Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/13/2012 – Kevin Pollak

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11-12-2012 – Release Date 11-13-2012

Adam is opening the show with David Wild in the studio; Bryan lays in some great out of context Alison drops. Adam is launching into a rant about people being quick to say not so fast whenever an idea is his, he’s citing the 2nd audiobook idea from “In 50yrs we’ll All Be Chicks” as a prime example.

Now Adam’s elaborating by explaining the new idea they have for venues to order a case of Mangria to sell at the live shows and that the Warner Theater made a large sum by simply listening to Mike August.

Adam has a quick anecdote about Jimmy Kimmel from the KROQ days and now he’s explaining a photo of some fans that showed up in custom T shirts that call back a classic Man Show writers room bit.


Adam is now sharing about the odyssey he undertook with the Mikes, he’s describing the departure from his house and how he refuses to leave a day early even when traveling to the east coast.

He’s now telling the gang about New Jersey and the roadwork going on there, Mike Lynch gets on mic to verify what Adam is describing and now Adam is joking about Mike August volunteering to accompany him to go do press. Alison has a great question that sets Adam up for a hilarious reply.

Adam is going in depth about August joining him for the press stop, a guy no showed for a meeting and August took it in stride, Adam is objecting to him not getting upset.

Adam has some killer quote about Lynette’s hypothetical reactions if she were in his shoes and about what he would have done if he were in Mike August’s position, hilarious!


Adam now has Mike play some audio from his cell phone, Adam’s describing the steak house they visited and the music that was blaring. They’re now playing the recording which is shockingly loud and Adam is trying to explain the difficulties in having a conversation with the Mikes and Daniel Kellison.

Adam is explaining it was so loud they couldn’t even communicate with the waitress; Lynch is now mic to further elaborate on how difficult it was.

Adam is further explaining what the dinner was like for the gang; Alison has some great questions that inspire some funny quotes from Adam. The steak house had a live DJ and Adam is now going off on that and Lynch jumps in to fill in some more details.


Adam is now explaining how he went off about “wah wah wubbzy” while praising “Phineas and Ferb” to his kids. David Wild wants to know if they were traumatized but according to Adam they were responsive and Sonny had a curve ball “Scooby Doo” question. Adam is now ranting about shitty cartoons and explaining how he wants to find the spec scripts the writers for these shows tried to write back in the day.

Adam is now announcing an upcoming Mangria tasting that’s open to the public; he’s now telling the gang how it’s also available at Amalfi the restaurant Adam co-owns. Adam is now sharing an anecdote about going to eat there with Lynette.

Adam made a prediction about the Mangria, he’s explaining what happened and David Wild wants to know if he enjoys being right about these things and described Adam as having a “grudge match with the entire universe”.

Adam is doing a Linda.com live read and has a quick hilarious exchange with David Wild about David staying for more of the show, Adam takes a break.


Adam welcomes Kevin to the show and he’s plugging his book, Adam mistook a photo from it, he thought Kevin’s brother was Judd Apatow. Kevin is now mocking Adam’s eyesight and Bald Bryan is joining in with some drops as Adam defends what he saw.

They’re now talking about Kevin’s podcast and how he hasn’t had any repeat guests. Kevin compares podcasts to Jury Duty; Adam describes it as the audio equivalent of a ride to the airport.

They’re now discussing Kevin getting Larry King to play “The Larry King Game”; Adam is now sharing about his dream involving Larry King.

Kevin just inspired a Lola Falana riff from Adam; Adam’s now explaining what sitcom character had the hots for her. Adam heard Kevin talking about getting into show business and wants Kevin to reiterate what he heard him say for the audience.


Kevin is now explaining his early experiences of doing impressions as a kid; David Wild just jumped in and got Kevin to skip ahead to when he was 17. Adam wants to know how Kevin’s face takes the shape of the person he’s impersonating, Kevin is explaining he prides himself on the mannerisms and that something overtakes him.

Kevin is explaining how voicemail and phone messages are involved in his impressions; he’s now schooling the gang with his “Jason Statham” impression and the key phrase that allows him to do it.

