Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/30/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 186

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/30/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 186

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 10-28-2014 – Release Date 10-30-2014

Production Number #186 – Passive Aggressive Dickitude

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Drew is weirdly tired and tries to lay it on Adam, Adam has a funny riff.

Adam jokes about only having one slave (Me), he’s telling Drew about digitizing the old Birchum tapes, and this is great.

Adam is explaining how he was saving his own “air checks” and they were in a box travelling from attic to attic, we’re going to hear one later in the show, thanks to Chris, Gary, Matt, Lynette and Caelan for getting these to me, lots of cool stuff to come.

Very kind words from Adam and Drew, this feels nice.


Adam is plugging the live shows, he’s asking about the moved date for San Jose and how August shoved in a new date before it, Adam has to work that one out, telling fans to go to the website.

Adam plugs the ‘Red White and Brose’ Mangria promotion.

Adam is now telling Drew about his mom but trails of, now he’s talking about a friend (?) telling him about a couple going through a divorce after 20 years together.


Adam is commenting on the couples who are separating after 20-30 years and Drew gives his take on celebrity relationships.

Adam says he has wondered aloud about this, how they never had this when he was young.

Adam and Drew are attributing this in part to people living longer and having different expectations for what they get out of their reaming years, people no longer want to rot while eating hard candy and staring at the phone waiting for their children to call them.


Adam is commenting on the 57yr old women he knows who want to party, they’re not done.

Drew is asking about the way men have changed in society as well, Adam says he thinks everything in the few decades of societal chances have pushed us towards this status quo.

Adam is mocking old guys posing with designer jeans and hair dye and the pumping techno at the steakhouse.


Adam mentions his 60yr old male producer who wears 3 bracelets, Adam is killing it describing this guy and asking when adults started doing this.

Adam and Drew both can’t tell if this is good or bad, if it’s developmental delay and negative or people staying youthful and trying to accomplish more.

Adam is now bringing up a new sitcom, he’s asking about it and Gary and Chris can’t locate it yet.


Adam is commenting on the wardrobe of the two guys, he’s describing the jeans and chucks without laces, Drew compares it to 50yrs ago if an adult to where a beanie on their head.

Drew is asking for Adam to further explore this topic and he’s giving his take on the example of the 57yr old woman who can be single without any baggage attached to it nor sad connotations.

Adam is getting Drew to comment on the increase in the quality of life we all have but don’t appreciate.


Adam has a future analogy, using sci-fi movies.

Drew interrupts to launch into a live read.


Adam has a great cost of living comparison, citing how expensive the personal computer units seemed when you would watch Science Fiction before personal computers were so ubiquitous, you would image each unit would be millions, now in reality hundreds.

Adam uses digital wrist watch prices, he says regardless of where the economy is you can still have a good life.

Adam is using BB and his quality of life despite his income to make a point about how you can live a great life with a little ingenuity and a computer.


Adam still can’t find the sitcom, show, whatever this thing is.

Adam is trying to figure out the two writers, telling them it’s a reality show on ESPN and Drew thinks the network is the red herring that’s holding things up.


1st Caller Greg, a total dick, he tells Adam not to interrupt and gets a grunt in response.

He’s now telling them about how he hated the MTV Loveline show, he’s just being honest and Adam is now riffing about the pain drifting away, hilarious spinal tumor riff with Drew.

Greg is explaining how much he loves the radio show Loveline, he is bringing up all of the things that Adam predicted that have now come true.

Adam says he was talking to his wife, Greg interrupts and gets a fuck you Greg, alight!


Adam is explaining that he was watching the Dallas/Washington game, he’s telling Gary to look up how long the NFL has had overtime.

Adam is bringing up the raised uprights he got done which has now seemingly solved the problem of wrongly called kicks.

Gary says the NFL got overtime in 1940, Gary is now bringing up the 1974 article about sudden death overtime.


Adam is lamenting the weird thing about the computer, how you get multiple answers, thinking the computers is responsible for the person using it.

Adam is explaining his “Despite seem fair to you” question about the way a coin toss interferes with a game, Adam says the NFL has now adopted his take on overtime, another thing he was right about.

