python” movies and now Eric is going in depth on the production and reception of “Life of Brian”. Eric is telling Adam and the gang how he first met George Harrison.


Eric is now further explaining how they made all of their movies and why some of the biggest bands in the world were so generous to “Monty Python”, Adam has a killer Nickelback and Romney one liner completely separate of each other, hilarious.

Adam and Eric are now discussing the tax rates of the UK; Adam’s transitioned to Eric’s latest project and is asking him all about it. Alison asks him what the project is about and Bryan lays in some choice drops, they all gaslight Eric about them, awesome comedy team work!


Alison’s News, Her top story is about the 19 states that have filed petitions on the white house website asking to secede from the United States. Alison is reading the facts and Adam thinks its people trying to send a message.

Eric makes some good points and Adam reveals an interesting plan, Adam’s got a great prison analogy to further make his point.


Alison’s 2nd story, People Magazine has declared Channing Tatum the “sexiest man alive”. Adam is fine with that and Eric has a very funny question. Adam is now telling the gang how he was interviewed about this very topic earlier in the week.

Adam is revealing his hilarious and slightly creepy new criteria for judging these things. Alison and Eric both have a lot of thoughts and feedback.

Adam is even going further into his water displacement test and explaining how he refuses to dignify the questions about his familiarity with his friend’s dongs with a response. Adam just asked Eric about seeing George Harrison’s penis, hilarious!

Alison jumped in with a tidbit about seeing a program with a guy using a penis pump, Adam is now explaining the pump and weight systems to the gang, Adam has a hilarious description of his possible demise had he ordered the weight kit.


Alison’s 3rd story is about children of wealthy parents having more peanut allergy diagnosis than there poor and middle income peers. Adam has been saying this for years, Alison explains the science of the study and Adam jumps in that it’s exactly what he’s been talking about.

Alison is now commenting about something brought up in Monday’s one on one with Dr. Drew and Adam is giving his take, very impressive Alison!


Alison’s 4th story, Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter overdosed on heroin. Eric has sympathy as he also has a young daughter. Adam is joking around without being insensitive. Adam is now asking Eric about all the coke use he must have seen in the 1970’s.

Adam is now giving a public service message to the kids, Bryan jumps in to clarify something and it’s hilarious.

Adam and Eric are now explaining high grade cocaine to Alison, Adam is now finally giving the rest of his public service message which has now completely turned into something else, hilarious.


Alison’s 5th story, a suspect has been arrested in the death of Etan Patz. Alison is giving her take on confessions and false confessions. Adam is now weighing in with his thoughts and they’re all discussing the concept of forced confessions.

Eric has a great “Spanish Inquisition” point; Adam likes the idea of using people who confess as placeholders until we catch the actual person responsible if it is in fact not them.

Adam is giving them a short version of the “Shaky Jake” story, focusing on the milk carton panels with the missing kids from when he used to do earthquake rehab work. Bryan jumps in with a good point about the irony of the collection and Adam mishears Eric and then demands they do cocaine together.


Alison’s 6th story is about the upcoming “Boy Meet’s World” sequel/spin off series; Adam is immediately excited and then deflated. Alison brings up some insider info from “For Crying Out Loud” where Lynette has discussed how she and Adam would watch the “TGIF” line up every week.


Alison’s 7th story is about Lamborghini testing the market for a possible SUV; Adam is explaining how they actually already made one, many years ago. Alison wraps the news with a new line and Adam’s roping Eric into a Vista Print live read and he just called back their upcoming coke party.