Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/05/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 286

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/05/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 286

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 11-03-2015 – Release Date 11-05-2015

Production Number #286 – Dandruff and Homework

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Adam has a variant on the standard intro and Drew comments on the countdown Adam got along with the finger point to start the show.

Adam talks about how it works with stage managers on TV sets and he talks about the new era of publicists who aren’t worthless, the former primadonna that thought their shit didn’t stink.

Adam says they’re frumpier and nicer, Drew says the big swinging dick doesn’t matter anymore.


Adam says he had a mom come pick up her son yesterday, the kid has a satchel with wheels, like luggage.

Drew warns Adam about getting in trouble for talking about the kids around his kids, much like the coaching debacle with the “Half breed” misunderstanding.

Adam talks about how unfair homework is for families, especially those struggling to get by, Adam says Lynette’s adult life has been ruined by chasing these kids around and makes her pissed at him for not giving a shit.


Adam thinks that time outside of school should be for people to live and grow, Adam asks Gary about their tour of SpaceX and how they don’t sit home and work on their welds after hours.

Drew is defending homework and how it translates to adult life.

“You must work at SpaceX forever!” – Adam mocking Drew and his argument, Adam then jokes that Drew hates black people for not hearing his argument.


Adam talks about taking a Groundlings class after working, it wasn’t more of the same like this is.

Drew is explaining how the higher levels of education present different challenges and more self-study, Adam has some more funny comments before heading into a live read.


Adam and Drew are doing a Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read


Adam and Drew are continuing this debate and Drew shares an anecdote about not recognizing talent or genius in 12 year olds.

Adam is talking about the new study about germs proving him right and he brings up the bygone era of dandruff shampoo, he mocks the concepts of these ads and the young people suffering from something that afflicts Bernie Sanders.


Adam is commenting on the way dandruff was created by the same industry trying to solve it, they created the problem and then sold 2 billion units of nonsense.


Drew has a funny Live Read Bitch!


Adam is setting up something, he tells Drew about the shift from Reverend to Doctor for Martin Luther King, he explains how it was shifted and how Ben Carson is never called Doctor or Dr. Carson, it’s a political agenda.

Adam asks what the difference is.


Drew is doing eHarmony Live Read

I call him reverend – Adam talking about the founder of eHarmony.


Adam shares with Drew that MLK was only 39 when he was assassinated, Adam is talking about how heavyset black men can be hard to place age wise and shares some other examples.


1st Caller Sarah, she’s calling asking Drew about his take on the most effective technique for treating trauma, Drew praises her for her career choice and is now sharing some practical advice and recommending some work, the techniques of Bessel van der Kolk.

Drew’s phone is going off and Adam asks if he can’t pick it up and yell at that person, Adam jokes about people not knowing his schedule meaning they’re not in his life, very funny quote.


2nd Caller Chris, he jokes about Dr. J getting the title over Ben Carson.

Chris wants to know about approaching the African American community for mental health services, he brings up the aversion commonly found.

Adam asks why and now Drew is bringing up his HLN panelists and Drew brings up the woman known as ‘Ms. Ali’ and how she even came around to CBT for people struggling in the African American community.


Adam is now riffing about living as a caricature of his culture, he riffs about being super Italian and fake.

Drew brings up ‘The Knick’ and how Italians and Irish immigrants were treated at the turn of the century, Adam is joking about pepperoni and sausage fights every day in the town square and voting for imbeciles to govern him bases on their last name.

Adam is in the midst of a thinly guised rant against former L.A. mayor Villaretardo, Chris has a funny reply about looking for a guy named Giuseppe.


Drew is telling him to approach local clergy, Adam jokes about whitey not letting black people get an education.

Adam asks about Brandon Marshall calling into the ADS and mocks Gary, who then has a great touché moment.

Adam is talking about how being black and gay makes you an international hero, but Brandon doesn’t get heralded for his honest and outspoken work with mental health professionals and Drew brings up the huge increase of suicide deaths of white males.


Adam says its middle aged white men, Adam jokes about White Lives Matter T-shirts and jokes that he’s too tired to commit suicide.

Adam says this acting out all comes back to trauma survivors, Adam is defending the traumatized kids and speaks out for them to get access to the mental health professionals they need.

Adam talks about the cycle of poverty and Drew comments on Adam’s openness to return to poverty, Adam says he doesn’t feel that way.


Adam says he’s confident in his abilities and that’s why he risked his 2008 contract with KLSX, he wasn’t ok with going back to swinging a hammer, that wasn’t an option.

Adam is now talking about an L.A. Times article about inner city kids not keeping up with their peers, Adam asks if you don’t list broken homes among the top 10 causes, are you being honest.


Adam has a solid declining plankton population analogy, Drew brings up Ben Shapiro and his continued comments about what Drew said regarding his bosses at CNN.

Adam is now arguing with Drew about this article, Adam is sharing the clip of Barbara Walters talking about ‘The View’ and the PC mandates.

Adam says that nobody tells Drew what to say, he just can’t hit certain 3rd rail topics that will end his career, they play the clip of Barbara.


Adam stops to explain the context to Drew and now go back into it, Drew does ultimately react to the telling closing comment.

Drew finds it interesting and says this is why we have Donald Trump, it’s a counter reaction to this stuff.

Adam talks about the recent ACS with Phil Rosenthal where he was completely oblivious to the real death by police statistics.


Drew is now struggling to not agree with Adam about the ratio of crimes committed per race vs. police shooting stats.

Adam is now asking if the person writing for the times is stupid or a liar, Drew agrees there must be an agenda.

Adam is now joking about a sports writer doing something akin to this, Gary name drops the writer and Adam says that black students don’t need black teachers in order to excel, it’s insulting.

This is the exact kind of subtle racism of low expectations that Adam often cites the left for in their rhetoric.


3rd Caller Alex, he has a girl and was head over heels for the first year and a half, he now is losing interest and doesn’t know what it means.

Adam asks him who he beats off to, Drew agrees it’s a bad sign and explains that you must find someone you really dig, who turns you on in ever since, marriage is for the long haul, don’t settle.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Aid in Recovery

Drew has to give some legalese and explain his non-role


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, Drew on Drunk History is mentioned.