The other team should get a chance and now they do, Adam says his predictions come from basic observations.


Adam is now explaining that Greg does the “Passive Aggressive Dickitude” thing that many people do, blaming the world around them for the reactions they elicit.

Greg immediately gives them more shit and Drew says goodbye.

Adam is now giving Matt his marching orders for finding this mystery show.


2nd Caller Matt, he got married and wants to know about raising children with or without an active presence of religion.

Drew says that if humans don’t have religion they should have a strong education, in line with his comments about opiate replacement drugs for certain professions but not others.

Drew clarifies his point about a science education, Adam says that everyone besides him needs something, the right has god, and the left has nature.


Adam is now mocking the left for their hypocrisy with facts and stats to manipulate things into showing the results they believe while being spot on with the facts and science when it comes to them rightfully mocking the right and their religious beliefs.

Adam is now mocking the term “access” being used in place of “someone buying it for me” hilarious corndog and snow tires riff.

Matt came back with another incorrect show, citing ‘Pardon the Interruption’ and Gary is filling them in, Drew is losing his shit and Gary tells him they’re all still searching.

Another use of the Pamela Adlon ‘Bobby’ drops from Classic Loveline.


Adam has a talk with his son last night, his son prays for all of the kids who were adopted, Adam got him to clarify he meant in an orphanage.

Adam explains that he would never try to dissuade his kid from being thoughtful and “praying” for others.

Adam is now demanding to know more about the time ‘Pardon the Interruption’ has been on the air, to further mock Matt Fondiler, it’s been on 13 years.

Drew is having a thoughtful back and forth with Matt about this, Adam says that he wishes he believed in an afterlife and is appalled at the attack on Christianity, Catholicism and Judaism over the past 15 years.


Adam is telling people to give it a break, it’s not the source of our problems in society, Adam is glad there is a church down the street from his house, he would love his son to dive into that church on a crowded Sunday if someone was chasing him, Drew agrees.

Adam is mocking people citing the crusades when arguing about modern day effects of religious sects, Adam jokes that Matt Fondiler now has ‘Monday Night Football’ as his next guess.

Adam is telling Matt to just look for commercials, Adam wants it tweeted out and a list of the top 20 sports writers.


Adam is now back to his mom, explaining she came over for a visit and was asking about why they don’t have a close relationship, Drew is texting and ignoring Adam.

Adam is explaining he told her that he was raised without a family, he has never thought of his blood family as a family.

Drew is asking for further clarification, Adam is quoting more of his responses, Adam says “what is there to get back to?” and Drew asks what that means now.


Adam jokes about it not being them going out to lunch and buying Adam a lollipop, Adam agrees with Drew that he’s a bad person.

Adam is now sharing his teenage take on living with his family, how he wasn’t going to count on them nor depend on them.

Adam brought up his mom’s late mother, how she squashed everyone in the family and made everyone shut up or go away, nobody could feel good about anything.


Adam brings up the Rikki Rachtman lamentation to his grandmother, Drew has a funny reaction to this like he’s never heard it before, confirming it was true.

Adam says he one again tried to tell a story, he is now using the ‘Jon Stewart’ VHS tape story, akin to the time he told her about the “Jon Bon Jovi” interruption story.

Adam is going ion depth on recounting this incident with his mother and her almost immediate abandonment of her fandom for Jon after learning that Adam knows him.


Adam is sharing how his mom reacted to this being thrown back in her face to address her behavior,
Adam is explaining how a normal person would react, the exact opposite of how she reacted.

Drew asks how his mom reacted, she still couldn’t see it and Adam shares he corrected her flawed logic reply and how she did the same thing her late mother would have done.

She said she likes to look in the mirror and analyze her behavior, she refused to see Adam’s point.


Adam is now bringing up his dad and leasing him a car, how he refused to drive it to events at Adam’s house.

Drew says that his parents belong together, or did.

Adam pledges to find this mystery show.


Adam is doing a live read.

Adam gives out a Mangria signing plug and wraps up hour one of the show, see you on Sunday!