Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/30/2013 – Max Mutchnick

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Guest Max Mutchnick

Recorded 10-29-2013 – Release Date 10-30-2013

Production Number #1196

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Adam is opening the show with a great #TopDrop from the last episode, courtesy of the wonderful Alison Rosen.

Adam is plugging the guest Max by mentioning his 83 Emmy nominations and 16 wins.

Adam is now getting into Norm Macdonald and his lack of driving in Los Angeles and how his name Norm made Adam think of the irony in his name, the least normal person Adam has ever met and lives nowhere near a farm, comedy gold.


Adam is having some comedy with BB about his reference and now getting into his Rams becoming victim of the dreaded uprights.

Adam is now setting up the clip with some serious passion going on and light commentary from BB.

Adam is now going through the clip almost frame by frame and giving his take on the kick, he says it looked good but he honestly has no idea, BB has a great laser beam reply, perfection!


BB is asking to talk football for a minute and Alison has a killer “Aren’t we?!” reply that needs to be a drop ASAP.

They’re all discussing the uprights and Alison is lamenting her massive tweet influx with every kick and BB is making it clear he’s genuinely tired of hearing about what Adam wants to talk about regarding the uprights.

Adam is now stepping in with a correction, he’s going over his experiences at the airport, Adam is correcting himself on the food allowances for flights and Alison is stepping in to help.


Adam is now joking about a Plastique grinder or a burrito the Mexican bomb, hilarious!

Adam is now demanding credit for his idea for sandwich based explosives and leaving explosives in water bottles piled up at the security checkpoints and he’s discussing the water policies with Alison, regarding sip tests and water strips.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Steven wants to know what Adam will teach Sonny about boxing, Adam is now sharing some cute anecdotes about his son.

Adam is now telling the gang about his medicine ball/balance board routine and 10 times in 19 seconds record.

Adam is now summing up the daredevil gene using his two kids and their alternate personalities to contrast the cautious gene, Alison has an insightful question and Adam is further explaining his history with “hurdles that needed to be overcome”.


Adam is citing the loading dock behind the Gelson’s that he had to jump as it scared him and he had to conquer that fear.

Adam is now explaining the story in full to Alison and BB.

Adam is now telling the story of the chimney he was compelled to jump as well and how he needed to do a flip to really challenge himself, eventually conquering it without anyone to witness it.


Adam is now summing up his nature as young man, including his willingness to engage in a fight when challenged, Alison is now asking Adam how’s wired now in comparison.

Adam says he would still probably fight someone if they wanted to go but still feels like he’s much different.

Adam says he’s going to teach Sonny how to punch regardless of who he grows up to be, hilarious “puss pen pals” riff from the Aceman, BB is jumping in and this is gold!


Adam is now back to his kids and their wiring, he’s bringing up Natalia asking for Adam to add the scary “pretend to ignore me” element to their Superman game.

Adam is now bringing up the time when Natalia was 2-3 and said “less forward” until Adam was out of her jump range and she ate shit on the carpet.

Adam is now quoting Natalia from age 4 ½ telling him how much she likes the move that adds fear to her rush, Alison has a telling “good luck” and Adam is now doing a crazy stripper tangent with BB.


Adam is now joking about calves with Alison while trying to make a point about genetics and how people attempt to take credit for their genetic gifts.

Adam is making a profound point about the role parents play in shaping the innate behaviors and tendencies of their children, interesting angle on nature vs. nurture.


2nd Caller Brandon, he wants to know when someone should start selling advertising on their podcast.

Alison has a claim that he sounds like me, Adam seems to agree and has a funny question demanding to know if this man stole my voice and I’m insultaflattered.

Adam is now advising smart about podcast monetization and BB is offering his own take.


Adam is now using Seal Team Six in contrast to an army of thousands of poorly trained individuals.

Adam is now commenting on his own listener size and how it’s academic after he fills the rafters and sells all the merchandise.

Adam wants a small motivated army as opposed to a larger passive group who won’t get involved, Adam has a great plug for “Pussy Lips” the latest ringtone.


Alison has some smart input about the numbers and what advertisers want to see.

