Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/04/2012 – Dr Drew

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/19/2012 – Release Date 11/04/2012


Adam is opening the show with Drew in studio, he’s explaining the “spread the word” deal to the listeners.


Adam and Drew are explaining they’ll be touring together next year, possibly coming to a town near you. Drew’s telling Adam how he’s been worn down by social media and can’t take the angry venom from marijuana nutballs and “Teen Mom” haters like the caller from the episode taped before this.


Drew is further explaining how he feels steam rolled all the time now, Adam’s telling him how he should respond to these people. Adam is sharing the “Piss Christ” argument from Dennis Prager with Drew.


Adam is explaining that Drew was always sensitive and tends to bottle it up, Drew’s chiming in that he has been angry as of late. Adam is explaining how he will sometimes retweet a person for making a dumb point or statement on twitter.


Adam is further giving Drew some advice on how to avoid negative feedback, he’s suggesting actually not being interested in the comments.



1st Caller Thomas, Drew knows him and they’re catching up a bit. Adam has a very funny line about the odds of them reaching the south with their upcoming live dates. Thomas wants to know the protocol on STD tests when you’re starting a new relationship.


Drew has some surprising advice and some frightening statistics about what can be tested for, Adam and Drew have a quick comment about “Roger Ebert”.


Drew is explaining the importance of the HPV vaccine for kids, Adam and Drew are now recounting his on air wart exam on Loveline in 2000. Adam has a great riff about his kids and their gummy vitamins.



2nd Caller Steve, was diagnosed with a fatty liver and want’s Drew’s advice. Drew had a great under his breath comment when Adam first takes the call and now Adam is sharing the “W.C. Fields” picture story from his last medical check up.

Drew has an interesting anecdote and now they’re cracking up at the picture that the control room has fired up.


Drew is asking Adam about doing Bill O’Reilly’s show, Adam is telling Drew an anecdote about trying to tell Bill something and how he was talking over him like the “gainesburger” incident with the reporter from Phoenix.



3rd Caller Lauren, her husband is having difficulty maintaining an erection and wants advice. Adam and Drew are breaking down the physiological and physiological cause of most problems.

Drew recommends a book and therapy for Lauren’s husband.


Drew wants to know more about Adam guesting on Fox News, he’s asking Adam about the studio and if it’s the old one he used to visit.



4th Caller Jake has pain with urination, Adam has a funny opening comment that reminds me of one of his classic lines.

Adam is now singing over Drew’s advice, Drew is now calling for a segment where they just break down 70’s music.

Adam is calling for “Chevy Van” and Drew chimes in that they got to it one of his previous bonus shows, now Drew is explaining what the lyrics describe and it’s hilarious, don’t miss this!


Now Adam is breaking down “Harper Valley PTA” with Drew, Drew’s reaction is immediately hilarious, he’s reacting in real time and has some great replies to the lyrics.


They’re going super in depth on the song, Adam is cracking up at Drew’s insight and now he’s teasing the song they’ll be covering during the next visit. Adam has a great one liner reply to his own joke, awesome!



5th Caller Steve has an enlarged prostate and want’s advice on surgery, Adam has a great callback to earlier in the show. Drew gives some advice and Adam wraps the show!