Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/08/2012 – Steve Jones and Danica Patrick

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Recorded 11/07/2012 – Release Date 11/08/2012


Adam opens the show with a nice compliment for Alison that he turns into a funny misunderstanding. Adam is on a quick jag about the display screen he needs to mount in his custom built console, he’s now telling the gang about the worst interview he’s ever had.


Adam is doing a great improv as the woman who was interviewing him, he’s now on a great tangent about drinking. Alison is asking Adam about the woman interviewing him and is helping Adam flesh out his description of what it was like talking to her.


Adam is asking the control room if everything is lined for the Danica Patrick phoner, Lynch gets on mic to explain they’re ironing out a tech issue and uses a word that inspires a hilarious riff from Adam about Chris.



Adam is explaining how everyone is now labeling him as a conservative now and now he’s reading off his calendar from the past several weekends to make a point. Adam’s on a quick tangent about asking his boss for a raise when he used to clean carpets.


Adam is now explaining what bumps him about being accused of not paying his fair share and is now relaying a story about an interaction he had with his mom. Alison is getting Adam to clarify and Adam even admits his argument might seem to personal, wow.


Adam says he’s not conservative and doesn’t think of any of his ideas as being that way, he says he thinks of things as right or wrong and uses logic. Adam is now telling the gang about someone interviewing him and bringing up his step grandfather Lotzi, Adam is now using Lotzi’s life to further make his point.


Bryan just chimed in explaining that Adam is seen as conservative because he doesn’t challenge Bill O’Reilly enough when he appears on his show. Adam has a great reply and is mocking Bryan as he’s only been guesting on O’Reilly for 3 months and has been getting these critiques for years.

Adam’s on a great riff about what typically happens if you come on someone’s show and constantly disagree with them, Bald’s reactions are priceless.


Alison is asking Adam about Dr. Drew’s politics and Adam is explaining how they’re very similar to his own but Drew doesn’t speak about it as much publicly. Adam is now explaining how Loveline shaped his and Drew’s take on humanity.



Danica Patrick is now on the phone, Adam is telling her what he enjoys about her racing and now he’s asking her about GoDaddy.com and their charity. Adam is telling Danica about racing and how it’s more fun to do the celebrity races because of the “rubbing”, now he’s asking her take on it.


Adam is asking Danica about the transition from Indy to Nascar and if she feels like things have slowed down. Danica is telling him about the difference and what lead to her move to Nascar.


Adam is asking Danica if she has any dream racing experience she’d like to try, Danica is explaining she’s not that into cars and how being in the public eye holds her back from trying new things. Adam is now sharing an anecdote about getting his eyebrows waxed earlier in the day.


Adam is now asking Danica about her husband and if he prefers he racing while in a roll cage as opposed to open wheel.  Adam just invited Danica back on the show next time she’s in town.


Adam is making a point about boxing and what kept him from being a professional fighter, Alison is now asking Adam about his eyebrow waxing.



Adam is welcoming Steve to the show and reading some stuff about him, Adam has a funny insight about kleptomaniacs and is asking Steve about the trouble he used to get in.

Adam is now riffing about how wishes he was a sex addict, Steve is telling Adam about being one.


Adam is asking Steve about his childhood, Steve is going deep and sharing some details about the extent of poverty he was raised in. Steve’s now telling the gang about his mother and their relationship.


Adam is making a great point about family, he’s describing his own experience with his parents, really good stuff.  Adam and Steve are really going deep about their parents and the lack of a relationship they have with them.



Alison’s News, Her top story is about measure B passing in California, Adam is jealous of the protesters who can get so involved in a cause. Steve is giving his take on watching porn with condoms in it. Adam just coined “It doesn’t have to be bad” and Alison just turned it into his own “it gets better” campaign, Adam just invented a new genre of porn and now he’s come up with a new term for this genre.


Adam on straight males reaction to watching gay porn, He’s explaining how everyone thinks he’s homophobic and a bigot when he explains this, he just quickly referenced Dr. Drew. What Adam didn’t explain is that Drew put a test group of straight males into a functional MRI in 2005 and studied their brains while gay porn played, all the men had a “threat” response in their brain, just facts.


Adam is now explaining the Jim Abbot style condom move he was describing a few moments ago, Steve wants to know what the gang thought about Proposition 37 in California.

Adam and Alison are giving their take on GMO foods, Steve has a point about tomatoes and Adam has a killer reply.



Alison’s 2nd story is about gay marriage now being legal in 3 states, Adam is now calling back to the earlier discussion about gay sex. Adam is giving his take on gay bashing and homophobia and further elaborating his point for Alison.


Alison is flummoxed by Bryan’s giddy off mic reaction about isolating a very choice drop of hers, Alison is now explaining how she first saw gay porn and it’s hilarious.



Alison’s 3rd story is about Joe Scarborough having to grow a moustache because he lost a bet about Florida going to Obama in the election. Adam quickly references Joe’s eyes, hilarious.


Adam is now explaining how he wants the stakes for these bets to be upped, he’s got a great idea. Adam is now a riff about an actor from Maude and how he portrayed the 80’s token P whipped guy.



Alison’s 4th story is about people wondering if Diane Sawyer was drunk or very tired during the election, Alison has some clips and Adam is giving his take on the differences between tired and drunk, Bryan just dropped some great quotes from Alison, awesome.


The control room fire up some images of the husband character from “Maude” and Adam is further riffing on how he looks like David Axelrod and is now telling Alison about having Ray pay him 20 bucks to shave his ass.


Adam’s now explaining the “Shave Dave” party to Steve and the gang. Adam is now telling the gang some other classic stories about Dave, really good stuff. Adam is talking about Dave being on the “No Pie List” after stiffing the pizza guy too many times.


Adam is now telling a story about Dave’s friend who called multiple call girls and then called the cops.


Adam is doing a Trojan condoms live read and Bryan is throwing in some great drops of Alison, Adam is teasing the upcoming Dr. Drew bonus show on Sunday, Alison has a funny comment about Adam’s description of the condoms.


Adam’s plugging Steve’s projects and wrapping the show.