Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/14/2012 – Dave Attell

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11-13-2012 – Release Date 11-14-2012

Adam is starting the show by thanking the audience for sampling the Mangria and reminding Dave he picked a terrible time to go sober now that Mangria exists.

Adam is plugging “Dave’s Old Porn” season 2 and has some hilarious jokes about it being on a different network. Adam is sharing the details of a conversation he shared with Sonny earlier in the day about bullying.

Adam and Bryan have a funny exchange with some good word play, Adam is now telling the gang about talking to his mom and how she can never admit to being ok.


Dave wants to know how Adam invented Mangria, Adam’s now telling the story of how he first came up with it. Bryan and Alison keep calling back to Adam’s earlier story about Sonny and it’s great.

Alison just asked Adam about how he used to bring a thermos full of Mangria to 4th of July at Jimmy Kimmel’s house, Adam is now riffing on the one guy who told him to his face he didn’t care for it.

Adam is now sharing about doing an open mic on La Crescenta and a couple guys from the audience pipe up and now Adam and Dave have shifted their focus onto the guys and their appearance. Adam and Dave are now joking about early stand up sets where you end up rushing through your act.


Adam is now back to the uncomfortable conversation he was having with his mom; Adam was trying to request she ask his sister not to include slices of plum in the pumpkin pie this year.

Adam is now riffing about what he wants on thanksgiving and how pie factors into all of his plans.

Adam is now going off on his relatives that are obsessed with their tub o wear and other reusable containers; he’s got a great riff about him and Lynette fleeing the country, very funny.

Dave just announced his position on pumpkin pie and the audience disagrees; now Adam and Alison are riffing with him and Adam’s got a great tangent about race and sweet potato pie.


Audience Questions, 1st question from Tom, he wants to know how to handle a split pee stream. Adam’s got a great riff about the scenario. Adam’s riffing about peeing on magazines and enjoying it as he doesn’t like the majority of people who appear on the covers.

2nd question, Chris wants to know Adam’s biggest regret, Adam’s got a good point about being unable to know the things he does that might be hurting him or his career. Adam’s got a great riff about not telling people to fuck off and Alison asks if Adam regrets not sleeping with women and Adam is now sharing an anecdote about an interview he did.

Dave is cold and the audience schools him as to why, Adam is all warmed up by the Mangria and Bryan is now making fun of Adam’s sweater. Bryan is now sharing about his coolest groomsmen gift.

3rd question from Phillip who is a twin, Adam and Dave were mocking them earlier. Phillip wants to know if baseball is still America’s past time, Adam is going off on how he doesn’t enjoy any game you eat during.

Now Adam is ranting about designated runners and how unfair he finds them to be, Adam’s now on fire about the best thing in baseball, he’s citing fat guys who run past 3rd base, hilarious!


Adam forgot to do the “3 stages of Mijo” bit for the 3 fans from DC who showed up in custom T shirts, Adam is now explaining the origins of the bit and doing it for the audience.

Adam’s giving one of the richest telling of the origins of this this bit he’s ever shared and now he’s doing a super impassioned rendition.


Alison’s News, Her top story is on Measure B, with it passing now porn producers are threatening to close up shop and move. New Hampshire is the only other state where it’s legal to make porn and Alison wants Dave’s take, Adam’s now jumping in explaining that condoms ruin period setting porn films for him.

Adam is mystified by the concept of porn only being legal to film in two states; Alison and Dave are now riffing about the differences found in New Hampshire porn.

Adam’s on a great riff about the guy he hired for his kids birthday parties, he came as a ninja one year and Iron Man the other. Adam’s got a killer riff about why his kids can’t both just be fans of Iron Man, hilarious!


Alison’s 2nd story is on new details from the Petraeus affair. Adam is perplexed by the odd reaction this affair is getting and wants to know what’s up with society, Alison has an amazing quote!

Adam has an amazing series of quotes; you urban dictionary guys are going to have a field day with this one.

Alison is reading the details of how a different parody book cover was used on TV, Alison jumps in and repeats the fake title, premium out of context quotes!


Alison’s 3rd story is an update about the Elmo story from the last episode, the man in question has recanted his accusations. Adam wants these people to be flogged for making accusations and then changing their mind.

Adam was looking at picture of Paula Poundstone backstage, Alison has a great joke about it being his pre-show ritual and Adam tops it by describing the photos found in his wallet.

Adam is now explaining the news stories that were buried by 9/11, he’s citing the Paula Poundstone case and the Chandra Levy case.

Adam and Alison are now discussing the terrorist trading cards; Adam has some hilarious and non PC points about them.


Alison’s 4th story, INXS have officially broken up, Adam is telling the gang how the band members were very nice guys and actually were guests on Loveline very shortly before Michael Hutchence died.

Adam is now riffing on his lack of need to enhance his orgasms, he just brought up David Carradine and is now explaining how society has changed based on how people treated his death.

Adam is now explaining how he would be the worst on one of those murder investigation shows, how he would leave everyone alone and presume they were fine, very funny.

Alison wraps the news and Adam is doing some plugs.