Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/31/2017 – Mark Geragos and Jay Larson

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mark Geragos and Jay Larson

Recorded 10-30-2017 – Release Date 10-31-2017

Production Number #2192

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Adam opens the show to a great “sincerely apologizing while still denying any wrong doing” intro from Dawson and Lynch.

Adam welcomes the gang to the show and BB plays the “big beefy butt-steaks” drop as today’s #TopDrop and Adam thanks some fans for dropping off some barbeque.

Gina shares an anecdote of filling up on the great food and Adam is talking about his feelings about the World Series and how he was invited to a neighbor’s house to watch the latest game.


Adam says he has a weird thing with his phone and doesn’t want it near him when he’s enjoying things, he doesn’t want to be checking tweets or texts while trying to enjoy himself.

Adam transitions to his “your dad is a hooked up to a respirator” phone call timing preferences, he doesn’t want that call at 4am, call him at 10.

Adam is now going over the long evening at his neighbor’s house, which resulted in Adam getting an angry call from Lynette asking where Sonny is, as he had school the next morning.


Gina shares how the big TV went out in the living room so Tim had to watch the game in the bedroom, Gina offered to sleep in the guest room and laid on a guilt trip which resulted in Tim heading a to a local bar to watch the rest of the game.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Greg, he is calling to tell Adam about setting up a timer for Adam’s nap room with an exterior LED display.

Gina asks if Adam wants panic room elements in his nap room, he says it might evolve and end up with him installing feeding tubes and buying Persian cats.


Will Brian Eat It?

Gary is filling in for Dawson as Dawson has to be home to meet the gas company and this leads to an epic rant from Adam about installation windows and he shares his own anecdote of someone missing the window on the first attempt.

BB jokes about Dawson’s absence being a silver lining to the gas company windows for service appointments.

Gina now quotes Adam shouting congratulations to the communists/socialists among us, BB has them switch gears and Adam asks Brian about the Vimeo link that was sent to him of the Willy T. Ribbs documentary that didn’t work, it kept skipping and ruined the viewing for Lynette and Jodi.


Gary is now on the mic and he shares that the screening will be scheduled for early morning when they dock in Cozumel.

Brian offers to give Adam a hard drive every time instead of these links.


Onnit.comAubrey Marcus, “you’re the gum on nothing’s shoe” again, again Edition

Candy Themed Foods Edition

1st Food Skittles, Adam and BB both guess he loved them.

Gina says no and Brian has a funny one liner involving Nate Adams, Brian admits to having a cooling preparation method for enjoying his skittled.


2nd Food Milk Duds, Gina mentions adding milk duds to popcorn and Adam mocks about people loving that treat and claiming they invented it, when it’s likely been discovered by millions by accident in the past 100 years.

Brian also likes Milk Duds.


3rd Food Good & Plenty, Adam laments his childhood of being so deprived for entertainment he looked forward to the Good & Plenty commercials.

They are now playing the “Choo, Choo Charlie” commercials from Adam’s youth.

Gina reveals they used to mock a girl in high school and referred to her as Good & Plenty behind her back due to her pokey nipples, BB suggests Mike and Ike and Gina says that was the other nickname they used.


4th Food Twizzlers, BB says if you like them over Red Vines, you’re a bad person.

BB brings up the “Wild Cherry” era of the 1990’s and Adam harkens back to the turbo and stealth eras of the 20th century.

Brian reveals Twizzlers are his favorite candy of all time, wow!


5th Food Cookies and Cream Hershey Bar, Adam is lamenting them adding Oreos to all candies, unaware this isn’t an Oreo bar but instead it’s a white chocolate concoction.

Brian loves white chocolate and loves these bars.

BB won the game and they wrap it up.


BB is now asking the gang for their take on white chocolate, Adam said it had its day and he doesn’t know what you make white chocolate with.

Mark Geragos is now joining them to discuss some headlines, Mark is in his Rhode Island office and he is eager to talk about the trump administration members who are now under indictment, Mark shares his theory about someone having cooperated with the feds.

Adam is now asking about Mark’s experience and what this could possibly mean for what’s going on behind the scenes.


Adam is sharing how his reaction to what the laundered money was used for and how he stopped after hearing about the tuition costs and realized Paul Manafort is still better than his dad.

Mark is telling them about what the next move might be, Mark says they want Manafort to rollover on Trump.

Adam asks Mark if he has any predictions, he says it’s too early and Adam asks how wet Rachel Maddow’s panties are about now.


Adam is asking about Colin Kaepernick and an update on what’s going on with him, Mark is sharing how easily this matter could be solved, simply hire Colin.

Adam is now asking about the Houston NFL team owner who made the comment about the “inmates running the asylum” and Adam switches gears to his class action lawsuit he wants to file against the people who explain what pine tar is used for.

