Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/30/2017 – Adam, Bryan, and Gina

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Guest Adam, Bryan, and Gina

Recorded 10-29-2017 – Release Date 10-30-2017

Production Number #2191

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The show opens with another “Tool Box Talk Up” with Dawson flawlessly nailing it, he plays Al Stewart’s ‘Year of The Cat’ and Adam opens the show to a “he’s literally a millionaire, literally” intro.

Adam welcomes the gang to the show and BB plays the “I waited for you man” drop from Dawson as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam teases a great Mike August story and uses his grandmother and her reaction to his career change and increased income, he told her about buying his first house and she then informed him that her caretaker didn’t have a kitchen table.


BB remarks on the bucket of emotional cold-water Adam’s grandma was capable of generation on a moment’s notice, Adam critiques her communist like view of Adam somehow being responsible for the pay for her caretaker.

Adam explains the mission of the poor leftist who refuses to pay for things but also wants to complain about nobody paying for things.

Adam is amazed that’s what flew out of her mouth, BB jokes that Adam got his improv chops from her and Gina jokes about “speak and spell” before they move on to the story.


Gina talks about the blast she had driving with BB up to the event in Bakersfield, playing “Tool Tunes” and discussing Mike August’s former career.

Adam says he loves a tool tune but cannot get down with Paula Abdul, Adam says he recalls hearing her music and how he reacted to it much like how he reacted to the music of Prince.

Adam and August were driving back from Bakersfield and discussing the career of Roger Kabler and his Zima commercials, they enjoy some ‘Against All Odds’ by Phil Collins.


They’re discussing the movie ‘Against All Odds’ and how it was filmed at Hollywood Palace Theater, he recalls that was the same location for Molly Ringwald’s ‘Pretty in Pink’ MTV party.

Adam recalled to August that he opened for Roger, Adam was riffing with Roger about having a Peter Falk impression, hitting his “fear chord.”

Adam is going over the back and forth argument that Adam initiated based on a goof, Mike August then revealed that the agency he worked at used to represent him.


Adam is sharing how his phone autocorrected his name to Roger Kabler when Adam spelled it as “Cabler” only to inform a defiant Mike August who argued that Roger must’ve changed the spelling of his last name.

Adam is now going over the back and forth and “you tell me” response from Mike, Adam is now talking about the internet being a false hope for eliminating dumb arguments you hoped it would be able to resolve.

Gina asks if Mike August has ever said “my bad” and BB suggests that Mike August was on the vanguard for fake news, Adam says he’s neutral like a great centerfielder before the ball has been hit, that’s his wiring.


Adam is now describing how he moves towards reality, Mr. Google says it’s always been Kabler and Mike argued that he represented the guy and they talked about it many times at the agency.

Adam brings up Roger Kabler’s one man show in character as Robin Williams and then brings up his 1990’s attempt at a sitcom ‘Rhythm and Blues.’

Gina reads the description of the premise and Gary fired up a commercial for the NBC series, saying it speaks for itself how “peak 90’s” it is.


Stamps.comWe do all our shipping with stamps.com, the holidays are coming up people Edition


Adam asks Dawson for his story, Dawson has a funny “what’s up with stuff!?” comment that Adam jokes along with.

Dawson is recalling the gift bags that were given to all of the staff after the charity event at Adam Carolla’s house in Malibu in 2013.

Apparently, the gift bag was actually the bag containing the bottle of Ron Jeremy’s adult rum that he left for Adam.


Dawson says he initially wanted to throw it out as not to take the blame for stealing Adam’s rum, but he had to solve that mystery that’s almost 5 years in the making.

Gary finds out that rum doesn’t go bad if stored properly.

Adam is asking Dawson about moving over the weekend, Dawson has room for everything at his new big place and Adam jokes about getting rich lending his dually truck out.


Adam is now saying if you own a truck you will not be rewarded, you will be slightly punished and he cites how BB knows of this all too well.

BB shares his experience as Adam gets to the human nature part of lending a truck to someone, you never get back to hole and if you press on it or comment you will get endless pushback.

Adam says if most people were lent a full-size truck and told they only needed to return it with one gallon more than it had when they picked it up, they would fail that test.


Adam goes over his various experiences lending his truck out and he explains how he once saw his truck in the Gelson’s parking lot doing donuts in the rain after he lent it to a friend and told them to be careful with it, it was his livelihood.

Dawson shares how he helped a guy move 4 times in a short period of time and eventually put the camper back on his truck to prevent a further request.

