Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/01/2012 – David Alan Grier and Danny Sullivan & Dhani Jones phoner

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Recorded 10/31/2012 – Release Date 11/01/2012


Bryan opens the show with the portion of the DAG ringtone, Adam is explaining that Mike suggested he get to a few commercials before David shows up.


Adam is explaining how he works and what he prefers, Adam is telling the gang how he “pushes through” and revealing some interesting details about his nature.


Adam has a great riff about what he intends to do when he’s dead, Alison jumps in and it’s gold. Bryan asks Adam about driving the Jag out to Vegas and now Adam is explaining he had an interesting conversation with Chris Laxamana on the way home.


Adam and Chris were comparing stories of driving with buddies in unusual places in the car, Bryan is chiming in with a great anecdote about Chris, Adam references the great bus story Chris told earlier in the year.


Chris is now on mic to explain “Trunking It” to everyone, this is great. Adam interrupts with a tangent on emergency trunk release handles, Alison and Bryan don’t seem to know they exist. The control room fire up some statistics and Adam seems to be having a good time.


Chris is now back on mic to further explain the horrors of “Trunking It” while driving long distances.



Adam is telling the gang how he went to the “Wreck It Ralph” premier and Sarah Silverman was amazing in it. Adam had to go buy the dolls of Sarah’s character and “Ralph” from the movie, he quickly touches on how bizarre it is that he had to buy them.


Adam just had a quick riff about how odd it is to own a doll of Sarah with her voice, Adam is now explaining the line of questioning he kept getting on the red carpet about video games.

Adam is now on a rant about wasting time playing video games, he works Sonny into it and has some great quotes, Alison has a killer reply mid rant.


Adam just exited out of the rant with a caveat about driving games and games involving shooting down airplanes, of course he’s referencing “Gran Turismo” and “Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun”. Adam is explaining his points to Alison.


Alison is explaining some early experiences with Nintendo, Adam and Bryan sound amazed by her anecdote, awesome!


Bryan has a good point about video games evolving to the ones depicted in “Wreck It Ralph” during Adam’s twenties and perhaps that’s why he doesn’t have nostalgia for them.



Danny Sullivan joins the show, he was hanging out admiring Adam’s car collection and they’re now discussing Adam’s Datsun that Danny’s friend used to drive.


Adam is explaining how the first time he went to Laguna Seca to race the guy he was with knew the track from playing “Gran Turismo” despite not even owning a car, I’ve actually had the same conversation with Adam, great magnet.


Adam is welcoming Dhani Jones to the show to explain his new show, he’s telling Adam that it takes the players with the best “Gran Turismo 5” lap times to actual race tracks. Danny is chiming in with some great points about simulators and video games being important in many professions.


Dhani and Danny are explaining all the details of what they put the gamers through to test their abilities, Adam and Dhani are now discussing the prospects for an NFL player, Adam quickly touches on the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary “Broke”.


Adam tells Dhani a life lesson from Danny Bonaduce, Adam’s now asking Dhani and Danny about what they like to drive. Adam and Danny are now discussing driving at “Good Wood”, Alison chimes in with some funny comments.


Adam and Danny say goodbye to Dhani and are now discussing “Good wood” Adam is asking Danny about racing there and sharing his own anecdote about seeing the races.



Adam just welcomed DAG to the show, he’s explaining because two people complained about him being too loud on last visit he’s now going to be in NPR mode the whole show.

The gang are all discussing DAG’s sex ringtone, Alison is explaining that DAG showed up in her dream last night.


DAG is telling Adam how wrong he was about video games, DAG is now riffing on a “comedy simulator” he’s invented. Adam and DAG are discussing the election, Adam is now getting DAG to join him in an improv as an angry black voter after Obama lost the election, hilarious!


Peanut shows up mid improv, now Adam is interviewing Peanut, gold! Peanut is explaining what she does with her kids Halloween candy, Adam is loving it, this is great.


DAG is telling Adam about visiting his dad in San Francisco as a kid, Adam has a great riff about men’s priorities in life. Adam is asking DAG about his chocolate glutton blog and now DAG is telling the gang about his homemade sausage.


DAG is explaining how aging meat is his passion and how the curing process works. Adam loves DAG’s brother and they’re now discussing his Halloween costume, very funny.


Adam is now explaining the type of food he grew up, DAG is chiming and they’re all now looking at picture of Adam’s family and DAG is commenting on everyone.



DAG is now telling the gang about his dad some more, he’s got some classic stories about him. Adam and DAG are now riffing on what David’s dad was up to in the 1970’s.


Adam and DAG are discussing Cobb’s comedy club and how much they both like it, Adam is now explaining what happened with a drunken fan when he performed there.


Dag is sharing a story of a female heckler he encountered at Cobb’s and how it reminded him of something he witnessed during the old KLSX shows at the Playboy mansion. They’re further breaking down the actions of the drunk heckler girl at Cobb’s.


David is giving a shout out to Dr. Drew for his show Rehab, DAG says he loves it. Adam is asking if David and Drew made up after the 2006 loveline misunderstanding. DAG is explaining how he went too far with his fake anger at Drew and how he patched things up.



Adam just revealed he listened to the clip of Sarah Silverman on Greg Fitzsimmons podcast and how it wasn’t about what he assumed. Adam and DAG are making a point about people blowing everything out of proportion with social media.


Adam is telling the gang about seeing Sarah Silverman at the “Wreck It Ralph” premier and how sweet she was with his kids. Adam is now explaining how Lynette reminded him that Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah were the first people to see the twins after they got home from the hospital.


Adam is telling two anecdotes about what happened that day, DAG seems to love the story and now he’s giving his own story about his ex wife. Adam is joking about DAG’s impression of a car.


Alison just did some great foley work, DAG seems to love it. Adam and DAG are riffing with Alison, Adam is doing a Vista Print live read and Dag is already making it gold 10 seconds in.