Hilarious delivery from BB trying to do the very thing Adam is describing, Adam is sharing his goal to get pine tar banned from the MLB.


Adam brings up Paula Poundstone and how the timing of 9/11 masked her court case and the charges against her at the time, as he makes a point about how these stories breaking at the same time ends up being beneficial for some people.

Adam mentions Harvey Weinstein and they move on.


Adam is telling them about passing Mark’s wife while walking in the neighborhood, he was sporting his new air pods and has realized he needs an “I’m on the phone” hat to alert people to him being preoccupied while he’s walking his dog.

Adam says “that dog does hunt” and you cannot get Mark Geragos’ metronome for life, it can’t be taught.


2nd Caller Paul, he’s been peeing in the sink to save money after hearing Adam talk about it.

Paul says he’s saving about $100 a year in water, Adam says everything thinks it’s gross that he pees in the sink while brushing his teeth, but it’s not!

Hilarious delivery from Adam proclaiming that he’s not gross and they move on.


3rd Caller John, he was at Thunder Mountain on his honeymoon and the “It’s the wildest ride in the wilderness” drop was stuck in their heads.

He requests BB play it and Adam talks about the drop and Eric Stonestreet’s insistence that he nailed the delivery mimicking the ride.

The drop originated on ACS #2038 from back in March of this year.


John wants Adam’s take on ‘Swingtown’ by the Steve Miller Band and Joe Gibbs racing career.

They’re listening to the song first and Adam is critiquing the lack of lyrical depth and Gina is quoting the lyrics along with the song and making mouth noises for the instrument sounds.

Adam asks John about life in Virginia, John reiterates his question about Joe Gibbs.


Adam is now talking about Joe’s legacy and empire of high performance racing oil, Adam is reading some of his career stats.

Adam says there are guys that are quietly/insanely impressive and Adam moves on.

John has a 3rd question and shares the “always well” response he heard from someone on TV, in regards to be asked “how are you” and Adam is now sharing his mother Kris’ response and his stepfather John’s “ok” reply to every question on earth.


Adam is making a larger point about socially awkward people, he cites his schizophrenic brother in law who wears his hat like a crazy person, as first described on Loveline back in 2003 when Adam supplied him with some normal hats to replace his sad stretchy back boat caps.

Adam is now sharing the conversation he had with his mother about the trend of removing monuments, Adam was arguing that you needn’t be affected by things, you can choose to not care.

Gina suggests “How to be Effective without being Affected” for Adam’s next book.


LifeLockA wide range of identity threats, standard Edition


They head to break


Good Sports

Adam is now filling Dave in on his experience at the Dodgers Game, after discussing why Mike August isn’t a baseball fan.

Dave asks Adam about his first professional sporting event, Dave recalls his first game with his dad as a child.

“a 17-year-old Jimmy Kimmel mysteriously sent me tickets” – Adam’s hilarious reply to Dave’s suggestion he didn’t attend a game until he was 20 and Kimmel probably arranged those tickets too.


Adam is now sharing his family’s policy on not enjoying anything, he makes the exception for the one preseason Rams game that he attended with his dad.

Adam is now on the Jim and Jack Youngblood on the same team yet unrelated tidbit, asking about them both having their first initial above their last name on their jersey.


Adam is now saying he next went to a Lakers game with some kindly “gym coach’s parents” type outings as a kid.

Dave marvels at the two opposite ends of the spectrum of his parents vs. Adam’s and how they end up fairly close to the same point in life, isn’t it odd.

Adam tells Dave about the field level seats they had behind home plate, he says it was like row “X” and it means to many things, it has transcended being simply a letter in the alphabet.


Dave suggests X might be the rangiest letter in our alphabet, he riffs about various letters and their sounds, very funny!

Adam has a hilarious KKK riff, gold!

Dave goes back to the letter Q, a weirdo letter but it has crept up ahead of R, S and P, Dave’s voice cracks in a hilarious way and they wrap up the installment.


They’re back from break

Jay Larson is making his ACS debut, the cohost of the very popular Crabfeast podcast (Fuck The Crabfeast!) and they listen to a clip of his latest standup special as they roll back in.

Adam is now asking Jay about his father, he wants him to tell the story he told Adam on The Crabfeast.

Adam was on episode 14 of the show back in 2012.


Jay is telling them about trying to go through is dad’s belonging after he died and Adam is riffing about frozen foods becoming weaponized.

Jay has kids now and Adam asks how weird it is coming from parents who have no relationship with their children and how much more bizarre it becomes as you have your own and can’t imagine leaving them to fend for themselves.

Adam is recalling the name K.C. being a cool name and cites a kid with the name from his school, Gina brings up the name BJ and Adam gives out the plugs for Jay.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Kevin Spacey coming out of the closet after the accusations from Anthony Rapp about Kevin trying to seduce him as a teen.

