Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/13/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 190

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/13/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 190

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 11-11-2014 – Release Date 11-13-2014

Production Number #190 – Egos

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Adam opens the show commenting on how often Drew seems to be coughing, Drew explains it happens every time he gets an upper respiratory infection or when he enters studio spaces.

Adam comments on his lack of coughing, he says he was very frustrated as a child that he couldn’t summon a loogie, Adam is pondering the punishment for loogeying on another kid in today’s climate.

Drew brings up Ray’s fecal legacy, Adam affirms there were solids being used in his warfare.


Adam is telling Drew about his teenage mouth foam in lieu of snotty phlegm, Adam brings up the genetic mucous production component.

Adam says he never sneezed, but he would have a sneeze fit, he still does.

Adam says once every two and half months he fires off 8 sneezes and then no more, he explains he can be sitting at home in the same room he’s in every night, once every two months he gets 8, Adam is explaining he sneezes like a boss.


Adam just coined (?) sneizure, Drew references a biological process that makes Adam reference Mister Mxyzptlk from Superman comic’s lore.

Adam shares his early symptoms from his deviated septum and how he would drool as a kid, he explains how his family would address his open mouth and he explains he would smile to overcome the critiques about his open mouthed breathing while still doing it.

Drew just coughs off mic (kinda) and Adam is breaking down his smiling trick for overcoming abuse and ridicule.


Adam is further explaining how his deviated septum affected his life, he now transitions to talking over meals and shares an observations about food quantity left on plates to gauge who was talking the most, he’s explaining his epic breakfast sessions with Kevin Hench where they get work done and do a lot off gabbing.

Drew references the subreddit devoted to the show on Reddit, he asks Gary, clearly not something he brought up off air before the show.

Drew is explaining how he was notified about the “huge explosion” about this show on Reddit, he describes a random poll thread.


Drew is explaining he was notified to weigh in on the show, Drew is addressing the criticism about rolling more calls. The show has over 1800 Five star reviews on iTunes and only 145 One star reviews, yeah listen to those 145 people, their opinion matters.

Taking the advice of people who don’t actually like the show, if the Reddit complaints were accurate why would this show be so highly downloaded and rated by the actual listeners and not some internet trolls who think Adam and Drew are rich guy republicans and refuse to empathize with them or their struggles, a very specific form of narcissism.

Adam plugs the Mangria singing in Portland and how they’re doing it at the hotel where they’re staying, Adam is now asking for Gary to show Adam the picture of the line at the last Portland Mangria signing.


Adam is now commenting on the long lines and how Adam has chosen a lesser of laudanums this year that he gets to pick his poison with the schedule.

Adam says he told Mike August his idea about possibly moving the bottle singing to the following day, Adam is explaining why it doesn’t work with their current schedule and commute.

Adam explains that work is work, he enjoys this work more than other work but he will be going nonstop all weekend.

Adam plugs the hotel deal for the upcoming show in Portland, he’s praising the free parking and how much savings that could end up being.


Adam explains the biggest grift/rip-off is parking and is now explaining how they lie about time spent in lots, he’s using his impounded motorcycle from nearly 30 years ago to make his point.

Adam says anytime there is a situation where someone else has your shit but you can’t get to it, you will be paying whatever they say and playing by their rules.

Adam is now bringing up how this element doesn’t work in restaurants, it works only in hotels and other situations where they’re holding your shit hostage.


Adam has a killer Brownstone joke and Dr. Drew shares his trepidation in introducing himself to Carrie Brownstein, though she might have been on Loveline at some point without him knowing it, that’s unclear and unlikely, but possible.


1st Caller John, he’s calling about his status in life relating to getting laid and Adam and Drew are grilling him about his upbringing and history with his family.

He tells them about his father molesting his sister, he shares some tragic details and Drew tells him to get some treatment, forego the breakdown of the nuances of his self-esteem, there are bigger fish to fry.

John admits he wasn’t fully truthful and lied about some of the call details to make it more interesting.


Adam is now giving his take on the micro and macro of crime, he’s making a point about genocide vs. molesting your own daughter.

Adam is saying good luck with is daughter, she’ll kick the shit out of you.

Adam says it doesn’t make sense, the idea of abusing his kids, even balling up his fist and punching his son, Adam understands arsonists and “the allure of the flame” more than he understands that, holy shit what a reference.


Drew brings up the videos of this type of abuse you can now see online and how barbaric it is to see a kid being hit by adults.


Drew is now launching into a live read.


2nd Caller Jared, he brings up Adam’s “no self-esteem” way of life and how he’s tried to adopt that same way of thinking but his girlfriend brought up his egotistical nature.

Drew is citing these ill-defined terms and how he and Adam embrace their low self-esteems to fly under the radar, adapt to change and generally get by in life.

Adam brings up the Sacramento flight incident and the request from Mike August to come pick him and Chris Laxamana up at his house on the way to the airport.


Adam is explaining how he can remove himself from the equation and swallow the pride that most people would have in his position.

Adam is now citing Mariah Carrey and how she probably wouldn’t go pick up her tour manager and tech guy before heading to the airport for a flight.

Adam is now giving a counter example of telling Mike he couldn’t pick him up, also by removing himself from the situation.


Drew cites the time Adam gave him a ride home from Loveline after his car was smashed up.

Drew is telling Adam about David Arquette guesting on Loveline last night, Drew spotted him on the street calling a cab, he was trying to refuse Drew’s offer to drive him home.

They also played a rare classic Loveline clip on that episode, check it out here.

Loveline Podcast w/ David Arquette (11/10/2014) – (Gio gets a shout out on LL on his birthday, yay!)


Adam is explaining how he’s not a pushover but will be fair, he’s using a recent business deal and discussion with Mike August to make his point, and Mike observed the guy was very experienced and knowledgeable about business.

Adam was not in fear of that, he knows his business experienced will only make him realistic and fair, unlike the people Adam has done business with in the past who want to own everything while providing nothing.

Adam has a hypothetical reaction scenario with Mike August and the ride, he explains how he would have felt fine if Mike was pissed, if he felt he was in the right and fair, he would have slept like a baby and been fine.


Adam is now doing an E-Voice live read.

Adam jokes about getting the service to pick up women.


Adam is now telling Drew about the subscription model he’s experimenting with for his new show ‘Take a Knee’ and how it’s going to work.

Adam explains the conversation he with Norman Lear and how they seemingly share the same mother, this must have been recorded before his ACS appearance.

Adam explains the nature of the new show, you can subscribe here at the Adam Carolla archive page.

Adam is wrapping up the show.