Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/06/2012 – Billy Vera and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11-05-2012 – Release Date 11-06-2012


Adam is opening the show with David Wild in studio, Bryan uses one of Alison’s greatest lines from the last show, hilarious.


Adam is explaining how he was tweeted the 2003 article from Entertainment Weekly about Jimmy Kimmel Live and a 1999 review about “The X Show”, Adam is on a great riff about EW and even references “Happy Hour” with the Zappa brothers.


Adam has a great joke at Bryan’s expense, Bryan gets it and adds to the joke, now David is sharing an anecdote about Entertainment Weekly. Alison is giving her take on the 1999 article and David is giving opinion on being reviewed by the magazine.



Adam is now telling the gang about a political commercial he saw for a local proposition, Adam’s got a great quote about the woman in the commercial breaking the 4th wall. David and Alison are weighing in and helping Adam with the riff.


Adam is explaining that he interviewed Judd Apatow and he was very gracious with his time, the interview will be released this Friday. Adam is now going off on the heat when he left Judd’s office, he’s further explaining how hot it was.


Adam says he had to wrap up the interview to head over to guest on Bill Simmons B.S. Report podcast. Alison just inspired a hilarious Osama Bin Laden tangent, Adam is on a bizarre and hilarious riff.


Adam is describing his experience with the “Green Room” interview that Dr. Drew was promoting on his last visit, Adam is telling the gang about a very moving conversation.



Adam and David are doing their Music Monday segment, David has the control room fire up Patti Smith’s “People Have The Power”. Adam has a great riff about being a female singer, David and Alison just had an awesome Natalie Merchant moment.


Adam is telling the gang how he wants to be Nina Persson of “The Cardigans” and he’s going super in depth on how he would live. David is still stuck on Natalie Merchant and now he’s asking Adam about “Foxy Boxing”.


David just brought up Sheryl Crow and Adam is telling the gang about touring her house, Adam thinks she’s a great person and lover her house. Adam is calling back his female lead singer riff, Alison just set Adam up for a great reply.


David just offered to bring Stevie Nicks onto the podcast, Adam is playing his song pick The Mighty Mighty Bosstones “Rascal King” and he’s telling the gang the story behind the song.


Adam does a live read and now they’re all riffing on hashtags for twitter.



Adam just welcomed Billy to the podcast, Adam and Billy are discussing his work singing theme songs for sitcoms. They’re talking about the “King of Queens” theme song and Billy’s royalties for performing it.


Adam is asking Billy about the old Lou Rawls “Parade of Stars” telethons, Billy informs Adam that Lou died and Alison and BB lose it, Adam even tells Bald to stop gloating, hilarious!

Billy is now telling the gang an anecdote about Lou and Adam reads some facts about Lou from the control room.


Billy’s telling the gang about his new album, Adam and Billy are now riffing on the concept of “Mailbox Money” and Adam is lamenting that people don’t cover jokes the way they do songs.


Billy inspires a great anecdote from Adam about “The Jerky Boys” and their 1999 appearance on loveline.



Alison’s News, Adam jumps in with a live read. Adam shares an anecdote from his life and Bryan jumps in to tell him he’s idiosyncratic(again), Adam has a spirited reply and Alison jumps in with a good one liner.


Alison’s top story is about “Wreck It Ralph” taking the number 1 spot at the box office, Adam is recounting how he got involved in the project.

Adam is explaining the VO sessions to the gang and he’s doing some impressions, Bryan jumps in with the DAG sex ringtone drop.


Adam is telling a great anecdote about Natalia seeing “Wreck It Ralph” and is explaining what it’s like to see movies as a family to Alison.



Alison’s 2nd story is No Doubt’s music video controversy, Adam has a great riff about a description of the band in their public statement about the video. The irony being Gwen accused Adam of racism in 1995 for a comment about Indians during an episode of loveline.

Gwen then boycotted loveline for over a decade while her fellow band members would still come by and promote their records.


Adam is explaining his take on the music video and even though there is nothing offensive in it, people are upset because it’s a white person portraying another culture, even in this Adam is still being fair to the band, nice.


Alison is having Adam explain his experience with No Doubt in 1995, Adam consults Mike Lynch about the story and starts to share some of the details, Lynch actually has my transfer of the show ready and the control room fire up the clip of the incident.


Alison cracks a good joke in the middle of the clip, Adam seems to appreciate it. Adam has them cut the clip after his offending remark which really couldn’t be tamer. Alison wants to know what happened with the rest of the show that night.


Alison just shared a story about working at a magazine, they’re all discussing outrage and Adam has an interesting take about people co opting the identity of other cultures. Adam just cited a “Man Show” bit where a white woman had to but in and spout off with nonsense.

The control room is firing up the clip, Alison has a some great observations on the woman in it.



Alison’s 3rd story is on the Hurricane Sandy telethon, Adam has a great riff about it not making more money than “Wreck It Ralph”. Adam is singing for Billy, hilarious!



Alison’s 4th story is on Terry Bradshaw appearing on Fox Sports and what’s being viewed as a controversial comment. Adam is explaining why Terry isn’t a racist and has a great opening “Sex and the City” joke that Alison seems to appreciate.


Everyone is now weighing in on race, Adam has a couple great riffs and Alison is presenting her theory on guys named “Terry”. David Wild just made a point citing the unofficial Carolla messageboard as an example.


Alison wrapped the news and Adam is now riffing with Billy about “Paul Revere and Raiders”, Billy just brought up “Half Breed” by Cher, he’s got a funny comment as they transition back.


The control room just fired up Paul Revere and the Raiders “Cherokee People” and Adam is doing some great live commentary on it, everyone is captivated.


Billy is now reading Adam’s Vista Print live read, Adam jumps in and cuts Billy off, Billy’s reaction is priceless. Billy is now riffing with Adam about VO directions, Billy just revealed he’s the voice of AMPM.


David just got Billy to do a Mangria Live read and now Adam is wrapping the show.