Adam is bringing up how everyone is given a shot to move the needle with sales and how it effects return business and ad buys.

They’re wrapping up the advice and going to break.


Max is now joining the show, the creator of “Will and Grace”.

Max is explaining his kid’s personality and how he and his husband Eric fertilized their children, Adam asks if they had a perfect pair of kids and Max is being super honest about his emotions.

Max is sharing that biologically the tough one of the pair is his daughter, he’s being brave and sharing this detail for the first time, how cool!


Alison is getting in the mix and we’re getting a very interesting insight into this man’s family life.

Adam is bringing up the biological influences over personality and Max has another use of Pussy that Adam finally responds to.

Adam is asking Max about the relationship differences between Adam, Lynette and their relationship with the kids, how it translates to the two dad’s scenario.


Adam has a hilarious two Adam’s household hypothetical riff, asking about a “feminine void” for the children.

Max was concerned about exactly that and doesn’t try to push an agenda with the girls, this is groundbreaking ACS material, and I love Max!

Adam is now taking it to the “Big Brother” program and we’re learning that Max was in the Jewish program, Max is giving a nice dinner table anecdote about the genetic link between him and his children.


Adam is now joking with Max about the egg “donation” process and how they selected theirs.

Alison wants to know how much information you’re provided with, Max was going for all looks and his husband Eric wanted the brains.

Max has a fine point about beauty and Adam is now giving a super realistic approach and how it effects women vs. men, a simultaneously insulting but actually profoundly insightful and kind nod to what women have to endure in regards to the standard of beauty.


Adam is now asking about the price and when it comes into play in the “donation” process, Max is being as honest as possible and sharing all the strange “grey area” details.

Adam asks if the women are alerted when their eggs have been purchased and Max has another super understanding insight into the women who are involved in this process and how they don’t want to meet anyone involved in the process, so cold.

Max is explaining why gay men aren’t allowed into the sample room together and Adam finds out there is no “gay box” for homosexual sample providers.


Adam is now joking about Max not traveling with his own porn, Adam has a “porn Leatherman” he brings with him on the road.

BB is sharing how the porn had all been stolen from the cases when he gave his Beverly Hills semen sample, Adam is reacting as if he has never heard this even though BB shared it on air 3 years ago.

“Tainted by Titties” – Adam Carolla, BB has a killer follow up line and Max is sharing how his daughters insist on showing their vaginas to their dads.


Alison is asking about the surrogate they chose, Max is bringing up what an incredible part of their life she became.

Max is sharing the rules of the delivery and Adam is jumping in to explain none of the contracts matter as Max agrees.

Max is now listing the 5 attorneys involved in the agreement process for these very wanted children.


Adam is now trying to discern who’s gayer Max or Elton John, Adam has a hilarious “I thought you were Goldstar gay?!” reply to Max.

Max is sharing what a great man Elton was to the surrogates who carried his child, Max is sharing how he also threw the rule book out the window and developed a relationship with the woman doing this incredible thing for them.

Max is once again being very smart about this and sharing all the details of the process and agreeing with all of Adam’s points.


Max has a serious anecdote about his daughter thinking her mommy was dead and how he had to clarify that.

Adam and Max are remarking on the husbands to the wives who do this surrogate service, Max is being funny about his arrival with his husband Eric in Texas and the fish out of water nature of it all.

Max is remarking on the husband of the surrogate and being considerate of the toll it takes on him and his life, what a good solid guest.


Adam is now commenting on the motivational factor of money in response to Max and his anecdote about the breast milk provided for 9 months into his children’s lives.

Max is now sharing about the milk service setup through FedEx, Max is also saying you cannot travel with large sized Metamucil containers.

Adam is now declaring those kids had better not ever give their two dads any lip after the couple hundred grand required to bring them to life.


Max is now commenting on Will Sasso’s calves and how he was also attached to the man’s impressive leg muscles.

Alison is asking how they got the shot of Will Sasso’s calves they’re all remarking on, if memory serves it was shot at “Happy Endings” in Los Angeles.