Adam says he heard his daughter talking about Halloween costumes and heard “Pink Lady” which lead to him thinking of “Pink Lady and Jeff” and the star Jeff Altman.


Adam has a killer observation about Jeff being booked on ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ well passed the time his career warranted it, because they came up together in comedy.

Adam jokes about Kimmel having him on Jimmy Kimmel Live for the same reason, Adam sets up a clip of ‘Pink Lady and Jeff’ as he got an old TV kick over the weekend.

They are now playing the clip, it’s insane.

“sexy round eyes” – Jeff


Adam asks if everyone must’ve been high on coke during this era, you had to watch this show as there was no Netflix.

Adam says there was lots of tempura humor and he riffs on the “round eyes” line.

BB has a killer “what’s the problem” one liner after Adam says he was watching this clip, Adam has a great retort!


Adam talks about the clip he found with Roy Orbison as a guest, he plays the insane lists of guests in the intro for the episode.

Adam says Roy Orbison is dead nuts on Ken Jeong, he looks just like him.

Adam says he turned on his computer and saw a Ken Jeong phots right away, almost like the universe was telling him he was correct in his observations.


Laura Ingraham canceled her phoner, Dawson is now telling them about his latest audiobook instead.

Dawson is describing the book and the legend behind various rock and roll myths, Dawson shares how it even dips back to “One More for The Road” and the origin of the phrase.

Dawson shares how he contacted the author and opened up talks about doing an audiobook for this legendary book, Dawson says nothing happens fast in the south and Adam says “except ejaculations” holy shit!


Dawson moves past the one liner and tells them about the deal finally get the greenlight 3 weeks before the author passed away, then it took Dawson even more time to locate his next of kin and rekindle that audiobook deal.

The book is now produced and Dawson says blame his untimely death in the next two years on this book should it take place.

Adam jokes about this type of hard work and persistence providing Dawson’s 800+ square foot home ownership.


They now play a sample from the audiobook, it’s very good!

Dawson plugs the book ‘Take a Walk on the Dark Side’ one more time and they move on.


They head to break


Good Sports

Dave introduces a brand-new week of sports, he immediately asks Adam about going to see the Dodgers play in the World Series.

Adam is making a point about a human’s lifetime, he wouldn’t want his son to waste his life crying and masturbating nor watching baseball games and living and dying with his team.

Adam is talking about Daniel Kellison and his undying fandom for his team, Adam recalls him obsessing over the games while they were in ‘The Man Show’ writer’s room trying to break episodes and write jokes.


Adam is recalling the time he drove with Daniel who was intently listening to baseball on the radio the entire time.

Adam suggests that James Babydoll Dixon is the worst person to drive with, you can’t talk as he’s talking on his phone to Jon Stewart and you can’t play the radio as he’s on the phone.

They joke about Dixon and his “Canoe Canoe” cologne choice.


Adam and Dave are now doing the math on a baseball season, Dave cites his childhood best friend who still resents Dave skipping his Bar Mitzvah to see The Packers play.

Gary has the math on baseball games and how much missing just 10 games adds up to over a single season, Adam jokes he would rather his son get polio, Dave’s reaction is priceless.

Adam is now going over the cost of a Dodger’s game, there is an hourly cost on top of the time spent watching the team over the years.


Dave says football is a shorter season, it neatly fits into your life and Adam says there is plenty of room in life for sports, weekends and free time.

Adam says baseball and surfing are the two things that consume your life, “he’s getting an infection at the beach” – Adam.

Adam is now lamenting the sweat jacket worn by baseball players, it’s like someone made a hoodie out of a welcome mat.


Adam threatens to tell Dave about what happened at the game, Dave closes out the segment.



They’re back from break with another clip from Dawson’s latest audiobook, nice closing tag from Gina on the commercial!


Blinds GaloreWe have them everywhere out here, the edit bays, just the best man! Edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is Gina asking if her bagel costume was antisemitic, Adam jokes about getting his hotdog costume out to penetrate her bagel, hilarious comments from Adam.

Adam is now ranting about bagels, he suggests plain bagels over flavored variants. Adam is good with plain, sesame seed and egg bagels.

Gary argues for everything bagels, Adam says it’s a mess, ruins your toaster and then gets you attacked by birds when you try to take out the trash.


“I know you’re from Orange country and Everything” – Adam to Gary

Adam is now arguing against sunflower seeds, the husks they come in are better than the seed inside the shell.

Adam now asks the Jews to wrestle the bagels back from the goyim.


2nd Story is on Kathy Griffin’s video accusing Andy Cohen and Harvey Levin sabotaging her career.