Bryan has a question about “A Few Good Men” and Kevin is filling him in, Adam has some thoughts on the movie and asks Kevin if he does any impressions of women. Kevin has a funny and mildly condescending reply, Adam jokes about it and gives an amazing call back to “chicks being funny” Alison then jumps in and tops it, gold!

Adam is sharing an anecdote about Jimmy Kimmel impersonating George Wallace with his “large black man voice” he’s telling the gang how people bought the impression as Jimmy was pranking them.


Kevin is now telling the gang about pranking Paul Reiser as “Peter Falk” and how he couldn’t break character as he started to feel badly about hurting Paul’s feelings. Adam is offering some insights and asking Kevin if he turned the impression down a bit to make it seem more realistic.

Kevin is now explaining that’s exactly what he enjoys about an impression, being able to make it seem conversational and natural.

Adam and Kevin are now doing an improv bit, with Kevin as Christopher Walken and Adam as a “Trader Joe’s” employee, Adam is killing it as the straight man and Kevin is delivering as always. Adam has a killer “Dead Zone” one liner and Kevin’s in character reactions are priceless.

Adam just revealed he’s playing “Steve” at Kevin/Chris’ behest, they’re killing it on a riff about ripe bananas now, this is so good! Adam’s trying to wrap up the riff in character and Kevin/Chris is taking it even further, this is so good.

Adam just announced Kevin has to leave because of his schedule so he’s asking him if he has any favorite stories of doing impressions, He’s now telling the gang about doing Alan Arkin while Alan was guesting on “Larry King Live”.

Adam is asking Kevin about his preferred Al Pacino impression style, Kevin immediately responds in character and is now joining Adam for his stamps.com live read, very funny! Adam says goodbye to Kevin and tells him he looks forward to being his 1st repeat guest.


Alison’s News, Her top story is on General Petraeus resigning. Adam is explaining the points he covered on O’Reilly about men in power and men throughout history including JFK and MLK. Adam doesn’t want the director of the CIA to not be able to cover up his own affair.

Alison is now further explaining the news story and what’s gone down, she mentions Florida and Adam is SHOCKED to learn Florida was involved in the story.

Adam and Alison are in agreement on the story and case, Alison has a funny “Game of Thrones” inspired thought about people in power and Adam has some great replies. Alison just dropped a hilarious one liner about how the General might reveal national secrets.


Alison’s 2nd story is about Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash and the reports of him having an inappropriate relationship with an underage boy. Adam wants to know if Kevin is “out” Bryan chimes in that he saw the documentary and he is not but Adam’s Gaydar was just going off.

Adam on the shit he’s done in his life, while he’s never murdered or raped if you were to send a transcription it would make him look less than ideal, Alison suggests you just send show transcripts, hilarious! Alison just jumped in a revealed that Kevin is “out” and Adam is vindicated, Adam explains the few possible relationships he once had that could be seen as inappropriate.

Adam is now on an interesting thought about “Sesame Street” making enough money on Elmo merchandise alone that they should be able to fund PBS.

Adam is now on a riff in character as someone from “Sesame Street” mocking “Macneil Lehrer” for wasting money; Alison just inspired a solid Bill Maher/ Oscar the Grouch joke, nice work.


Alison’s 3rd story comes from her parents, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up. Adam is giving his thoughts and Alison wants to know if he ever met Selena Gomez while doing voice over for “Wizards of Waverly Place” and Adam has a hilarious reply.


Alison’s 4th story is on Lindsay Lohan dropping out of her Barbara Walters interview, Adam wants to know if Lindsay is just famous for being famous at this point and it making some interesting observations about her career, Bryan is jumping in to argue some points.

Adam is riffing on “Body Swap” comedies and how they no longer count as an idea, as it’s a well-worn movie trope. Alison is further explaining why she pulled out of the interview and she’s asking Adam when interviews are a good move for a celebrity.

Adam is applying his “Less History More Mystery” analogy to celebrity interviews, he’s explaining how more frequent access and information only reveals that they’re not that smart and not that funny.

Adam just did a funny Legal Zoom live read and now he’s having Alison wrap the news.

Adam’s doing a Go to meeting live read and wrapping the show.