Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/02/2012 – Tommy Lee

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11/01/2012 – Release Date 11/02/2012


Adam is opening the show and Bryan just played the classic “Panty Party” Trya Banks drop from the old morning show, Adam is now a short jag about an episode of her show.


Adam is telling Alison and Bryan about his book manuscript, he’s on a great riff about the notes he got back from his editor, hilarious!


Adam is asking the gang about what he should have done with the manuscript, Alison has an interesting opinion. Adam is further explaining a very funny twist involving his kids teacher. Mike Lynch is now on mic telling the gang what he did with his manuscripts, Adam has a hilarious reaction.



Adam is now telling Alison and Bryan about trick or treating last night with his kids, he’s wondering if it’s just an L.A. thing to drive your kids to nicer neighborhoods. Adam is now on a tangent about how people should only be allowed to trick or treat in their own neighborhood.


Adam has a quick rant about lawn care, now Alison is jumping in and they’re riffing about 80’s movie montages, Bryan does some quick work with the music, good stuff.



1st Caller Bryan, wants to know how Adam’s Lasik surgery is working out, Adam has a great explanation about the dilemma of suddenly needing glasses in your mid 40’s.


Adam is explaining how he found out about Dollar Shave Club and now he’s doing a live read.



Adam is telling the gang about having to wake up early, he’s explaining how he woke his kids up and now he’s doing an impression of the noises he was greeted with. Now Adam’s on a riff about wanting a montage of every time he woke up and made that noise.


Adam is now telling the gang if he could have any super power what it would be, Adam and Bryan are doing a short reenactment of the encounter Adam and Mike Lynch had in the casino elevator, Lynch is now on mic too.


Adam has an interesting hypothetical he would’ve gladly accepted when they were in that elevator, Adam is on a great tangent about dread and Alison is chiming with her take.


2nd Caller Ryan took a right on a red light at an intersection where it was prohibited, Adam is digging his story and now Ryan is presenting the argument he used to fight the ticket.

Adam is killing it with a crazy riff that seems to be endorsing anarchy, hilarious.



Frequent Loveline guest Tommy Lee is now making his ACS debut, he famously let Adam drive his Ferrari around the studio after one of his early visits.


Tommy is now recounting the theft of the safe that lead to the release of his sex tape, it’s the exact same story he told during an early Loveline visit where he and Pam discussed the theft before the tape  was released.


Adam is asking him all kinds of in depth questions about the tape and it’s release, Tommy is explaining the reactions they had and Adam is busting out one of his theories and it’s great. Adam and Alison have a great back and forth and Alison gets Tommy to elaborate on his feelings.


Bryan has a great question for Tommy, Adam is elaborating on Bryan’s question and Tommy’s response, now they’re back on a riff about people who act like they’re experts on leaked sex tapes, everyone is getting in on it.



Alison’s News, Adam interrupts to go on a tangent about people asking him his inspiration and now he’s explaining his “Tommy Lee” analogy to Tommy himself, Tommy is giving him details to flesh out his analogy.


Alison’s top story is on “Glamping” people without power on the east coast making light of the serious nature of the conditions there, Adam is explaining 3 days without power blows ass and he would go insane but it’s still a first world problem.


Alison is now giving some personal anecdotes about people she knows who live in New York, she’s now giving some updates on the conditions in the city. Mike Lynch just set up a clip from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.



Alison’s 2nd story is Bloomberg’s endorsement of Obama, Adam is riffing on the photo of Bloomberg and Obama. Alison has a tangent about wax figure of E.T., Adam and Alison are riffing on it.


Adam is now on a tangent about his sister bringing plastic vegetables for his kids when they were 2. They’re all discussing “Near Beer” and Adam has a great idea for a fake syringe, now he’s riffing on Tommy shooting up between his toes, so funny!



Alison’s 3rd story is about Kelsey Grammer bringing his infant daughter to the Playboy mansion for a party. Adam is giving a theory on Kelsey and admiring how impressive it is that he managed to roll a Dodge Viper, Tommy Lee is confirming how difficult that must have been.



Alison’s 4th story is about Bean from the “Kevin and Bean” morning show donating a kidney to longtime man about KROQ and former loveline host Scott Mason.

Adam spoke to Bean about it and he’s now filling Tommy Lee, Alison and Bryan in on the early days with Jimmy at KROQ, Adam is once again calling for a KROQ documentary.


Tommy Lee chimes in with an observation about how cutting tape reminds him of cocaine, Adam has a killer reply and they all seem to really enjoy it.

Adam is sharing some anecdotes about Scott and Alison is reading some facts about Scott’s health.


Adam is describing what happened with Bean and Seattle, he’s telling the gang how he went there on a trip with Adam and Jimmy and fell in love with the place.


Adam is now sharing a story about he first learned how cheap radio is as a business, Adam’s telling a side story about Babydoll’s phone call from Jack Silver about excessive peanut butter costs for the KLSX morning show.


Adam is now recounting the listener provided chairs at loveline and his amazing ultimatum to the staff about taking the chairs to their new studio, gold.


Adam is now recounting the fight to get a security guard at Loveline, Alison jumps in with a great detail from when they were doing parking lot construction at the studio, impressive.

Adam is now telling the gang about the first sleeping security guard incident from loveline, the one that is missing from the fan archive, this is a very rare description.


Tommy Lee is now joining Bald Bryan on the 360 and he’s laying in some great drop work over Adam’s live read and now over the plugs, awesome!


Adam and Tommy are briefly discussing Tommy’s Fisker Karma, Adam is telling Tommy about test driving the car and they’re joking about the possible danger.


Adam wraps the show with a plug for the Bonus Episode with Dr. Drew this Sunday.