Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/07/2012 – Kevin Chavous

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11/06/2012 – Release Date 11/07/2012


Adam is opening the show with some classic mandate(s) and Bryan has a drop from the last episode, Adam is now explaining why he’s excited to speak to today’s guest Kevin Chavous.

Adam and Alison are now breaking down the idea of the development of character through hard work, Adam is now further giving his take on education.


Adam is giving his take on what are necessities for a school, he’s now pondering if he ever even had a good teacher. Alison just inspired a great story from Adam’s early childhood and has a killer one liner. Bald Bryan just shared a great anecdote about “Mr. Strange”.


Adam is a making a point about Drew’s kids never having the option of not pursuing higher education, Alison is asking how you can help parents like Adam’s behave like Drew and his wife, she just had another comedy gem too while Adam was replying, good stuff.


Adam and Bryan are doing a hilarious Vista Print live read, Adam just called back “Mr. Strange”, gold.



Adam is explaining that this show is being recorded during the election and results aren’t yet final, Alison just chimed in with MSNBC calling it for Obama, Adam has an interesting reaction and Alison is discussing it with him.


Adam just read that CNN called it for Obama too, Adam and Alison have a great riff about what goes on at the white house when Obama is not there. Adam assumed Obama was going to win and is giving his take on the concept of people voting for someone based on what he’s going to do for them.


Adam just revealed how he voted this year, shocking he even votes and now he’s telling the gang about his voting record, whoa! Adam is making some good points about what motivated his voting shift this year and he has the control room fire up a clip of Elizabeth Warren.


Adam is ranting about the argument of “the system is rigged against you” and discussing the background of Elizabeth Warren, very interesting that Adam knows all this. Adam just came up with a new term that will probably end up in the Urban Dictionary, Bryan uses it to great effect.


Adam is further explaining what a bad message he thinks Elizabeth was delivering in that clip even if it is true, Alison is now giving her take on the election and describing a “Weird deadness” inside, interesting. Adam is telling the gang how he felt about Obama in 2008.



Adam is railing on the heat making all the bugs around his house act weird, Adam is describing a hilarious situation trying to relocate a spider during a radio interview.

Adam is now describing seeing something he’s never seen, Adam is now explaining what he would’ve rather seen in his bedroom.


Adam and Alison are riffing on what he found and how creepy it was, Bryan is blown away by an image of one. Adam is now proposing hilarious scenarios of how it ended up in his house, Alison and Bryan both chime in with gold.


Adam is asking the gang a hypothetical road trip and is now giving an impromptu update on Larry Miller’s condition and Bald Bryan gives an anecdote about his wife. The control room sold Fondiler out, now Adam is mocking Matt for wearing his “I Voted” sticker and Adam is ripping into him. Alison is telling Matt about some comments in regards to his appearance and Matt weighs in on mic some more.


Adam is doing a stamps.com live read and he works Matt into it, hilarious, he’s even calling back the bedroom discovery now.


Adam is now sharing a weird moment from earlier in the day when he went to vote involving identification. Adam’s thought about what the guy might be thinking who he asked about the id.



Adam is now welcoming Kevin to the show, Kevin is a fan and is telling Adam how much he enjoyed the Wyclef Jean episode. Kevin is now filling Adam in on what’s going on in education.

Adam is agreeing with Kevin and now explaining how he doesn’t think it will ever be a reality without changing the habits at home.


Adam is on a great riff about Harlem sounding more glamorous than South Central and Compton, Adam brings Bill Clinton into and it’s gold. Adam is now riffing about Spanish Harlem and he’s singing, awesome!



1st Caller Alex, he’s telling the gang how he was assaulted while standing in line to vote earlier in the day. Adam, Alison and Kevin are now all riffing on the strength of old guys.


Adam is asking Kevin about the book and Kevin is explaining his take on poverty effecting education. Adam is giving his take on some teachers having to worry about safety as their top priority and Kevin is schooling the gang on “Dropout factories”.

Adam has a great argument about replacing all the students in these schools with exceptional students and what would happen.


Adam is giving his take on professions that get labeled as heroes automatically, Kevin and Adam are discussing the education system in Chicago.



Alison’s News, Her top story is on the election results, Alison has some of Donald Trump’s controversial tweets. Bryan is laying in some key drop work and Alison is delivering them great, Adam has some great points and even crack Kevin up with his description, hilarious.


The gang are discussing the possible candidates of 2016, Adam is sharing an anecdote about something he told Alec Baldwin in 2002. Alison has a great comment.


They’re all now discussing Chris Christie and Alison shares a Bruce Springsteen anecdote about Chris and President Obama, Adam has a great riff about Chris Christie and why he likes him.


Alison’s giving an update on the senate races as Adam has Bryan play Lou Christie’s music so he can hear his falsetto, Alison is now telling the gang about marijuana being legalized in Colorado.


Adam is giving his take on why gay marriage and legal pot are necessary, Alison is asking Kevin his take on all this and he’s giving a great reply about the attempts to regulate morality in this country.


Alison is giving her take on the proposition to require condoms in adult films, Adam is explaining his thoughts on everything being too regulated. Adam has Bryan play more Lou Christie, Adam and Alison are riffing over it, amazing!


Alison’s 2nd story is about states that won’t sell or serve alcohol on election day. Adam has a great story about trying to buy booze on Sunday in Atlanta and shares the origin of “Obamney”.


Alison is now asking Adam about their upcoming drive for the live shows and if they’ll be taking bathroom breaks. Adam is joking with her and now sharing a story about driving with Sonny to San Diego.


Alison’s 3rd story is on Sean Hannity being admonished for showing his complete ballot on twitter, Adam is now having Bryan fire up more Lou Christie so he can share with Alison what her upcoming drive to San Francisco will be like, hilarious!


Alison’s 4th story is about Dax Shepard and Kristin Bell expecting a child, Adam is sharing a very great magnet moment he had that calls back to something they were just talking about.

Alison is asking Adam about having kids out of wedlock, Adam has very interesting take and Kevin even seems to agree.


Kevin just inspired a great riff between Alison and Adam about what Alison’s not allowed to do in the car. Alison catches on and is now adding some great details, Adam’s riffing on driving with a beach towel.


Adam knocks out a go to meeting live read and he’s joking with Kevin about his show in Washington D.C., Adam plugs all the upcoming live dates for him and the podcast and wraps the show.