Gina has all of the details and Adam stops her to have her hold up so he can gauge the information Kevin dropped in his response.

Gina says they are two unrelated things, Adam agrees and she shares that ‘House of Cards’ season 6 will be the final season, Gary says that Netflix has stated they are deeply troubled by the accusations.


Gary says Netflix are running from this as fast as possible it seems, Adam says there was a horrible story years ago where a young black girl was killed in a casino bathroom.

Adam is talking about Jeremy Strohmeyer’s murder of 7-year-old Sherrice Iverson back in 1997 and Jeremy’s friend David Cash Jr. “The Bad Samaritan” who made the press rounds and said some awful things after the story hit the press and was widely criticized for not stopping the assault and murder of Sherrice.

Adam is not recalling the campaign from Conway and Steckler to get David expelled from UC Berkley.


Adam is further having Gary pull the details of the case and he’s commenting on the interview he gave that was akin to the driver who killed Sam Kinison.

Adam clearly same episode of ‘Leeza’ that I saw in 1998.

Adam is trying to recall how long ago this was and predicts that David Cash Jr. is now a publicist.

Adam critiques the father for having her running around a Casino at 4am.


2nd Story is on a 10yr old Ohio boy who stole a car and reached speeds of 100pmh with his mother and police in pursuit.

Gina has the details and explains it’s the 2nd time this boy has been arrested for stealing the car and joyriding, Adam jokes about this being a young kid in a Will Ferrell movie.

Adam says the beginning of the Willy T. Ribbs doc is a similar story of a young man joyriding.


VarideskNobody plans to sit all day but you do a little more than you think Edition


3rd Story is on a New York Post story that claims more than 50% of kids would prefer fruit over candy, Gina doesn’t buy it and Adam says the worst thing you could get is the small box of raisins.

Gina now brings up the “Switch Witch” where kids trade candy for toys, Adam is now joking about “The Shut the Fuck Up Fairy” and its grim origins.

Adam is now riffing with BB in character as his child Tommy, upset about the STFU Fairy.


4th Story is a list of the top 10 Halloween candies from Ranker.com

Adam is sharing how pissed he will be with this list, he cites some of his favorites.

Adam observes that Jay is a candy expert and they further go through the list of the top ranked confections for giving out on Halloween.

Adam says they could boot Starburst and replace it with a Three Musketeers bar.


Jay asks about Heath bars, Gina tops him with a Skor bar.

BB loves a Charleston Chew, Jay asks if he likes them frozen, he doesn’t but his dad does and Adam feels like he’s high.

Adam reveals that Lynette will be seeing Bruce Springsteen on Halloween, he’ll be at the Optima batteries booth at SEMA in Las Vegas.


Adam says they are thinking about leaving out a pumpkin with a revised not telling people they’re being filmed to prevent kids from taking them all like last year.

Adam asks if everything is free now or if their parents were all just cheap fucks and would give out lame dusty old “surplusy” stuff.

Adam thinks it’s more about kids being views as precious now, he riffs about parents recommending kids go out in dark clothes without anything alerting motorists, almost to ensure the kid would die.


Gina asks if Adam mom would pass out candy, Adam says his house was spooky, it was set back from the street and his mom would hand out walnuts in the shell.

Adam says it would be a countdown until the kids got to the end of the driveway only to throw them back at the house in rage.


Jay tells them about the donuts and hot apple cider his mom used to put out of the kids when they got back from trick or treating.


5th Story is on the trick or treating ban for anyone over 16 in a city in Canada, Gina shares the variety of reactions to this age ban.

Jay says if your 16yr old is still trick or treating they need it, let them dress up.

Adam is now joking about large menacing figures in horrifying costumes, Adam is unsure if he likes or can’t hang with the guy who hides in the hedges waiting to jump out and scare kids, Jay shares a funny anecdote from his cohost Ryan Sickler.


6th Story is on the lawsuit that Dr. Phil is facing for running over a skateboarder.

Adam doesn’t get Dr. Phil, the judges on TV like Judge Judy and the various women who leave the legal world for television.

Adam says if he had a bailiff working for him he would talk shit 24/7 and tell everyone how he feels about them.

Adam is basically mocking Nancy Grace “no woman deserves…” and further riffs about the dumb way these people speak and deliver information.


Gina wraps the news to a “lotta BJ’s” drop from her comment while Adam was talking about the cool kid name of K.C. earlier in the show.


Stamps.comDon’t worry about getting locked into some long-term contract Edition


Adam is giving out the closing plugs and wraps up the show to a great drop of “I’d love to be gangraped today!” courtesy of BB’s fast fingers, from just a moment ago during the final news story where Adam was riffing in character as Nancy Grace.

Great Episode!