Max is now joking about what Seth MacFarlane did to Brandon Routh at the end of “Ted”.


Max is telling them about his two failed series in two years, the last one “Partners” was a remake of a 1995 series from Fox.

The cast of which were on Classic Loveline Episode #111.

Adam is telling Max about his failed CBS sitcom, he’s sharing how the emotional moments outweighed the comedy after everyone gave their notes.


Adam is explaining how they gave in regarding the notes process just to make it to air, but then never ended up as a series.

Adam is being super honest about how the executives influenced too much estrogen into the sitcom that then lead to Les Moonves rejecting the pilot for it being too feminine.

Max is explaining how he’s made the same mistake by not involving him in the series and what that means for its chances to go to series.


Adam is now going off on the death of art and the influence of too many cooks in the kitchen, Adam says he never wants to do it again and Max agrees with his reasoning.

Alison wants to what started the change with the networks, Max is praising Warren Littlefield.

Adam is taking it back to the casting process and the art by committee clusterfuck of network sitcoms.


Adam is now mocking “I’m not funny, but I know funny!” and Max agrees while stating he wants to keep working, Adam is pissed and doesn’t give a fuck.

Adam is bringing up his late dear, dear friend Alan Kirshenbaum and sharing an anecdote of him and a reply he gave about the best joke in the sitcom pilot.

Adam is on en epic almost “Micro Machines Guy” fast tangent about the women he worked with behind the scenes who helped dismantle his sitcom.

Adam is sharing his “there would be no Archie Bunker” theory with Max about network testing and studio notes effect on comedy.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Lou Bega revealing he’s been receiving lots of condolences regarding the death of Lou Reed, Alison is keenly connecting this to the caller from yesterday who made the same mistake.

Adam is now going off on Mambo Number 5 and Lou guesting on MTV Loveline in 1999.


2nd Story is on a Jimmy Kimmel Live bit where Jimmy asked some children how to repay the US debt to China.

ABC has apologized to the group and Adam is bringing up the actual feelings of a network and mocking the 80/20 name.

Alison is revealing how they plan to edit it out of all repeat airings of the show, Alison and Adam both mock that idea despite a certain ACS edit from a VPN show that nobody brings up ever.


Alison is asking about the protests against “Will and Grace” and Max is sharing how they did an episode about conversion with Neil Patrick Harris.

Max is sharing a particular anecdote about a letter and his smart reply.

Adam is now saying 96 percent of apologies are just people trying to make other people bend to their will, he’s throwing “take that back” into the mix.


Adam is now talking about the various demands for respect with Max and throwing in “you better respect me”.

Alison has a nonscientific idea on “I apologize” vs. “I’m Sorry” and Adam ends up agreeing with her as she’s probably right.


3rd story is on the breakup of the Jonas Brothers, didn’t this happen 3 years ago?

Max is explaining the lineup and Adam is calling them all fuckable to him, hilarious riff that Max initiates.

Adam is now asking about the guys and Max is pointing out Nick, the one who will have a solo career and Max predicts he’ll be a movie star.


Max is being very honest with his gaydar and Adam is now asking him about it and sharing his own lack of perception to obvious closeted or unaware gay people.

Adam is sharing how he didn’t know Max was gay upon meeting him outside the studio, Alison observed the exchange.

Max is praising Adam’s lack of judgment, he’s “color and cock blind” and commenting on how gay people are often better citizens and improve property values.


Adam is pitching converting straight guys to gay instead of the opposite way that doesn’t work, Adam is now calling or tax rebate for gay couples.

Adam is now getting Max to confirm how he and Eric overpaid in taxes, Adam is saying they never stopped rowing and adding kilowatts to the grid so to speak.

Adam is now calling the gays, sunshine water and fertilizer for society and Alison has a hilarious “root rot” one liner in Adam’s complex plant analogy, nice use of accidental fruit.


Max has a beautiful prediction about the children of gay people across society and the people they could become.

Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is launching into a live read.

Max is teasing a possible series at Showtime after Christmas and not asking for any plugs, he promises to come back to promote it if everything goes to plan, I hope he does!


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping the show.