Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/31/2012 – Halloween Episode

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/24/2012 – Release Date 10/31/2012


Adam opens the show and welcomes Ray to the show, Adam is telling Ray and the gang about taking his kids trick or treating and their costumes.


Adam and Alison are joking about evil twin storylines in 80’s TV shows, Adam is now on a riff about David Hasselhoff and his song “Jump in my car”.


They’re back to the conversation about Natalia’s 3 costumes, Alison and Bryan come up with a funny concept calling back the evil twin discussion and Adam has an amazing reply.



Adam is now recounting one of his early encounters with Ray’s mom, Ray is discussing the event with him and explaining how he still finds strange stuff his mom owned.


Adam and Ray are describing some of their past Halloween costumes, the control room is firing up pictures of Adam and Ray when they were younger. Adam is explaining how easy it was to get his friends shave their heads and the novelty of a shaved head at that time.


Adam is telling the story about the one conversation he had with his dad about saving money, he’s tying it into the time his dad had some commentary about his job prospects after shaving his head for Halloween.


Adam and Ray are telling Alison and Bryan about more past Halloween costumes, Ray is clearing up the mystery of his gorilla costume and they all admire a photo of him in his rented Conan costume.



Ray is asking when Halloween switched from being about candy to throwing eggs for everyone, Adam is telling them how his mom gave out raw walnuts and has a great riff. Adam is ranting against raisins and telling Alison and Bryan how Ray used to come to school in black face and not always on Halloween.


Adam is back to raisins and explaining what would happen to his house after trick or treaters removed the walnuts from their bags. Adam is now discussing the evolution of Halloween candy, and has a coupe solid riffs with Ray.



Alison’s News, Her top story is on sex offenders in Simi Valley suing to eliminate their restrictions on Halloween. Adam is making a good point about shame, he’s using Disney movies from the 70’s to further the idea.


Adam and Ray are now riffing about a sex offender using Halloween to hide their identity, Adam has an amazing improv with Bryan and Ray as a sex offender who made an unfortunate costume choice.


Adam is making a point about the evolution of acceptance of transsexuals in American society, Adam is now on a very bizarre and hilarious riff about a hypothetical scenario with a 6 year old.


Alison is making some very good points about transsexuals and asking Adam what Dr. Drew’s take is, Ray chimes in with gold, Adam agrees and keeps agreeing, Alison and Adam are laughing, nice work Ray!



Tales From the Cheap, Halloween Edition


Adam is explaining why Halloween is a great window into the psyche of the cheap and how the holiday is seen as frivolous.


Adam and Alison are riffing about “Pretty In Pink”, Adam has a great point about Harry Dean Stanton’s role in the movie and James Spader’s role that Adam loves.


Adam is explaining how economics didn’t play a role in who people were attracted to in his high school like it does in the movie, he’s bringing Alison into his explanation.


Adam is giving a great explanation of how jocks interacts with nerds in real life, he’s got an all time great analogy involving supermodels.



1st Caller Jake, went as Frankenstein for Halloween as a kid and his mom made his coat out of an old couch. Adam is riffing on Frankenstein having a green felt coat, Alison and Bryan jump in.


2nd Caller Henry, his mom would give out uncooked Ziploc of rice on Halloween, Adam is quizzing Henry on being Korean. Adam is discussing his trip to Montreal and he’s explaining some anti American sentiment he picked up on to Bryan.


Bald Bryan suggest Mike Lynch get on mic to give his own tales from the cheap as he somehow always tops the audience. Mike is now sharing some stories of costumes from his childhood.

Adam is explaining how he used his own pillow case for Halloween and the blanket from his bed for camping.


Adam is asking the gang about people who wear shocking costumes, Alison dubs them “the too soon” guys. Adam is making a great point, Bryan is chiming in too.

Alison has a reveal about her feelings on Halloween, Adam agrees with her but also agrees with Bryan that the holiday has multiple “sweet spots”.


3rd Caller, Crystal is calling from Korea, Adam is blown away. Adam is now asking her what’s up with Korea. Crystal is now explaining why she’s living in Korea and what it’s like there.


Adam wants to know what makes the people so ornery, Bryan chimes and they have a great riff. Adam is joking with Crystal about joining the tourism board.


Crystal is now explaining how cheap her mom was, Adam has a great reply which is a call back to something Crystal revealed about Korean culture earlier in the call. Bryan sends Adam off on a culturally specific stripper DJ bit.



Alison’s News, Adam jumps in to explain how he very rarely hocks up a loogie and what he does on rare occasion when it happens. Alison refuses to hock up loogies, Adam has a great reply.


Alison’s 2nd story is about Obama face masks outselling Romney ones, Adam and Bryan have some Halloween costume pro tips.


Alison’s 3rd story is about the type of people you’re sure to encounter at a Halloween party, Adam is giving his take. Alison is giving all the examples and Adam reveals he was in character the entire time he was dressed up as Mr. T and does the impression.


Alison and Adam are riffing on renaissance fairs, Adam has a great quote when explaining how men don’t have an equivalent way to only highlight certain physical attributes.


Alison’s 4th story is on Burger King Japan having a pumpkin burger, Adam suggests an international franchise of every fast food place where Americans can get the different variations of the food. Adam is now giving a counter point about using our fast food franchises to indoctrinate other cultures into our ways.


Alison joins Adam for the Vista Print live read and comes up with a great idea for the business cards, Adam is doing an awesome riff on her idea, Adam wraps the show.