Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/30/2012 – Freedy Johnston

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/29/2012 – Release Date 10/30/2012


The show opens with a great Alison drop from yesterday’s show, Adam and Alison have some fun with it and now Adam is explaining where he first heard Freedy Johnston’s music.


Adam is recounting his buddy Ray’s interactions with their buddy Alex that are featured in Adam’s book “Not Taco Bell Material”.

Alison and Adam are now discussing the downside of house sitting, Adam has a larger metaphor and now he’s telling them about the time he had to watch his friend’s dog Barney. Adam has a killer one liner about what he was going to do in order to get revenge on the dog, Alison’s reaction is priceless.


Adam just quickly referenced the 50/50 plate at Zankou Chicken story and is now telling a story about eating Zankou with Barney. Adam has a great comment about his son enjoying pickled turnips.



Adam went to Phil Rosenthal’s house and saw an advance screening of the new movie “Flight” Adam is now giving an early review. The gang are discussing the career of Robert Zemeckis.


Adam is telling the gang he’s heading to the “Wreck It Ralph” premier after the show, he’s explaining how his work in the movie has made his daughter interested in him.


Adam is explaining how a fan sent him to listen to a clip of one of his old rants on youtube and he scrolled past a clip of Sarah Silverman talking about him Greg Fitzsimmons podcast. Adam wants to know if the gang were to see a link like he did what they would do.



Adam is now telling the gang how he was tweeted that he’s on a list of celebrities with aspergers, Adam is explaining how he wishes he was in the tax bracket of the other people listed.


Adam is making a point about people’s motivations and now telling the gang about a surprise am visit from Ozzie, Adam is explaining how Ozzie borrowed the roto hammer and how Gary brought in his.


Adam was perplexed by the quality of Gary’s roto hammer and he’s explaining how it all came into focus when Gary revealed how he obtained it, Adam reveals Gary Patrick Smith was there to witness the entire exchange with the other Gary.



Adam is plugging the upcoming Mangria tasting party, Lynch is now mic to help explain how people can get access. Adam is ranting about his missing radar detector as he needs it for an upcoming drive to Vegas for the SEMA show.


Adam wants to know why he has to drive scared in this country, he’s explaining how with he’s doing at the SEMA show the government is being paid for doing nothing and while he makes them money he has to commute in fear.


Adam is on a great riff about driving to Vegas with Jeff and Chris, he’s riffing on what Chris must drive and Alison is chiming in, hilarious!



The gang are all now playing “Blah Blah Blog” Dawson is doing the voiceover as usual and he sounds great! The first blog choices are Amy Adams, David Lynch and Paul Simon.


The 2nd blog entry choices are Roger Ebert, David Cross and Joe Rogan.


The 3rd blog choices are Mark Cuban, Robert Redford and Alec Baldwin.


Adam is on a great riff about wealthy people trying to be perceived as struggling and hiding their wealth while getting their accountants to try and find every loophole possible, he’s got some great points about hypocrisy.


Adam comes up with a great fruit based term, he doesn’t finish saying it but Alison picks up on it and has a great reaction, Adam then further’s the joke and Alison loses it, hilarious!


The 4th blog entry choices are Ben Stiller, Paul F. Tompkins and Patton Oswalt.


The 5th blog entry choices are Jesse Eisenberg, Eddie Vedder and Russell Simmons.



Adam is responding to a listener voicemail asking if Ray has ever met his match, Adam is describing an encounter Ray had in a roller rink parking lot with a giant man.


Adam is welcoming Freedy to the show and now they’re discussing a conversation they had off air about Freedy possibly playing live on the show. They decided on a deep cut and Adam requested “Evie’s Tears” Freedy is now explaining the origin of the song.


Adam and Freedy are discussing doing shows in Minneapolis, Freedy is getting ready to play and Adam has another great one liner making fun of the origin of the song, very funny.


Freedy is playing “Evie’s Tears” live in studio, it sounds amazing. Great work Dawson, Lynch, Chris and Gary(GPS). After the song wraps Adam gets Freedy to reveal part of the secret inspiration for the song by further mocking him, good stuff!


Adam and Freedy are jamming together on a live read, Adam has some very funny lines and Freedy makes it gold, just perfect, don’t miss this live read.



Alison’s News, Her top story is on hurricane Sandy, she’s describing the news reports from location and something she in the background, Adam was tweeted a link to the same footage. Adam is now a riff about peopling jogging on thanksgiving.


Adam is now breaking down which person is worse, he’s describing various jogging and work out scenarios. Alison has more news about what’s been effected, Jimmy Kimmel live canceled their first episode.


Adam is describing all the staffers he shares with JKL and how they were all heading into the eye of the storm, Adam is explaining his O’Reilly appearance was canceled and how much he enjoys not having to do things.


The gang are all quizzing Adam if he’s ever been sad about anything being canceled, hilarious. Adam and Alison are now joking about Adam’s eating binge after hearing the news and Adam has a couple killer one liners about what he can’t expect when he guests on O’Reilly.



Alison’s 2nd story is on the Giants winning the world series and the property damage afterwards. Alison and Adam are having a great riff about the word “riot”. Bryan inspires a great response from Adam after Alison reveals a final detail about the damage.


They’re having a great discussion about why people react this way.



Alison’s 3rd story is about Anderson Cooper’s TV show being canceled, Adam is amazed that some current successful shows are getting the numbers Loveline was getting on MTV 16 years ago. Alison inspires a quick Telepictures tangent.



Alison’s 4th story is on NBC acquiring the exclusive rights to Formula one in America, Adam is excited and Alison gets him to explain why it’s superior to other forms of televised racing.


Alison’s 5th story is on Consumer Reports releasing their annual list ranking cars, Alison is reading the results and Adam is explaining the unlikely road the Audi brand has taken to become a top performer.


Adam and Alison are discussing the reliability of cars, Adam has a great analogy to explain things. Freedy is jumping and telling an anecdote about buying an Audi.


Alison wraps the news with a great Freedy specific line.


Adam get’s Freedy to clarify the origin of “Evie’s Tears”, Adam now has Freedy join him on another live read, Adam has hilarious instructions for him. Freedy is on guitar and singing, this is great!