Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/12/2012 – Dr Drew Bonus Show 10

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Recorded 11/07/2012 – Release Date 11/12/2012


Adam is welcoming Drew to the show and telling him how he announced to Dennis Prager that he was a “Passionate Man” after doing several shows with him, Drew is getting a kick out of it and agreeing.

Adam is giving a “Ranier Cherries” analogy to Drew.


Adam and Drew are now bonding over “Bota Bags” and Adam has a great one liner, Drew is helping Adam explain what they are for the audience. They’re going super in depth on Bota bags and Drew just helped Adam invent a new way to sell/serve Mangria.


Adam is giving an update on upcoming guests this week, He’s now plugging the live show at the Ice House in Pasadena and Drew just agreed to stop by for that show.


Adam is now giving an update on the Mangria sales, Drew has a great one liner and now they’re discussing all the people who have become drinkers after sampling the substance.


They’re now back on Bota bags at Drew’s insistence, they’ve segued to collapsible cups for camping, Drew throws in a quick comment about it being indicative of the 1970’s. They’ve now doubled back to Bota bags and Adam has a great analogy for their true purpose.



Drew is back to his take on how the Bota bags were a prime example of how people thought and lived in the 1970’s, he’s using modern camel packs to highlight the difference in technology and thinking.

Adam just corrected Drew’s pronunciation and deliver a solid one liner about KCRW.


Adam and Drew are now discussing “Butt Chugging” as a form of alcohol consumption, Drew’s answering Adam’s questions and explaining the methods of consuming drugs that effect you the quickest.


Drew’s now on a classic jag about people getting colonics, much like on classic Loveline he’s reminding Adam and the audience that the colon is already outside of the human body. Adam is now a classic “toxins” jag in character as the annoying know it all preaching about toxins.


Drew is now explaining his reply to these people and explaining what happens before a colonoscopy and wants to know why that’s now recommended instead of colonics.


Adam’s now on another jag about toxins and is cracking Drew’s shit up even more, Drew is now back to explaining the function of the colon and they’re talking “Ass Chugging”.


Drew is explaining the various mucous membranes of the human body and Adam has a killer reply about a new form of chugging.



1st Caller Abbey, she’s calling about amendment 64 passing in Colorado, allowing the legal sale of marijuana, Drew says he’s not surprised it passed and thinks someone may be elected president based on that issue someday.


Drew is explaining how excited he is about this, he’s saying he’s a states rights activist and now explaining the possible dangers. Adam is now giving his take on it and explaining how he and his fellow drinkers tend to drink at the end of the day unlike how most people he knows who use pot who smoke all day.


Drew just stepped in to explain that’s addiction, it’s not about the substance but the person, Adam is arguing back that he thinks more marijuana users smoke all day.


Adam is asking if time spent in an altered state defines addiction, particularly if someone is going to work intoxicated, Drew is explaining that addiction is defined by consequences and counters that Adam drinks during work, whoa!


Abbey is relaying the fear from the community about kids using it, Drew replies that there is now rational to treat pot differently than alcohol and maybe this will finally open up an honest dialogue.



Adam is purposing all these changes in society might be a prelude to a cultural shift that heads more conservative, Drew argues it will be libertarian and Adam hopes that’s the case.

Drew just quickly mentioned his upcoming Carolla Digital podcast and Abbey jumped in like a ninja to ask about the ETA on the premier episode, nice work Abbey.


Abbey wants to know if there is research on how marijuana use effects driving and Drew points out that all legal prescription mood altering drugs do too, Drew is making some great points about people and their relationships to substances.


Adam is telling Drew about Boulder Colorado, Adam is explaining how they went to red rock and the Coors factory, Drew and Adam are now talking about the Porsche factory and Adam is back to the Coors visit.


Adam is going in depth on the tour of the Coors’ brewery tour and he’s telling Drew about the “Smokey and the Bandit” plot, Drew is yelling at Adam and mocking him for being mad at the young female tour guide.



2nd Caller John and his wife have been trying to get pregnant and wants to know if his lack of felonies is preventing it or just waiting too long. Adam chimes in to explain that all the white people he knows can’t get pregnant.


Adam is now explaining how he was on stage with Drew and Ralph Garman and realized it’s they all required the help of a fertility specialist to have children. Drew is explaining it’s all age related and Adam agrees, Adam clarifies and says it’s not a cultural thing because of skin color but because of behavior.


Drew is explaining a movement in medicine that recommends women freeze some of their eggs when they’re younger so they can then choose when to have children without the pressure of a time limit.


Adam has a great riff about Dana Gould, now Adam and Drew are discussing their experiences providing semen samples for the fertility treatments. Adam is explaining why he should have won an Academy Award for his performance acting as if he had never heard of porn at the facility.


Adam and Drew both lose their shit over each others description of what they had to go through, Adam is shocked by Drew’s description and loving it. Adam proposed how women would react to this scenario and Drew is losing his shit off mic.


Adam is now explaining how he wanted to “make” his sample at home, Drew loves that. Adam is explaining how Lynette reacted to it and the doctors recommendation.


Adam is now making an analogy about hospital gowns to the experience at the fertility clinic, Drew is explaining this is indicative of how society treats men.

Drew wants to know if Adam ever went flying with Dexter from the Offspring, Drew’s making a point about cell phone use on planes.



3rd Caller Allen is calling from NYC, Drew is asking him about the hurricane and now he’s telling Adam about his experience in Staten Island two days ago, Adam is now on a sarcastic riff about FEMA and the governments ability to help people.


Allen wants to break up with his girlfriend but feels guilty, Adam and Drew both seem to feel the weight of his situation. Adam and Drew are giving their best advice about break ups, really good stuff.


Adam and Drew are talking about how women will come back to have sex with men who left them, Adam is on a hypothetical riff about what he would have done if he had the same thing to offer, Drew is losing his shit, hilarious!



4th Caller Brad, he stuns Adam by telling him his graduation was actually at the Red Rocks in Colorado. Adam and Drew are now riffing on how anything would have been better than Adam’s graduation and now Adam is telling Drew how Ray peed in front of 400 people at graduation.


Brad is sharing some anecdotes about his childhood, he even has a Bota Bag story. Brad is seeing a woman who has children and is similar to his mother, he’s concerned about her ex traumatizing her children based on Brad’s presence in their life.


Drew jumps in with some great insights and explains what actually harms children when it comes to new men coming into their mom’s life. Adam is giving his advice and Drew chimes in to add to it, they both give Brad their blessing.


Adam puts Brad on hold to address his next concern about the kids, Adam is telling him he’s too much in his own head and tells Brad they don’t have enough time to explain away every concern he has about entering these kids lives, that he just needs to dive in.


Adam is explaining the best case for an ex is if they’re not around anymore, he’s citing the super model who lost her fiance in the Tsunami, Gary Patrick Smith gets on mice to inform him it was Petra Nemcova. Adam is now on a riff about ex boyfriend showing up drunk crying about all the positions they used to have sex in and Drew seems to be digging it.


Drew just informed Adam that she’s now dating Steve O and Adam is revising his opinion, he’s now a riff about how Steve O would behave if he showed up at her next boyfriends house, Drew has a quick observation about the life experiences that are opened up once a person embraces sobriety.


Adam’s doing a Trojan condoms live read and Drew just burst his bubble about being a tester, good stuff.


Adam is plugging Drew’s upcoming Carolla Digital podcast and he wraps the show.