Gina has some clips from the video, BB jokes about people checking on Baron Trump to make sure he’s emotionally ok after her infamous photo shoot.

Gina says she names all of the people who have not protected her and stood up when it was right.


Adam is sharing some best practices tips from Mark Geragos regarding attorneys, their clients and press.

Adam is now saying Kathy Griffin could have just laid low and let this blow over, now we have videotape of her breaking down and crying, Adam comments on the “oh my god that person is coming undone” reactions humans have and how averse we are to it.

Adam says he knows firsthand what it’s like to see his mother become undone, he knows how bad it is for children and has some great comments about it.


Adam is now sharing the “let’s just get one” insistence from photographers trying to get you to take dumb photos, he cites the old “giant phone” Loveline pictures.

Adam laments Dr. Drew never taking his side and standing up with him during negotiations and events like the photoshoot.

Gina shares the “scorched earth” element of Kathy’s video and they move on.


3rd Story is on Yuli Gurriel’s offensive gesture towards Yu Darvish during the worlds series.

Gina explains Yuli’s excuse and punishment set for next season in 2018.

Adam is now talking about the racism of international sports fans, citing the soccer fans and their racist chants and activities.


Adam laments the United States being blamed for racism and remarks on this being mild in comparison to the rest of the world.

Adam has a solid Earnest Bigot cameo, he asks if Jews don’t live in ovens and moves on to the wailing wall, hilarious!


4th Story is on Tiger Woods pleading guilty in his DUI case, Adam is now talking about the opioid addiction epidemic in this country.

Adam recalls the bygone era of smoking vs. smoking pot, Tiger claiming he wasn’t drunk but high on pills instead is not necessarily a good thing like he seems to imply.

Adam argues that he’s had multiple surgeries and might now have a problem.

Gina brings up some stats on heroin deaths in states with Legal marijuana, Gary gets on mic with some counter information and BB agrees and argues for Gina’s point citing what might be incorrect or incomplete data.


Adam is making a larger point about being altered all the time, he transitions to eating and how people used to not be fat but ate rice, grains and pasta.

Adam says instead of always consuming, just go without for long periods of time.

Adam says he now has insecurities, Gina has a killer “food insecurities?” line and Adam jokes about it moisture insecurities and cites how he needs to always have a bottle of water when he walks his dog.


Instead of substituting cauliflower for rice and pot for heroin, why not curb the need to constantly have something to change your affect.

“it’s a lifestyle not a rice style” – BB

Adam jokes about Jeff Altman wanting to buy that bit off Bryan.


5th Story is on Huey Lewis and The News, they have a musical being developed with their catalog of music and are working on a new album which Huey says might be on par with their best work.

Adam remarks on how he was just smoking some spliff with that man, Gina’s heart is a flutter in reaction, though Adam already mentioned it on a previous episode.

BB shares how Gina revealed her big crushes from youth with BB while driving to Bakersfield, Huey Lewis, Dennis Miller and Denis Leary.


Adam says Huey is a dude and a half and segues to a conversation he was having with Mike August on their drive back, pertaining to the chapter in Adam’s book about ‘Stuck with You.’

They all listen to the song, Adam says it’s a nursery rhyme of a song and should have never charted so high nor been heard by the public at large, you just wasted a bunch of space in everyone’s brain.

Adam blames payola and brings up how he’s never heard a John Hiatt song on the radio.


Adam is sharing how Huey always mixes up the song Adam hates, thinking it’s ‘I Want a New Drug’ which Adam actually likes, Adam asks if Huey is mentally upgrading the song Adam hates in order to not admit that ‘Stuck with You’ is kind of crappy.

This was the discussion with Mike August on the way back to Los Angeles, Adam explains the dynamic and how it would work with one of his jokes if he were in Huey’s shoes.

Adam brings up how women like men who are super comfortable in their own skin, like Huey and how it doesn’t matter at all to men, they would in fact prefer a woman who was insecure.

Funny back and forth between Adam and BB joking about a dumpy 3.5 with lots of rolls she’s very comfy in vs. an uncomfortable skinny blonde, Gina wraps the news.


Adam says he woke up to the greatest indicator in the world, Phil in the circle above him and Lynette on the bed as opposed to him splayed out trying to cool off, BB says he calls it “cashewing” when his dog does it.


True Car“I guess you could steal a car” Edition


Adam is giving out the closing plugs, wrapping up the episode and BB kills it with a closing drop of Adam saying “big beefy butt-steaks” from the Jeff Altman discussion.